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July 17, 2019: Lagniappe Y'all!
Posted by Boudreaux

The word lagniappe, roughly translated, means 'a little something extra.'  So here's a little something extra; a new chapter of Lagniappe which tells a bit more of Keagan's history and sets up some interesting and unexpected things in his future as well.  Enjoy and laissez les bon temps roullez!


July 15, 2019: Dear Diary 35 and Twists of Time 9
Posted by Boudreaux

That's right, it's a double dose from your resident Ragin' Cajun.  So apparently I need to buy stock in Tylenol and give them all to TSL for these chapters.  I'm sorry, TSL, but even three year olds do have slightly different ways of speaking.... especially three year olds that hang out with Cajuns.  As for what happens in ToT 9, all will be sorted out soon.  Hope everyone enjoys the chapters.

July 6, 2019: Sometimes strength needs a hand
Posted by JeffsFort

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to step out of character for a moment as a friend who has a very young son who is battling Leukemia (and winning!!!) is having a really rough time. You can get a small picture of what the situation is here:

Now you guys all know that if we ask for help, something is either horribly wrong or we are concerned a great deal about someone. I’m concerned for Jacob’s Father at the moment. His last job was less than understanding about the situation with his son. They ended out firing him in the tail end of the worst of their struggles. I went to the Go Fund Me page and donated a few bucks to try and take even a fraction of the weight off of them, as did a few others. Now he is starting a new job, and Jacob is beating this!!! I can’t imagine what this has taken out of the family but I wanted to help again. I gave what I could and I’m introducing you to one of the toughest kids I know at the moment:

Click Image To Enlarge

You all know that something has to be horribly wrong or extremely important for any of us to reach out to the community for help. I was able to give a little and hope others would be willing to do the same. May not seem like an awful lot but it would help a rough situation as well as show a very tired but strong family that there are people out here who care. Besides, read the stories that we write. I’d like to give the world another happy ending and we can all help make that happen in this case.

*HUGZ* Til the next update!


June 6, 2019: Recognitions in June
Posted by JeffsFort

Hey gang!

Just a quickie to remind everyone that there are quite a few things to celebrate in the month of June! Barring birthdays and site anniversaries, here’s a short list with info on Wikipedia for you all. Hope you are all in the mood to celebrate!

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