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January 3, 2023: Too many emails...
Posted by JeffsFort

Hi Everyone!

Wanted to send out a quick message to those of you who have reached out to me regarding a few community issues, to return the holiday wishes, and to inform of delayed projects and give the excuses you have all grown accustomed to ;) My inbox is just getting overloaded so we will do all in one! I'll add a couple of people who I would like to at least see this message as well.
First of all, many have emailed regarding the previous hacking of a handful of our hosting sites. Yes, that threat is in the rearview mirror now so, go ahead and stand down from alert status. It was never us specificly that was under attack, which was a bit of a relief once we realized it. It was a service our hosting software utiilized being attacked and through them, us. The designer of our hosting software quickly got on the issue and many headaches later, we are rock solid again and hopefully will be out of harms way for a while ;) Thanks for looking out for us and thanks Akeentia for all your hard work. It could not be more appreciated!
I do want to thank those of you who have emailed their well wishes regarding the passing of community site owner and author TrueFan (aka: A True Fan, Lenny) toward the end of November and over the holidays. His health had been declining for quite some time yet, the news really knocked the wind out of our sails for a time. A special thanks to Zarek Dragon for relaying the news to us as over the years, the passing of an online friend far too often means that person simply vanishes with no explanation. To calm many of the concerned messages I've received, no, the site ( is not going to be closed as a result. We will be discussing potential caretakers or a new owner to carry the legacy of the original owner into the future. D Barber has done an amazing job managing announcements on the site as he has done elsewhere within our community as well. That coupled with the "Self Hosting" nature of our site software, the site will continue on it's path with very little intervention needed. We have a couple of ideas solidifying but are in no rush to see any changes made.
"Commander Kid" - I am not sure how to address the messages that have been coming in regarding reaching nearly a year since the last chapter of this story had been posted. The easy answer would be that I do have more than half of the next chapter done and do occasionally add a few words here and there or update the notes and outline I work from but, that is only part of the story. Yes, I have every intention of continuing that story. I have just been so overloaded with work, and family issues, and hosting issues, okay, just overall stress... that I can't take my brain out of the here and now and focus on the events of our very young Commander aboard the Starship "Chuck" LOL! These hurdles have always been my achilles heel but once the floodgates reopen, the wave is usually big. Well, historically that has been the case anyway ;) Get ready though, when we pick it back up we will be heading down a road of no return for our main characters. I'm excited and pretty anxious about the path they will be on soon. I'd give you more info but, that would be cheating ;)
Anyway, thanks to all of you who went out of your way to reach out and to those of you I added to the reply list for being a part of this community. This year marks 19 years for the community itself, 27 years of existence at in some form or another, both numbers just absolutely mind blowing to me. I'll do my best to share some of my focus with my own writing but know that my distraction is usually caused by keeping the community up and running physically. Too many hats maybe, ADHD most like.... um... Oooohhhh... Comicality posted a new chapter ;)
- Jeff

December 25, 2022: Email That Unintentionally Made Me Smile...
Posted by JeffsFort

Dear Mister Jeffsfort,

I have been a reader of for a few months and decided to look at the other sites networked in what is called the Fort Family. I was wondering why of all the sites in the network that have unique names and themes that you decided to simply steal the name for your site from the community. Im not trying to be rude or anything but it does seem a little lazy.

- Name Not Being Shared


Hi there ##########,

I'm so glad you decided to branch out from one of the community sites as they all have unique material, comprised of so many amazing authors. Hopefully you are following which is the hub for the entire network and lets you know what's new and what news is being shared by all. You may ask yourself why "" as it isn't a forum. The quick answer is, it used to be a forum, one that was originally set up and used for before it started to become a gathering place for authors and readers simply because it was something I wanted to do at the time; show appreciation for a few authors that I really admired. And over the years it grew to be larger than any of us could have ever imagined. So the short answer to your concerned email is I didn't steal "JeffsFort" from the community, the community stole my site's name and grew large enough to cut my name off of it. Maybe if you are lucky enough, something just as special will steal your name and give you just as much joy as "The Fort Family" has given me over the years.

Happy Holidays,
The OG JeffsFort ;)

December 24, 2022: Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays!
Posted by JeffsFort

You know, it's been a long time since Christmas was a holiday that I would get all geared up for. Decorating, planning, gift buying... For me it is a wonderful time which has simply passed. It's a holiday to help build the wonderous imagination of a child and put a strain on the bank accounts of those who love them; and that's perfectly okay. However you celebrate or reminisce over the holidays, have a safe and healthy holiday and keep in mind if you are alone over the holidays, we are never completely alone because of this community. Families built of friendships have always been the foundation of how this community has endured for almost 19 years and continues to do so even today.

Here's to a New Year of fun and friendship for us all!

- Jeff 



November 28, 2022: Goodbye to A True Fan
Posted by JeffsFort

Over the years we have lost quite a few of our own. Two of the men who are directly responsible for our community, many authors, site owners, and friends. Unfortunately, today we are saddened as have lost another. 

Known to many as "A True Fan", "True Fan", or simply as "Lenny", he has left an indullable mark on this community as well as many others. We will do everything we can to make sure that all that he created will remain as it is today. We all offer our condolences to his family and to all the true fans of A True Fan.

Rest In Peace Lenny, we'll watch over your fandom for you.

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