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August 5, 2020: Happy August!
Posted by Boudreaux

Here's some new chapters to read while you hide from the heat. Assuming you're from the Northern Hemisphere, that is.  Hope you enjoy them.  Lots of family bonding in Gifts, Lagniappe, Fantasy Faire, and Flea Market Sausage.

July 31, 2020: My Quarantine - Day 104
Posted by JeffsFort

One hundred and four frickin' days!

Yeah, I'm really beginning to have trouble registering the passage of time at this point. Each day just bleeds into the next. Maintaining a normal sleep schedule is difficult and apparently pointless. I mean I wake up late and...I'm late for what exactly? Right, late to be awake for a few hours before logging in and working for a few hours. You know, at the same desk I spend the rest of my time at when I'm not working. I've been dying for the weekend to come so I won't have to work but, it's not like I was planning to actually do anything. Whatever, lol!

Today, I was looking through the long list of things in my watch later list that I keep passing over. You may have these in your list if you are like me. Things that you intend to watch later but, keep passing over because they are too long and you don't want to spend that much time watching a YouTube video; so instead you watch 10 five minute videos instead of that 1 twenty minute video. The logic can't be argued! Anyway, I have a ton of stuff that has been collecting dust in "watch later" and I just decided I'm watching the oldest one RIGHT NOW! It is the continuation of a really stupid video from YouTube's pre-Google days when stupid was new. LMAO, as if there was ever a time. Make a coffee and watch this one. I promise you will laugh and feel so much dumber afterward ;)

Note: Evidently there is a two-part finalé on their channel for this "Gem", don't want to miss that. :D

July 31, 2020: Happy Birthday ACFan!!
Posted by JeffsFort

Please join us and the entire Fort Family as we celebrate ACFan's 105th birthday. Um... No, his 15th birthday, ...that can't be right... LOL!

As you all know, ACFan has been one of the pillars that has supported the Fort Family and makes it all possible for these sites to continue hosting all the stories that we all love. Without him, we wouldn't have one of the biggest, longest, and wildest collaborations on the net and we would definitely be way more bored right now :)

So Happy Birthday ACFan! May you enjoy 105 more... or um... yeah. LOL!

July 24, 2020: Author Needs Some Help
Posted by The Story Lover

Since this is Myke D.'s home site I am posting this message here:

Myke has had a catastrophic computer failure, and needs some help purchasing a Mac, in order for him to keep writing and posting his stories. He has created a GoFundMe Account and is close to his goal. Any amount that you can spare will be very helpful. Here is the link to his GoFundMe Page -

Please stay safe and healthy,


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