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March 19, 2022: Don't faint or anything....
Posted by Boudreaux

I managed to get a chapter of another story ready to post within a month of the last one.  I know it's a shock to the system for me to update two stories in a month.  I'll try to slow back down after this again, I promise.  Enjoy the new chapter of Gifts as you recover, though.



March 10, 2022: A little early for St. Paddy's but here it is....
Posted by Boudreaux

The final chapter of Flea Market Sausage is now live on the sites and ready to be read.  I would like to say I never dreamed it would take me so many years to finish this story, but given that I have another story that I first started work on in 1987, I will leave that erroneous judgement call silent.   I can't say there will or won't be a sequel to this story at this point.  I had ideas, but they are not falling into place as I would like, so at this point it really is completely undecided.  Feel free to contact me and let me know your thoughts on this possibility if you have any to give me.  In the meantime, enjoy this final chapter of this segment of the story at any rate.

Laissez les bon temps roullez!


March 4, 2022: The Lost Souls
Posted by Myke D.

Chapter 9 of The Lost Souls is finally available! I hope everyone enjoys it! 

January 22, 2022: Finally...
Posted by JeffsFort

It took way longer than I expected but, I finally got Chapter 5 of "Commander Kid" finished, sent off to the editor, and posted. I can't believe how many people have emailed asking about the next chapter of this one. I'll try to do better getting Chapter 6 done ;) 

Hope you enjoy! As Jack would say: "Safe travels!" 

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