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May 13, 2021: A sad day...
Posted by JeffsFort

I hate these posts.

Today we lost one of our youngest authors. Juju on "The Story Lover's Home", also known to us as Jbird or Julian, passed away today. As relayed to us by "Jarquafelmu", What should have been a minor head injury from a fall in the locker room at school turned into a Subarachnoid hemorrhage near his brain stem and by the time the doctors were able to stop the bleeding pretty much all brain activity was gone.

Our sincerest condolences go out to Julian's family and thank them for letting us know what happened.

We've lost many friends over the years and we have honored each and every one of them by keeping their work alive within our community, Juju's work will live on among them. Julian will be missed terribly by us all. He was taken much too soon :(

Rest in Peace Juju...

March 28, 2021: Food Fight! Or Claude proving he will never be known for his intelligence and maturity....
Posted by Boudreaux

How Y'all Are?   I'm back with a new chapter of Lagniappe, that yes, includes a food fight and other fun fluffy stuff, but also a moment or two of serious conversation as well.  Hope you have as much fun reading this one as I did writing it. 


March 25, 2021: And that's a wrap!
Posted by Boudreaux

Expanding Horizons is complete.  The final chapter has been posted at last.  Been a long journey on this one, and while in a way I'm sad to see it end, the characters tell me it's time, and they're the ones in charge.  Thanks to all the people that have read and enjoyed this one.  

Laissez les bon temps roullez! (even if is officially Lent and that phrase is out of season. :P )

March 15, 2021: The End of Volume One
Posted by Myke D.

Volume One of "The Legends of Blood" is now complete! Chapter 28 is live! I hope you all enjoy the epic conclusion to the opening story of this saga! Now, it's time to focus on everything else that I have in process! Huge hugs to all of you! Stay safe, Stay Healthy! Wear a Mask!

-Myke d

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