Dear Diary

Chapter 27


Author's Note:  In revising this chapter for spelling inconsistencies and bootboxing the Georges speak dialogue, I came across a lullaby that had the perfect words for a particular scene of this chapter.  They have now been added into the text.  The song was released on an album in 2013 in our real world, but as this is the CSU within this chapter, I stretched poetic license a bit so that I could use it.  Fair warning: I am not responsible for any Kleenex tissues put to use by the addition of this song to the story.  Well, I am, but I'm broke so you'll have to pay for them yourself.




Dear Diary,

Doug has been a great addition to our little branch of the clan. It was a pretty big shock for all of us to see Uncle Josiah's ghost show up as Doug woke up, even more so for Mamee and Doug though. They were quiet all the way home. I think we were all dreading what Grandmomma Annie Mae would have to say about him moving in with us. It turns out we didn't have to worry.

When we arrived home, Aunt Pet was on her hands and knees scrubbing the clean kitchen floor. Which we have already learned means that she is upset about something. Mamee and Uncle Mel shooed us all out of the room, but like any self-respecting kid would do, we listened at the door. One minute Aunt Pet was angry and fussing and the next she was crying and sobbing. The long story short was that Grandmomma Annie Mae had packed and left when she heard that Doug was coming home with us. She went to stay in DC with Zora at her apartment off campus from the university.

I miss her and I have only known her for such a short time. I'm sure that Mamee and Pet miss her the most. I just don't understand why she feels so mean about Doug. Mamee says he did everything he could to help keep them all alive when the influenza epidemic hit. He even broke his own arm so he could get to power cells and make a defibrillator out of himself. I just hope she changes her mind soon. This is hurting so many people right now.

I also wonder if Zemal and Nate will ever be able to work together. It seems that everything poor Zemal does, Nate gets grumpy over. I mean just because he got really hot one day and went to take a nap in the walk in cooler in the kitchen, Nate got all upset when he looked in and saw that Zemal was naked. And Nate really gets upset when he sees Lije and Zemal running around the house together with the twins, all of them naked. No one else seems to mind. Even when that big shot politician showed up to try to get me, Daniel, David, and Mamee to endorse his upcoming campaign, all he said was that boys will be boys. He wanted the twins to come sit on his lap, but they backed away from him and ran out of the room. They told me later that he didn't feel right to them, so they stayed away from him. I told Zemal to check the guy out, but he has another day before he is supposed to report back to me.

Not all that's been happening has been bad though. Huey and Doug are sneaking looks at each other all the time just like Jessie and I used to do before we figured out that we belonged together. It seems everyone in the house knows that they are crushing on each other except them. I hope they figure it out soon.

Have to go now, diary, because I promised my sons that I would go up to the train room with them for a little fun time.


The next morning Dixon groaned sleepily as he slid out of Jessie's arms to reach his chirping communicator. He had enjoyed a nice evening with his sons playing with the model trains in the upstairs room of their suite in Wiggins House. After a little while, he had noticed Jessie standing at the top of the stairs smiling in that certain way. They got the twins to go to bed and then they had gone to their room for a little playing of their own.

Moments after the call from Seth, Dixon was calling everyone in the house together for an emergency meeting. "I have just gotten word from Seth at HQ," Dixon began. "I am sorry to have to tell you all, but this planet is under attack. The Clan needs as many of us as we can to go to the AI Hospital and help with injured as well as refugees who are being beamed there from combat zones around the world," he announced to his stunned family. "Zemal we will need you especially as we are going to be helping find out who has been identified and where they are so we can reunite them with any family members that have also been identified. Davie, contact the Lewis boys and get them and their mom to come help as well. Philip, can you let your family know as well?"

"Aye Aye, Commander," Philip answered as he ran out of the room, following Davie.

"Commander, this is an emergency situation," Layton said, seeing the slightly confused look on Dixon's face. "That means that since you are the director of our base, even though it is also our home, your military rank is the proper form of address. And so far you are handling it very well."

"Dixie, if it is alright with you, I'm going to catch Philip," Daniel told him. "I think his father and I may be able to get some of Whatley-Wiggins, Inc. involved in helping with the defense and rescue operations."

"Get on it, bro," Dixon agreed. "Uncle Mel, I want you to take Aunt Pet, Mamee, Auntie René, the twins, and Bethany to Whatley farm. It's remote enough that it will be safe for a while at least. The rest of us will head for the hospital."

"Security detail reporting for duty, Commander," the new voice startled everyone. They all turned to see six G Cats standing in the room with them. There were four larger cats and two that were slightly smaller who seemed to be identical twins. The cat guys were clearly different kinds of cats as well. "I am the team leader and am assigned to guard you together with my second in command." At that the other really large G Cat with spots took a step forward and saluted.

"Ok I know we are in combat mode, but can you guys relax a little bit," David asked softly, clearly a bit intimidated by talking cats that were built like the government hit men that had killed most of his family and friends in his old home.

"Yes, at ease," Dixon told them. The posture barely changed at all.

"I assure you that we can relax sir, but not when the clan is at full alert status as it is now," the big jaguar told them.

"Well what are your names at least?" Jessie asked.

"We can give you our identification numbers, but we don't have names," the team leader informed him. "These are the team members that have been sent as your guards, Commander Blankenship." The other two large cats stepped forward and saluted both Dixon and Jessie. Just at that moment, J.B. walked in with the twins who had ketchup all over their hands and faces.

"They were eating chicken nuggets for breakfast again," J.B. told Dixon and Jessie as he chased after the twins with a wet cloth trying to wipe them clean. "Aunt Pet is cleaning the ketchup off the ceiling."

"Do I want to know?" Jessie asked looking at the little angel impersonators.

"We likes dem chickens pieces," Enny told his fathers.

"Dat ketchup wouldn't come out de bottle, so Enny he hit it on the counter and it went EVERYWHERES," Emmy added. "We sorry Daddy, Poppa. We won't did it again." Tears were coming to his little eyes as he stepped closer to his brother.

Dixon dropped to his knees and held his arms open. The twins hesitated for a moment then ran into his embrace. "What's with the sad faces on my happy little popsicles? You know Jessie and I love you boys. We would never hurt you."

"You not mad we made a mess?" Emmy asked with a sniffle. Enny was hiccupping too much to talk.

"Of course we're not mad you made a mess, my silly boys," Jessie told them as he joined the cuddle.

"Where are those little Cajun hurricanes?" Aunt Pet asked as she came in the room. Both twins ducked their faces into their fathers' arms. "You two forgot your chicken nuggets." Four little blue eyes peeked up at her nervously. She held out the two plates for them with a smile.

"We sorry we make a mess, Aunt Pet," Enny whispered.

"Now what would I do around here if I didn't have all you boys to clean up after?" she asked them. "I would be so bored because nothing would ever get dirty."

"We good wit getting dirty," Emmy said with a little blush.

"That's why you two are my favorite little boys," Aunt Pet told them. "You two are the only ones that like to get clean as much as you like to get dirty. I have to fuss at all these other guys to get them to clean."

Enny giggled and grinned wide. "I 'member you hitting Unca Huey wit you spoon for making muddy feets in you kitchen."

"Hey, I wasn't the only one," Huey defended.

"You de only one what you Momma whack wit her spoon, Unca Huey," Emmy pointed out.

"Children today have no respect for their elders," Huey pouted.

"Can we forget the age comments, and get back to the situation at hand," Doug told him with a matching pout.

"Good idea, Doug," Dixon said as he stood up, still holding his twins who were now chowing down on their chicken nuggets. "Emile, Etienne, remember me telling you about some friends of ours called G-cats? Well here's your chance to meet some." The twins looked up and their eyes got almost as big as their plates of nuggets.

"KITTIES!!!" they yelled in unison.

"Can we keep dem Papa?"

"Can we pets dem, Daddy?"

"Now boys, you need to understand something right now," Dixon said sternly. "These are not animals like some stray kitten you find outside. These are people just like you and me that just happen to look a lot like cats. Sometimes they might even act kind of like a cat, but then sometimes you two act like little monkeys. Do you understand what I mean, boys?"

"We don't gets to keep dem," Enny said sadly.

"They are people, sweetie," Jessie told him. "That means they are friends not pets."

"Begging the Commander's pardon," one of the littler spotted cats said softly. "I was under the impression that our assignment was permanent, provided we fit in with your division staff."

"Did dat mean we gets to keep you?" Enny asked him.

"No," the cat told him. As Enny's face fell again, he continued, "It means I get to keep you and my brother gets to keep your brother. We're going to go everywhere you go and keep you safe and have fun with you too. As long as your dad's are ok with it."

"Your dads are very ok with that Enny," Jessie assured the boy with a smile. The twins practically leaped out of Dixon's arms and ran over to the smaller two G-cats and began firing questions at them.

"What kind of cat you is?" "What you name?" "What you favorite color?" "Can you climb trees?" "Do you purr when you happy?"

"Slow down, boys," Dixon smiled. "I'm sure they will answer all your questions while you are at the farm with them."

"We going to a farm?" Emmy asked excitedly.

"Yes," Dixon answered. "Ok, ummm… wow we need names for you guys soon." He blushed as he finished.

"You not have names?" Enny asked the two cats he and his brother were already cuddling with. When they shook their heads, his little face scrunched up in serious thought. He looked up at the cat closest to him and said, "You like Jean-Pierre?"

Emmy looked into the face of the other cat and suggested, "You could been Jean-Paul."

The two cats purred and hugged their little charges tight. "We love the names, especially since you gave them to us," Jean-Paul told them.

"Can you show us your room, Etienne? We can help you pack for the trip to the farm," Jean-Pierre asked. Then he looked up at Dixon, and added, "With your permission, Commander."

"When we have more time, perhaps we can discuss the sorts of things you will and will not need to be formal about," Dixon said with a smile. "In the meantime, just keep my boys safe for me."

"Aye Aye, Commander," the two cats answered, then walked out of the room giving kitty back rides to their little charges.

"Commander, permission to speak about a personal matter," the big black jaguar said to Dixon.

"Go ahead, Sergeant," Dixon replied.

"I realize we have just arrived, sir, and it is extremely out of line to ask for such a huge favor right off the bat like this," the big cat started off rather nervously.

"Sergeant, you are part of my division now, which means you are also part of my family, please relax and tell me what you need," Dixon told him.

"Well, sir, it's my younger brother," the tough looking sergeant said emotionally. "He really needs to be with me so that I can keep an eye on him."

"He is young then?"

"He isn't a baby, sir, at least not physically, he's just…. Well, he's very unique," the team leader explained. "He is a reject of the Genesis project, sir, a failure of the genetic manipulation somehow."

"Sergeant, as I said, you are part of my family now," Dixon told him softly. "The fact that you would put your assignment with me in jeopardy for your brother tells me a lot about you; and I like what it says. Not that your job here was in question, because of course we want your brother to be here with you."

"Thank you, sir."

"Ok, Commander I will have to deal with, but sir sounds creepy," Dixon said making a face. "Please instruct your team that they are to refer to all of us by names unless absolutely necessary."

"Yes si…. Comman…. Dixon," the team leader stuttered. He spoke briefly into his communicator and a second later another jaguar appeared in the room. This one was clearly smaller and younger than his brother, and instead of a military uniform, he wore ragged cutoff denim shorts and no shirt.

Within seconds, Dixon found himself on the floor under the new arrival, being hugged and thanked profusely. "Thanksh you, mishter boshman shir, you ish the beshtesht boshman everThanksh you, mishter boshman shir, you ish the beshtesht boshman ever ("Thank you, mister bossman sir, you are the best bossman ever")."

"You're very welcome, umm….."

"I ish GeorgeshI ish Georgesh ("I am Georges")," the extremely friendly G Cat replied.

"Georges is the only one of us to have picked a name for himself," his big brother explained. "He saw himself in a mirror one day, and announced that he was Georgesh. I think he was actually trying to be descriptive, but the name has stuck."

Just at that moment, Libby walked into the room, followed by Priscilla with Bethany. The newest G cat arrival sniffed the air, and followed his nose to the Priscilla and Bethany. "Ish tiny peoplesh. Tiny peoplesh is prrrrreshushIsh tiny peoplesh. Tiny peoplesh is prrrrreshush ("Is tiny peoples.  Tiny peoples is precious")." Just as he said that, Bethany reached out with one tiny hand and rubbed it across his nose. "Tiny peoplesh likesh Georges. Georges likesh tiny peoplesh tooTiny peoplesh likesh Georges. Georges likesh tiny peoplesh too ("Tiny peoples likes Georges.  Georges likes tiny peoples too")." He nuzzled his face closer to the baby and purred loudly.

"Georges, would you like to go to a farm with tiny pe… I mean with Baby Bethany and Priscilla?" Dixon asked. "They need someone to help them at the farm."

"Georges ish good helper," came the reply. "Georges help prrreshush and prrreshush mommaGeorges help prrreshush and prrreshush momma ("Georges help precious and precious momma")."

Priscilla blushed and said, "I'm not Bethany's mother."

"Prrreshush shmellzh like Momma and PoppaPrrreshush shmellzh like Momma and Poppa ("Precious smells like Momma and Poppa")," Georges told her. "Prrreshush shmellzh like you and 'nother Dixshon. You Momma, him PoppaPrrreshush shmellzh like you and 'nother Dixshon. You Momma, him Poppa ("Precious smells like you and another Dixon.  You Momma, him Poppa")." He said it in a way that made it sound very simple. He smelled them both on the baby, so that was all he needed to know.

"But he hasn't…. I mean…" Priscilla mumbled.

"Priscilla, I would be honored and very happy if you were BB's mom," Daniel said softly behind her. "I want you to go to Whatley Farms with the twins and Bethany. You are so good with the little ones; I know I could never find anyone else to be as good a mom to Bethany."

"Do you just want a mother for your daughter?" Priscilla asked pointedly.

"No, but perhaps we can talk more about it later?"

"You can count on it," Priscilla told him. Then she gasped and blushed as Daniel gave her a quick kiss.

"You can count on it, too," he told her. He and Priscilla both turned to glare at Dixon and Jessie who were making gagging noises but grinning.

"Don't be mad, Priscilla," Dixon told her. "You know we love you like a sister."

"Yeah a sister in law," Jessie added with a laugh.

Daniel headed back to the office to work with Sonny, while the older family and the younger family left for the farm. Dixon and the others headed for the AI hospital.


Annie Mae groaned as she awakened, coughing from the dust around her. As soon as she opened her eyes, her memory of the last moments came back in a rush. There was a strange whistling sound followed by a big bang of a noise. Zora screamed as she felt a push and fell to the floor, then everything had gone dark. She looked around but all she could see were piles of rubble. Somehow the counter of the little breakfast diner Zora had wanted to bring her too had kept the large sections of wall from crushing her completely, but she was aware of a throbbing pain in her right hip and leg. She couldn't seem to sit up to look around because there just wasn't enough clearance.

"Zora baby, where are you?"

"Grandmomma , are you all right," Zora answered weakly.

"I think so baby girl, but I can't see you," Annie Mae lied to her granddaughter. "Where are you, baby?"

"Don't look Grandmomma ," Zora whispered quickly. "Grandmomma  did you bring that communicator that Huey gave you?"

"It's in my purse, Zora," Annie Mae said. "I'm not sure where it is now. What's happened to us, baby? You don't sound good."

"It was an attack from the air, Grandmomma," Zora told her. "I saw the missiles coming down just before the explosion. We have to get word to Dixon and his clan." Annie Mae heard a shuffling sound then a shriek of pain, followed by a groan of disappointment. "Your purse is close to me, Grandmomma, but it is crushed under a big section of the wall. There won't be anything usable in it now."

"Zora, what's wrong with you?" Annie Mae demanded. Recognizing at last where her granddaughter's voice had come from, the old woman twisted as best she could to see the younger woman. "Oh Lord no! Zora Neale, why baby? I'm old; it's almost time for me to go anyway."

Zora looked into her grandmother's eyes. "Love… you… Grandmomma," she gasped out.

"Hush, baby girl," Annie Mae told her as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Sing… to sleep… Grandmomma."

Annie Mae fought back her tears and sang the lullaby she had been taught as a little girl by her own mother. She had taught the song to Pet, and had always planned to sing it for Zora's children someday.

How was I suppose to know
Just how perfect you would be
My love grew with your little heart
A miracle it seems to me

All the riches in the world

May not fall into your hands

Life won’t always treat you fair

But stand you will to its demands

I can’t promise you a diamond ring

Or a castle in the sky

But I will give you all my love

And a perfect lullaby

She kept on singing as she watched the light of life fade out of her granddaughter's eyes. Even then she kept singing as much for herself as the granddaughter who was no longer with her.

Keep on beating little heart
Sleeping safely in my arms
Rest your eyes my precious one
You are safe from all harm

© 2013,  Matt Logan and Elisabeth Tinnes, A Perfect Lullaby

The last words breaking her heart in ways she never thought it would again after the influenza that took all of her family from her, Annie Mae let her voice fade away rather than finish the lullaby.  Her singing had done more than just ease Zora's passing, though.

"Is someone in there?" a voice called out.

"Me and my grandbaby in here," the old woman choked out.

"There is a baby in there with you? Are either of you hurt?"

"She'll always be a baby to me," Annie Mae told the male voice. "My Zora's gone now. I'm hurting some. There's a big hunk of wall mashing on my hip and leg."

"I am very sorry for your loss, Mrs. Parker," the man said as his voice broke with emotion. "This is Lovell; we met the other night when Zora and I went out."

"Oh, Lovell, I know you was sweet on Zora," Annie Mae told him. "She was real sweet on you, too. I think she was hoping you was going to ask her that big question."

"She was right ma'am," he wept. "I was going to do that when we met for lunch today." He sobbed for a moment, and then stopped suddenly. "Mrs. Parker, I need to find somebody that can help me dig you out of there."

"Lovell, if you find somebody that can, get in touch with a boy named Dixon Wiggins in Charleston," Annie Mae told him. "He'll be able to get some help up here."

"Wouldn't you want me to contact your family?"

"He is my family, every bit as much as Zora and Huey," the old woman said firmly. "He can help, just trust me. Call him," she instructed and gave him the number for Wiggins House.


Dixon was walking down a hallway beside a gurney carrying an eight year old boy who had lost his left arm from the elbow down. The boy was going to have the same procedure done to regrow his arm that had been used to help Dixon recover something else that had been taken from him.

"So these doctors regrowed part of you too?" the boy asked. The pain medications were helping him not feel the loss of his arm at the moment.

"They reGREW part of me, yes," Dixon answered. "They used the same procedure that they will do on you."

"Wow, they gave you a new arm and hand, too?" the younger boy asked in amazement. Unfortunately, just at that moment they walked past Lije, who was happy to correct the boy.

"That's not what they regrowed on him," Lije giggled.

"No comments from the peanut gallery, thank you very much," Dixon told Lije, even as his face flamed up.

"Well if it wasn't your arm, what did they regrow for you?" the eight year old on the gurney asked.

"Let's just leave it with knowing it wasn't my arm," Dixon said blushing more.

"Can I see it? I want to know what a robot part looks like," the boy asked.

"Only Jessie gets to see that part," Lije giggled. "We only get to hear them over the intercom."

"That has only happed one time, I'll have you know, Mr. Smarty pants."

"I want to see it so I know my arm will look real, please," the boy begged.

"I can't show you here in the hall because it is a private part," Dixon whispered to the boy as he blushed intensely.

"Yeah his nickname at home is Frankenweenie," Lije giggled, and then dodged the swat that Dixon aimed at him.

"I don't get…..OHMYGOSH! They had to grow you a new… umm … one of them?" the little boy gasped and pointed shyly at his own crotch.

"SSHHH…. Yes they did, someone I knew hurt me really badly and the doctors here had to fix me up the same way they are going to fix your arm."

"Can I still see it?" the little boy grinned and giggled. "You know just to make sure my arm will look and work like normal."

"No, you can't see mine, but Lije over there is always showing his off, maybe you can see his," Dixon smirked at Lije who actually blushed a bit. Just then Dixon's communicator chirped again. Carefully hugging the little boy on the gurney and assuring him that he would be just fine, Dixon then turned and answered the communications device. "This is Commander Wiggins, go ahead."

"Dixon there is a guy on the phone here who says he has to talk to you for Grandmomma Annie Mae," Daniel told him. "I think I can connect you to him, hang on a sec."

Dixon waited until he could hear the phone connection before he stated, "This is Commander Wiggins; how may I help you?"

"I am trying to get in touch with a boy named Dixon Wiggins for Mrs. Annie Parker," came the response.

"I am Dixon Wiggins, please tell me what this call is about," Dixon prodded.

"Mrs. Parker and her granddaughter were in a small café when the bombing started here in DC," Lovell told him. "Mrs. Parker is injured but I can't get anyone to help me dig through the rubble to get to her. I found this phone on the ground and it worked so she told me to call you."

"Grandmomma Annie Mae is injured? What about Zora?" Dixon asked quickly.

"I got there too late," the man sobbed. "My beautiful Zora is gone. Mrs. Parker was with her when Zora died."

Dixon slumped against the wall as it felt like someone had just slammed a fist into his stomach, knocking all the breath out of him.

"Mrs. Parker said you can get someone to help me dig her out of the building," Lovell told him. "Please make it quick. She needs medical attention. "

"I have the coordinates to where he is calling from, Commander," Zemal broke in. "I have also alerted all of our division personnel to meet in the conference room next to where I have been working as soon as possible."

"Thanks, Zemal," Dixon told him. To the man at the other end, he said, "Hang in there and we'll have help on the way as quickly as we can. Keep the phone with you and keep it turned on. We will use its signal to find you."

A moment or two later, Dixon walked into a small conference room. There were tears on his face as he walked up to Huey and hugged him. "Huey, I would give anything in the world to not have to tell you this," he said softly. "Grandmomma Annie Mae and Zora were in a building that got hit in the attack on DC. Grandmomma Annie Mae is injured but the man who called for her can't dig her out of the rubble and apparently can't find anyone to help him dig her out."

"Dixon, what about Zora? You said Grandmomma was hurt, but you didn't say anything about Zora? She's ok right, because you didn't say she was hurt."

Dixon wept more as he shook his head and answered. "I'm so sorry, Huey. The man that called was very upset that he wasn't able to get there in time to save her. I haven't called the farm yet. I thought maybe you would want to be the one to tell your parents."

Huey sat heavily into a chair as Doug stepped up behind him and rubbed a hand over his shoulder. "Yeah, you're right it should come from me."

"I'll go to the farm with you, if that's ok, Huey," JB told him. "You and your folks will need time to sort yourselves out without the little ones getting underfoot."

"Thank you, JB," Huey and Dixon both said.

"Dixon, if I may, I would like to go and assist in Annie Mae's rescue," Doug said quietly but firmly. "I am stronger than the average human male, and have medical training as well. Besides, it's time she and I cleared the air between us."

"I can go as well, Commander," Zemal offered. "I too am stronger than most humans, even at my age. The communications team here is more than adequate for the job they have, and the hard part of making the connections is already done. Additionally I have the combat training that Doug lacks."

"Thank you, Zemal, which brings up a good point," Dixon said with a grim smile. "I know you guys will work together, but Zemal is in charge. DC is still listed as a combat area. Take care of anyone you can help in addition to Grandmomma Annie Mae, but take care of yourselves too."

"Aye aye, Commander," Zemal said as he saluted. "Come on, old man," he said with a grin at Doug.

"Don't you old geezer me, little boy blue," Doug warned but he had a grin on his face as well. They turned to leave but found Huey and Nate blocking their way.

"Doug, my grandmother may not say it, but I will," Huey began. "Thank you for saving my family both then and now," he said as he hugged Doug.

"You make sure you come back in one piece, Smurfboy," Nate told Zemal.

"Why would it matter to you?" Zemal returned. "I would have thought you would be glad to get rid of me," he added icily.

"Well you thought wrong," Nate snapped. He stepped closer to Zemal and put his hands on the blue boy's arms. "Just like I thought wrong about how I feel about you."

"And how do you feel?" Zemal returned.

"Well for one thing, I feel really uncomfortable about you running around the house naked all the time," Nate began.

"You have made it perfectly clear that you hate seeing my body," Zemal snapped.

"I beg you to forgive me for making you think that," Nate told him as he dropped to his knees in front of Zemal. "The truth is I have never hated seeing you naked, what I hated was how I was reacting to it." He swallowed nervously before continuing. "I watched all the guys I had known my whole life start liking girls, and I never felt like they did. I met the clan and I learned it was really ok to like boys, and that helped, but I still didn't feel the way Dixon and Jessie do about each other. And then you beamed into my life and everything I thought I was missing caught up to me all at once. I was so embarrassed by my reaction to seeing you that first time, and then you started walking around naked all the time and I just about lost it every time I saw you. I thought everyone would think I was some kind of pervert or something."

"What I am getting here is that you might like me, but you think that makes you a pervert," Zemal clarified. "Gee, thanks, that makes me feel much better," he added sarcastically. "Let me guess, earthers like you aren't supposed to like off worlder trash like me; is that it?"

"No, that isn't it," Nate denied quickly. "I was mostly afraid you would think I was the pervert because every time I saw you naked I had to run off to… well to the bathroom," he added with a deep blush. "I dream about you, about us, every night, and then I come to work and you are walking around showing everyone everything, and I swear if I run off to the bathroom one more time a day, I will need a Frankenweenie too because mine is going to fall off." He gasped and turned redder than anyone thought possible. "Someone please tell me I did not just say that out loud." His answer was bursts of laughter from almost everyone in the room.

"We live with Dixon and Jessie, and you're worried that we'll think you are a pervert?" Layton asked with a smirk directed at Dixon and Jessie.

"Hey!" Dixon and Jessie both protested as the family laughed again.

"I still don't understand why you don't want me naked in the house," Zemal told Nate. "If you like me, isn't it a good thing that I am attractive to you?"

"On Earth, Zemal, it is sometimes seen as being unfaithful to be naked in front of people that are not your romantic partner," Dixon explained.

"So you want a faithful romantic relationship with me?" Zemal asked Nate.

"I can understand if you say no, I mean I treated you so bad," Nate mumbled staring pointedly at the floor. "It isn't like I am that interesting to a guy like you. I mean you are from another planet, you have seen stuff that I have only dreamed of, and probably stuff that I haven't dreamed about too."

"You are afraid I don't like you," Zemal suddenly gasped. Without waiting for confirmation, he continued, "You speak of dreams, Nate. Do you remember the day you found me taking a nap in the walk in cooler in the kitchen?" He watched Nate nod, and then said, "I was dreaming of you."

"You were?"

"Yes and I will tell you all about that dream when Doug and I bring Mrs. Parker back with us," Zemal told him. "While I am gone there is something you should think about though. On my planet I am at the age that most of my people choose their mates; a relationship that lasts for the whole life."

"Well you guys have half of the stuff you need for the wedding already," Davey grinned. "You have something old," he said as he pointed at Doug. "And you definitely have something blue," he added with a giggle.

"Watch it, 3D, or I won't tell you who I found today," Doug warned with a grin. At Davey's confused expression he said, "Down the hall in exam room 12, there is a family of four. There is a mother who was badly injured and is healing on a bio bed, the father, and the two kids. The kids are twins; a girl and a boy, named Xander and Xandra."

"But it can't be them, I was told they aren't in this world," Davey protested.

"Actually what you were told is that they don't live in this city in this world," Jessie corrected.

"It still wouldn't be my Xander and Xandra," Davey thought aloud as Doug and Zemal left to be transported to DC. "They might not like… umm the same things that they did in my world."

"There is only one way to find out, bro," Dixon told him. "Go and meet them."


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