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June 6, 2019: Recognitions in June
Posted by JeffsFort

Hey gang!

Just a quickie to remind everyone that there are quite a few things to celebrate in the month of June! Barring birthdays and site anniversaries, here’s a short list with info on Wikipedia for you all. Hope you are all in the mood to celebrate!

May 28, 2019: 12th Annual - Random Cake Holiday!!!
Posted by JeffsFort

There are some traditions that were started as a laugh that we refuse to let die. This is one started by our favorite role model and yes, The Fort Family celebrates it to this day...

- Jeff -

Originally Posted on the Fort Family Forum: May 28, 2006 (Edited for General Audiences :P~ )

*Random Cake Holiday* Emailed By Comicality!

That's right! I said 'Random Cake Holiday'! Hehehe! Don't ask any questions, don't worry about the rhyme or reason WHY you should do it...just DO IT! We had a conversation in the chat tonight, and this lack of cake is just unforgivable. So today, I want each and every single person reading this, to go out somewhere and find yourself a piece of cake to eat! I don't care HOW you get it, or WHAT kind of cake it is! But there are just way too many people who have gone TOO long without having a piece of cake!

You can laugh all you want! Feel silly doing it! I don't care! Whatever! Just go out, find some cake, and enjoy it for the simple fact that you CAN! And I'm not talking about some moldy old store bought sliver of cake that you can buy for a quarter at the counter of your local gas station! I mean actual *CAKE*! Go to a bakery, go to a neighbor's house, hit up the old lady that does volunteer work at the resource center in your area, bake your own and give half of it away to someone else who doesn't have cake, play your Cake cd on your car radio..whatever...but don't you DARE let the sun set without getting a taste of that sweet sweet cake goodness! C'mon...don't you want some CAKE??? I do!

The only time we get to have cake is at weddings, birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, and bachelor parties. And that's just wrong! So if you needed a reason to eat cake, then here it is. It's cake day. GO! Get some! Enjoy it! Do it for the simple fact that you have absolutely NO reason to do it other than I told you so! Hehehe! Savor it!

That's right....I'm going to get mine as soon as I get up tomorrow! Believe me! Mmmm cake...

Spread the word!


May 27, 2019: Spring Short Story Event ~ A Story Mashup ~ Is Now Live!
Posted by The Story Lover

Originally Posted by Fred DeElve

Dear Readers,

We have three fantastic stories from the Spring Short Story Event ~ A Story Mashup; available now for your reading pleasure.

We have The Lost Dragon Down Under Memories, by The Story Lover.

Next, we have A Penny On The Dragon, by Jeff P.

And finally, by Zarek A. Dragon, we have Another Voyager.

Dragon, Dragon, and Dragon; coincidence, maybe, or maybe not?

Happy reading,

May 27, 2019: Four New Chapters from the Cajun
Posted by Boudreaux

So to celebrate my two year anniversary of freedom, I am giving all of you the present, four presents actually: new chapters of Expanding Horizons, Fantasy Faire, Flea Market Sausage and Gifts.  I hope you all enjoy them.  Thanks for reading!


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