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October 30, 2017: Finally!! I updated another one!
Posted by Boudreaux

Chapter 5 of Finding My Way Home: Book 3 is now live.   It's so cool actually being able to write again when I am in the mood for it.  Hope you guys like it.


October 22, 2017: Happy Anniversary!!!
Posted by JeffsFort

Back on October 22, 2002, The very first chapter of a story that would soon become the foundation of what the Fort Family now know as "The Clan Short Universe" (CSU). ACFan Unknowingly launched one of the largest amateur collaborative works on the web which in time, would involve multiple authors and birth many alternate realities, fan fiction and a slew of original content created by fans and official authors alike.

My story, "Sentenced to Life" was not intended to be CSU at its original conception. The original idea was to give Danny the opportunity to tell Marc (his savior of sorts) his sorrowful story that would eventually lead him to want to take his life, following his telling, Marc was supposed to aid him in finding the rest and peace he so desperately wanted. Which is where the outline was supposed to take us. While writing chapter 5, ACFan saw that I was having difficulty following the original outline as it was written and, offered me the first true spin-off in the CSU which ultimately gave my main character a reason to live. So, why bring this up today?

As a way to pay tribute to 15 years of a world led by Sean and Cory Short, I decided to show you all some of what Danny had to endure before that fateful day when he decided to put an end to his existence. "Sentenced to life: Chapter 17E - Memories" finally tells the story of Daniel Alexander Page and how he almost insured that I wouldn't have a story to write regarding the A.I. Division of Clan Short of Vulcan, Of the Family of Sarek of the House of Surak. This new chapter is for those of you who knew that Danny had a sorrowful beginning following being "saved" following his fatal car accident by someone who didn't want to let him go. Be warned, these events drove Danny to the brink so, many may be startled at the contrast to life in the CSU that is depicted. Intended to be the story that STL was planned to tell, this chapter simply shows glances of our division's director and of a past he's only mentioned in passing a few times.

So, I hope you all enjoy our Anniversary gifts and I hope you visit our other family sites as well to see what other CSU authors have joined in the celebration. Here's to the past 15 years, and to another 15!

Until the next update - *HUGZ*

October 21, 2017: I Snuck This In
Posted by Boudreaux

Since I was given the power to do so, I have snuck in and posted the epilogue to Class Reunion.  Be prepared for a time warp and possibly some tears as well, but they will be happy tears, I promise.

Hope you all enjoy it


October 2, 2017: Cajun Been Busy
Posted by Boudreaux

I have finished a new chapter of Twists of Time, and I also have added (thanks to much help from the techno gods) two new stories.  Skinny Dipping with my Cousins is a one shot short story, but don't worry there are only two Louisiana words in it.  Fantasy Faire is a really (really) long (especially for me) first chapter of a new work.  Hope you enjoy them.


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