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January 13, 2019: Just a quick announcement to all
Posted by JeffsFort

Hi Guys!

Just wanted to let you know that The Story Lover and I have finally restored our Fort Newsletter to keep you all up to date with behind the scenes announcements, inside info, or just well wishing from our gang. The link to it is in the "Features" drop-down menu on the site itself or you can just go to:

For those of you on a tight schedule, it should be a good way to be reminded what events happen, stories are updated, or new stuff is released. I'll even try to get our active authors to use it. (or at least let me know when they need to give you all a heads up :)

- Jeff -

January 9, 2019: Cupid's Arrows ~ 2019 ~ Cupid Won't Give Up! Our Valentine's Day Short Story Event For 2019
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers and Authors,

This year's Valentine's Day Short Story Event is titled ~ Cupid's Arrows ~ 2019 ~ Cupid Won't Give Up! 

The event starts now and runs through January 31, 2018, for unedited stories and February 7th for edited stories. I will post all stories on Valentine's Day February 14th.
The Rules:

  1. The short stories must be between 500 words and 15,000 words

  2. The Short Story should be about how Cupid Won't Give Up, as he keeps shooting arrows at someone in the closet.

  3. Many of us have been in this position. Suddenly, your heart reaches out for the one person who you simply can’t risk telling how you feel. When your heart betrays you, can you build up the courage to follow it or do you continue to fight?

  4. This event is open to all readers and authors.

  5. Authors must authorize the Fort Family of Sites, by written permission to host their stories.

So put on your writing caps and get writing, more details to follow.

Happy Reading,


January 1, 2019: Here's to 2019!
Posted by JeffsFort

You know, we often love to sit around and toss memories of the past back and forth. We often bring up how little we knew about what we were doing back when we started out and how much we are really blown away that 15 years later, we not only are still here but these sites are thriving beyond anything we could have imagined. Looking back is a great way to put today in perspective but looking forward reminds us that no matter how we think we may be handicapped in one situation or another, the sky is still the limit.

It's been years since I have bothered with a new years resolution but if I were to make a wish for 2019, it would be for the health and happiness for each and every reader and author who has ever interacted with the Fort Family and its neighbors. A wish to ensure that we continue to have this virtual family that has been anything but virtual to me for many years. I would also wish for family members who are no longer with us. I would wish for them to see where we are today and to know that a piece of them lives on through us. My life is richer today because of the kindness of a hand full of people who believed that we were able to build a home worth protecting and I will never feel as if I was able to adequately convey that appreciation.

15 years now. The Fort Family first sprouted from our efforts back in 2004. We always hoped it would find its place amongst the other communities on the web and when it did, we couldn't have been any more proud or amazed.

Thank you for 15 years of fun and friendship from us all here in The Fort and here's to a happy 2019! May it bring many more memories for us to look back on someday...


December 25, 2018: The Christmas Short Story Event Is Now Live!
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers,

All Nineteen Twenty of this year's Christmas Short Story Event Submissions are now live here on The Fort Readers Event District!

Santa & I owe our author NCNesturfer our most abject and humblest of apologies, I made his story invisible while I checked on some special formatting and in my rush to get all of the chapters posted, I forgot to switch the status to Publish, before I clicked the Save Button.

So please enjoy this latest addition to our Christmas Short Story Event.  This has been our most successful event yet, thank you, authors!

All of these stories will be appearing on their author's Home Site as soon as we get a slight crosslinking issue resolved.

Enjoy all of these amazing stories that the authors have worked hard creating for you, please take a few moments to say thank you by sending them an email.

Happy Reading,


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