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February 14, 2021: Happy Valentine's Day
Posted by Myke D.


January 31, 2021: Another Present for You
Posted by Boudreaux

So whichever holiday you decided yesterday's chapter was an early present for, Chapter 16 of Expanding Horizons can be for the other occasion.  Have fun, but stay safe out there.  I've lost one family member to Covid; I do not want to lose you, whoever you are.

January 30, 2021: A Gift of Gifts
Posted by Boudreaux

Whether you want to call it an early Valentine's present or an early celebration for Fat Tuesday, I gladly share with you the newest chapter of Gifts.  A lot is going on in this chapter, so I hope it is well received.  Enjoy.


January 27, 2021: Welcome to a new author!
Posted by JeffsFort

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick message to introduce readers of "The Fort" to a family hosted author from our sister site "AC's Corner Cafe" who is now hosting his work on our site as well. Darkhuntsman is the author of the stories "Project New Dawn" and "Project New Horizon" which we are excited to make available for you all! So welcome Darkhuntsman and be sure to show him some love for his work at which goes a long way for any author! 

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