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September 15, 2022: Official Announcement: New CSU Author
Posted by The Story Lover

Attention All CSU Readers:

As Archivist of the Clan Short Universe, I hereby declare and confirm that the author known as SamIam has successfully completed the necessary requirements to be awarded the title Clan Short Universe Author and confer upon him all the rights and responsibilities which are consistent with the title.

On this day, September Fourteenth, in the year Two Thousand and Twenty-Two, let it be known that the story Oh Can You See has been reviewed and accepted as a Clan Short Universe Core Timeline story, and is considered a canonical part of the main storyline.

TSL Clan Short Archivist

Welcome to the CSU SamIam, as usual, all of CSU Stories will be co-hosted on the CSUhub as well. This is the only place for all the CSU Stories, Images, and Resources.

This post has been approved by The Clan Short Archivist. CSU Crest PNG

Portions of the post have been contributed by ACFan Creator of The Clan Short Universe.

(PS: Temporal Tranquilizers are in the third drawer on the left!)

September 9, 2022: Our sincerest condolences...
Posted by JeffsFort

Each of us at The Fort Fammily of sites are saddened to hear of the passing of Her Magesty Queen Elizabeth II.

We offer our kind sympathy to a family and nation in mourning and look back at her 7 decades of Sovereignty and Service that has touched us all world wide. She will be greatly missed by millions of people around the world. May God watch over the Royal family during this difficult time and may she rest in peace.

~ JeffsFort ~

August 27, 2022: Happy Early U. S. Labor Day
Posted by Boudreaux

Since my last update was a back to school special, I'm calling this one a Labor Day gift.  Don't get too excited though, no one is in labor.  We do get some new faces in this chapter, one completely new and some that are only new to Dear Diary.  I had always planned to post the end of Twists of Time as close as possible to the posting of the chapter of Dear Diary where the characters crossover, and thanks to TSL for helping me make that happen.  Oh and here's a spoiler for you... intoxicated Vulcan.

August 26, 2022: Back to School Special Two New Chapters
Posted by Boudreaux

So for your homework, I have given you, with TSL's help as editor, two new chapters to read.  The first is a new chapter of Lagniappe.  The Dixie Magic has returned their men folk to our blond boys in New Orleans, but they haven't come alone.  The other new chapter is the final chapter Twists of Time.  Yes you read that right, final chapter of the story, but not the last we will see of the characters.  Keep your eyes open for an upcoming update of Dear Diary to find out what happens next to the Time Wizard family.  Hope you enjoy the reading.  If you have my offline problem you need something to do that doesn't involve wading in flood waters or getting drenched by continuing rainfall, so reading should help you not be bored while you try to stay dry.

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