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June 28, 2020: My Quarantine - Day 70
Posted by JeffsFort

That's right! Day 70! Who would have guessed at the beginning of all this that summer would need to be canceled? Seriously, this is idiotic. The worst part of all this is the fact that our president who has been in power for almost 4 years, and ironically acts as if that is his age as well, his administration (room full of monkeys), and his supporters (monkeys who have gotten loose), have done everything absolutely right when it comes to containing and controlling the COVID -19 outbreak. No seriously, they did. By right, I mean against all odds they have taken the absolute best path to have the absolute worst outcome. We literally are unable to flatten the curve (a little late for that term now though) making us the only part of the world who is still riding the first wave. And still, with all-time record high outbreak numbers, our leaders are trying to convince us that it's more important to look good than to be safe. Reduce testing, the numbers will come down, all will be right with the world. What's wrong with these people? People protesting the shelter at home orders are protesting to protect their rights to spread the virus. Last time I looked, at the very least that is wreckless endangerment at best. Grrrr....

So, day 70 with no sign of an end at this point when other parts of the world are actually getting back to some form of normalcy. In our online family, those of us not being forced to endanger ourselves and continue to work with the public (Our thoughts and prayers are with you BTW), most of us have returned to work from the comfort of our own homes. Yes, the desk where I pay my bills and waste time online is now where I make my paycheck now. For a lot of us, that is just odd and feels like mixing business with pleasure...kinda.

So as usual, I find myself on YouTube not really wanting to accomplish anything as I have been doing that all week long already in this same chair. Today, I want to share some "Internet History" to give some of the older guys a smile. The late 90's early 2000's was a strange and awesome time for an internet that was struggling to define itself. Thankfully, some of the most creative minds of the time shared art of a new form with us. While working with our coding wizard "Akeentia" we mentioned one of the videos that helped define the term "Viral" and for those of us who were building young communities online back then, it screams at us to remind of how we learned to lose entire days getting lost in flash animation sites of the time and a pre-Google owned YouTube. That video is saved in many places on the web but I found this copy on a YouTube account that appears to specialize in collecting those lost gems. Today, I inflict...share that video with you all! WARNING This one has adult language. Don't go if you would get slapped using most four-letter words in your home, otherwise... it's all good.

June 12, 2020: My Quarantine - Day 54
Posted by JeffsFort

Yes. Even though I am still working from home and probably will be for the foreseeable future, I still have time that I just need to kill when I would normally be commuting to work. You would think I would have figured out more productive things to do with these "dead" windows in the schedule. No... I still go brain dead jumping from video to video on YouTube, as I have been doing for way too many years.

Recently, there has been a focus on the "pandemic easing" posts from one of my favorite YouTube Families. "The Holderness Family", which has gotten a very widespread public acknowledgment with so many of us just looking for a reason to smile. They have actually been making videos for quite some time so, as newer videos focusing on the current lockdown take the spotlight, I'd like to take the path less traveled and jump a couple of years back. Remember, they were crazy before the pandemic, which is why I love them. 

June 5, 2020: I fought the Modem and Finally Won!
Posted by Boudreaux

I have posted three chapters today, well technically two chapters and one short story.  I had to fight a modem that was going off and on like a strobe light to get it done, but I persevered for you my friends and readers, cause I'm that kind of guy.   Ok, so it was more of a personal vendetta against the p.o.s. modem.  Anyway.... Updates to Twists of Time and Fantasy Faire have been made and I have added a new short story complete in one chapter called The Parselmage Necromancer.  It's not quite what you think from that title, though.  I'm sure my older readers will appreciate it more than the younger ones, but that is sort of the point of that particular story.  Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the reading. 


June 5, 2020: My Quarantine - Day 47
Posted by JeffsFort

As many of you know, I went back to work about a month ago. You know, that job that I got excited to get ready for all week long and even had a hard time waiting to get back to after every torturous weekend. (Yeah, that's a lie.) Well now, I get to do it from my cell here in solitary confinement. So, the lower end of the job, that I worked hard to get promoted from... that part of the job, in the room I sleep in, in the worst desk chair ever designed... EVER!

Excitement has kept me from making my Quarantine News Posts but yes, I remembered. Maybe I knew right along that I was forgetting something? Maybe I held off to build suspense? Maybe I considered adding a miserable section into the part of the day that I would just stare at a screen and hapily let brain cells die as I spent hours watching old Numa Numa videos on YouTube... Go ahead. Go Google it. I'll wait. -_-

Anyway, this video is from someone I've been subscribed to for quite some time. He's a very talented musician and has an odd sense of humor, which of course earns points in my scorebook. This video demonstrates exactly where my brain is, right now. Maybe yours too. ENJOY!

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