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March 28, 2021: Food Fight! Or Claude proving he will never be known for his intelligence and maturity....
Posted by Boudreaux

How Y'all Are?   I'm back with a new chapter of Lagniappe, that yes, includes a food fight and other fun fluffy stuff, but also a moment or two of serious conversation as well.  Hope you have as much fun reading this one as I did writing it. 


March 25, 2021: And that's a wrap!
Posted by Boudreaux

Expanding Horizons is complete.  The final chapter has been posted at last.  Been a long journey on this one, and while in a way I'm sad to see it end, the characters tell me it's time, and they're the ones in charge.  Thanks to all the people that have read and enjoyed this one.  

Laissez les bon temps roullez! (even if is officially Lent and that phrase is out of season. :P )

March 15, 2021: The End of Volume One
Posted by Myke D.

Volume One of "The Legends of Blood" is now complete! Chapter 28 is live! I hope you all enjoy the epic conclusion to the opening story of this saga! Now, it's time to focus on everything else that I have in process! Huge hugs to all of you! Stay safe, Stay Healthy! Wear a Mask!

-Myke d

March 10, 2021: My Quarantine - Day 317
Posted by JeffsFort

Three hundred and seventeen days since my job said "Yup, go home. Don't come back." and we're still not using the building. But they are beginning to discuss how the building will be used again and we should soon see some pretty antique equipment getting yanked out of a bunch of cubicles. Fun stuff!

It has been a couple of months since my last quarantine posting so I figured I better do one soon before they won't be valid anymore. I mean I am getting busier and busier as the days move on but still, over 90% of what I do is accomplished sitting in this chair. Bah!

This also means computer distractions happen often. Some free time can easily lead to an hour or two watching "...just one more video..." a little too often. Sometimes that really isn't all too satisfying unless one of my subscriptions drops a new video. Today is one of the good days! This video by Feng E. (who is a musical prodigy in all respects) is absolutely amazing.

For those of you not familiar with Feng E., he plays the ukelele but not in a traditional manner. Often playing compositions that he works out himself that most would need multiple tracks to play on their own. I watch all his videos in absolute awe and this one is no exception. Playing a song in this one that always gives me goosebumps, he absolutely nailed it. If you aren't a fan of this kid, you haven't heard him play yet ;) Be ready to like and subscribe... Yeah, he's that good!

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