FCS: Las Vegas

Prologue: Abducted

11:30 pm EST November 8, 2004

Running as if his life depended on it, Troy dashed from alley to alley. He didn't dare turn and look for fear that the men were close enough and that short delay would cause him to fall under their control. He'd heard from several of the other boys that there were men out looking for boys like him. He had also been told, that once the men caught a boy, he was never seen nor heard from again.

After what felt like hours, but in reality was no more than fifteen minutes, Troy's attempted escape came to an end. He turned a corner and ran directly into the arms of a man who towered over the 12-year-old's five foot three inches and probably weighed three times the boy's own weight.

The gargantuan arms encircled the boy and lifted him up off the ground, Troy kicked his legs in a vain attempt to escape. Moments later he found himself tossed into the side door of a van. Tape placed over his mouth.

As the van sped away, one of the men said to his accomplices, "Let's see what we have here. He's a cute one, that's for sure, he'll be very popular with our customers."

With the help of a boy who was maybe 14, the man stripped Troy naked. Troy was embarrassed being in that condition. The man gripped the boy's genitals and squeezed them painfully. The contact caused an involuntary stiffening in Troy's groin. The man snarled, "If you want to keep these, you'll do as you're told."

Troy noticed that the other boy was taking off his clothes. The older boy's erection was prominent, Troy knew what was going to happen. The sad part is, that had Troy met the boy under other circumstances, the same thing would most likely have happened, but Troy would have been a willing participant.

The older boy laid down next to Troy and whispered into his ear, "I'm sorry, don't fight it and it won't hurt as much." It was at that moment that Troy figured out that the other boy was being forced to do what he was told.

Fifteen minutes later, the deed was done. Troy had his virginity taken from him. The older boy was at least somewhat gentle, and during the act, Troy actually found himself enjoying it...after the initial pain of penetration.

The van pulled into a warehouse and Troy was led, still naked, into a room where seven other boys were in the same condition. One of the boys Troy recognized. It was Andy, a boy in his class that had gone missing some weeks before.

Now locked in the dimly lit room, Troy moved over to his former classmate. "I see they got you too, let me give you some advice," Andy related, "do what they say and they won't hurt you. You see there are now eight of us, there were twelve… the other four didn't do as they were told and, well, they're not here now."

Troy was frightened but, at least for the time, resigned to his fate.

Twice a day for the next week or so, Troy was taken to a room that consisted of a bed, a table, and a cabinet. The cabinet held various sex toys, a couple different types of lubricant, some ropes, a blindfold and a whip. Each time he was tied to the bed and someone would come in and use some or all of the implements on his anus, save for the whip which was used for other purposes. He was told he was being 'trained' and that once ready, he'd start earning his keep. On one day, he was taken from the locked room with the other boys and brought into a bathroom. He was bathed, then was told to dress in clothing that was provided. His captor told him that it was graduation day and he was going out on a 'date.'

The man he was brought to was hideous. Overweight and smelled as if he hadn't bathed in a month. Without preamble, the man snarled, "Strip."
Troy, resigned to his fate, complied.

He returned hours later to the locked room, bleeding from his backside. The man had been brutal. Andy came to him and told him that at least he didn't have to worry about 'working' for a day or two, at least until he healed somewhat.

This went on for several months until one day, Troy had been taken to a hotel, brought into a suite and locked inside alone. Knowing his fate, he disrobed and assumed a position on the bed, legs spread. He coaxed himself into an erection, hoping that by doing so, the man would get it over with.
As he lay there he thought to himself, "I don't want this, I wish there was someone who would rescue me."

Rudy had arrived at Camp Little Eagle two days prior. He had been rescued by members of Clan Short from a father who beat the 11-year-old repeatedly after finding him experimenting with his neighbor. He had gone to bed about 10:00 and in his sleep started seeing a scene that he'd never even imagined. A boy with auburn hair was laying on his back on a bed stark naked. The boy didn't look like he was happy, in fact, he looked scared and on the verge of tears. In his dream, even though the boy wasn't speaking, he heard, "...I wish there was someone who would rescue me."

Rudy awoke, knowing that he had to do something. He left his room and knocked on the door of their cabin parent. The door opened and Oscar answered. "What's wrong, Rudy?"

"We have to save him!" Rudy cried.

"We have to save who?" Oscar inquired as his husband, James, came to stand at his side.

"The boy. He's scared and naked. I think he's gonna get hurt!"

At first, James wasn't sure it hadn't been anything more than a nightmare until some questions were asked. Rudy was able to explain what the room looked like, he described the boy, in detail. Upon further questioning, Rudy was able to remember the name of the hotel.

James left and went to the admin building to use the terminal in Chief Tecumseh's office. The youth on the other side of the connection answered, "Clan Short CIC, Seth speaking. How can I help you, James?"

"Seth, the new boy, Rudy, woke up with what I think might have been a vision of something that's about to happen. He says there's a boy who needs our help."
"Well, we're in luck because Colin Busch from Des Moines happens to be here. I'll send him over to talk to Rudy and I'll get a team on standby, just in case."

James returned to Cabin 4 and within minutes was joined by Colin and a four-man Star Fleet Security detail. After being told what Rudy had said, Colin went to talk to the boy.

Rudy again explained what he'd 'seen' and the feelings he was getting and also that it was becoming clearer as time went on. The boy's name was Troy. Colin determined that Rudy was developing some sort of telepathic ability and found the information credible. He told Rudy that they'd find the boy and bring him back.

Colin returned to the security detail and explained that there was a boy named Troy in a Las Vegas hotel suite who was being used for prostitution and they were going to go get him.

Moments later Colin and the Security detail disappeared in a transporter beam.

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