Dear Diary

Chapter 34


Author's Note:  HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to TrueFan for all the help with this chapter, and for letting me 'borrow' some of his guys for a little bit.  Ok, so borrowing is a little misleading since I couldn't do these scenes without his guys, as our boys are all standing next to one another for this.  Also enormous apologies and thanks to TSL for editing through the Cajun migraines my chapters give him.  Anyway, here is the next chapter of Dear Diary.  Please help yourself to the boiled crawfish, shrimp étouffée, beignet, pralines, and chicory coffee at the wedding reception.  Oh, and speaking of the reception, the song that the twins perform is Cajun, not proper French, so I did the best I could with the translation to give you the general idea of what the lyrics mean.  Laissez les bon temps roullez, y'all!



"Okay people, time to go to a wedding," Dixon called out to his family, his really large, very happy family.  "Division personnel are expected to be in full dress uniform.  Sergeant Alex, you are in command of Division HQ until our return." The G-Cat Jaguar saluted, and then went back to the security office by the main gate.  Most of the family took that as their cue to return to their houses to change.  Barbara just looked at Dixon and Jessie a little nervously.  "Mom, now that the rest of the family has moved out, we have plenty of rooms for you to choose from."

"Are you sure that's what you want?  What all of you want?" Barbara asked nervously glancing at Mamee and Poppop as well as Dixon and Jessie.

"Young lady, I thought we cleared that up before we left the place you were staying this morning," Mamee told her firmly.  "I loved Dixon's mother like a granddaughter, but she is gone on now and you are his mom.  You didn't give birth to him, but you did raise him to be the outstanding young man he is, and for that, I am most sincerely grateful.  Also if I didn't miss too much of your conversation with him this morning, you don't have any other family than this one.  Family stays with family, dear."

"A few of the rooms are slightly different than what I grew up with, but I can assure you there are plenty of rooms in this old heap of bricks, so finding one you like should not be a problem," Poppop told her.  "I have a feeling that these little popsicles are hoping you take a room close to theirs," he added as he hugged his twin great-great-grandsons.  "There is a lovely suite just across the hall from theirs."

"Oh no, Poppop, she don't want dat room, no," Emile corrected.  "Grand-mère, please you took a room tother side de house so when Poppa and Daddy making all dem noises in de night, we can come stayed de night wid you?"

"Please Grand-mère?  Please please please wid praline on top?" Etienne batted his little eyes up at her.

The adults fell into laughter as Dixon and Jessie both blushed stop sign red and squealed at their sons.  Barbara recovered from her giggles and scooped the two little ones into her arms happily, covering their little faces with kisses.  "We can all three pick my room together then, my sweets," she told them.  As she started toward the house, she asked, "Why does everyone keep calling you two popsicles?  Is that your favorite treat?"

"Oh no, Grand-mère," Enny giggled.  "My favorite treat Grandmama's praline, and Emmy favorite is Tante René's divididum... divinium...."

"Divinity fudge," Mamee offered to help him.

"Dat's de word, merci Mamee," he grinned at her.  "It's really yummy white stuff wid pecan on de top."

"It sounds like I'm going to be getting fat around here," Barbara laughed.

"We loved you no matter what you size, Grand-mère," Emmy said as he hugged her tightly.  "We de Popsicles cause dat our name Tante René give us when we just borned.  Me, I'm born Emile Robèrt Michand Rousseau Calcasieu Pospisil."

"I'm born Etienne Richard Arcenault Rousseau Calcasieu Pospisil."

"My goodness what big names for such cute little boys," Barbara gasped.  "I think I will stick with calling you Emmy and Enny like your dads do, and you two can call me Grammie because Grand- mère sounds far too formal for me.  Now, how about I come to your room and help you two get dressed so that your dads can have a few minutes alone?"

"Maybe we get dressed in your new room, Grammie," Emmy suggested.  "Daddy and Poppa get lone time, dey gonna made dem noise again."

"EMILE!" Jessie and Dixon both squealed again.

"Did I miss the notice that today was pick on Dixon day?" Dixon whined as he walked into the house behind his mom and twins.

"If today were such a day, sending notice to you would be illogical," Stepn told him.  "On another matter, Director, it would appear that my uniform has been changed to your Clan Division.  Would this be what you humans call a prank, or have I been transferred along with Lt. Nelson?"

"I don't recall asking for your transfer, but I will admit that having you with us would be logical as you would say.  There are times where due to my duties as director of the division, I am unable to assess the mental state and culpability of those my officers and I confront.  Having another trained mental health professional on the team is a good thing.  It would also come in handy for helping my team decompress after stressful encounters."

"I was not declining the transfer, Director," Stepn pointed out.  "I have learned much about you while assisting she who raised you.  She revealed a great deal in her sessions, but I also took the liberty of researching you, your extended family, and your division.  If I were to allow emotions to dictate my behavior, I would be honored and thrilled to be given such an opportunity."

"Well, as you are wearing the uniform, let's just ask the one person who should know for sure, since I'm just the director around here," Dixon smirked.  "Thibbie?"

The cute little overall wearing AI appeared in front of him with a big grin.  "You call me, Oncle Dixie?"

"Could you please explain Healer Stepn's uniform to us?"

"Oh, you mean how he wearing de right one now?  Dat's easy.  He been transfer to us dis morning, just like Oncle Roger."

"Can you tell me who authorized or even requested this transfer?" Dixon asked him, knowing the answer before he spoke.

"Nobody axe for it, it just got did," Thibbie shrugged.  "I can't find no reason in de files.  I just knowed he sposeta been here now.  I gotta go hep my little bro and sis get dress up for dey trip now."  With that, Thibbie disappeared as quickly as he had appeared.

"It is just as well that we are all in agreement then," Stepn observed.  "My next inquiry regards lodging."

"Second floor, East Wing, pick a room, any room," Dixon smiled. 

"Most accommodating, Director, thank you," Stepn replied.  "If I may ask one more thing, Director?"

"Only if you stop calling me Director all the time," Dixon teased.

"I request permission to return to my former station to retrieve personal items while the other officers are in Orlando, Sir," Stepn returned.

"Granted, of course."

"Again, thank you, Sir." The Vulcan turned to leave, but stopped only for a second to nod as he heard Dixon's next words.

"Sir is not what I had in mind when I had asked you to stop calling me Director."

"I am aware of that, Sir."

"All the Vulcans in Alpha Prime and I have to get the one with a sense of humor," Dixon griped as he walked up the stairs toward the room he shared with Jessie.


Family Clan Short Intel Field Services Division arrived in Orlando in one large group and one small one, a very small one in fact.  Zipper had refused to walk through the doorway that connected the division headquarters to one another.  He said it felt creepy and wrong and he wouldn't do it.  Suddenly Kyle was standing beside the three and a half year old, taking him and his mother by the hand and disappearing without a word.

"I will assume that means we will see them in Orlando," Dixon mused with a shrug to Roger.  "You can go first, so you can check for yourself if you'd like."

"That isn't necessary, Dir... umm Dixon."  The family was already getting used to the glares they got from their almost 12-year-old boss if they called him director in any other circumstances besides a red alert or while on an active mission.  "I may be the new grown up on the block around here, but I already know I can trust the Clan with my life and the lives of my family as well."  There were more than a few chuckles about the terminology used to describe his status.

"I wouldn't use that phrase too much in Orlando, Roger, dear," Mamee snickered.  "The Timberlake Littrell family might take offense."  She was still giggling at his expression as she stepped through the doorway.

After reuniting the Nelson family, Dixon and his extended immediate family took their seats in the auditorium to await the arrival of the guests of honor.  They were talking amongst themselves and Dixon and his brothers and sister were getting the obligatory giggles by seeing Mamee embarrassed once again by Mr. Grayson retelling the account of their first meeting to Poppop when the announcement came that the Las Vegas crew had arrived.  Dixon was covering his snickers rather well he thought, as Cory started right teasing Brent and Lance, then the patriarch's next words nearly shocked the breath out of him.

"Another Division's Director, according to a little leach I know, just accepted a proposal from his Assistant Director."

The next thing Dixon knew, Mamee was standing beside him.  "For those of you who don't know me, my name is Amee Whatley-Wiggins, and I'm the Great-Grandmother of the Intel Field Services Division. The Director to which our Patriarch is referring, happens to be my own little Dixon and his Beau. I shall forgo the shotgun in this case since it appears that neither will be able to talk his way out of it."

From his other side, Dixon heard Jessie stammer nervously while pleading with his eyes, "But Mamee... we're not dressed to get married, we're in our uniforms."

"We are dressed for a wedding, just not our wedding," Dixon pointed out hastily.  Suddenly, Dixon, Jessie, Barbara, Jason, the Popsicle Twins, and Huey were standing next to one another, the boys all wearing tuxes that matched those of the Desert Division except with the correct Division insignia.  Dixon's mother looked radiant.  He had never seen her more beautiful in his life.  She was wearing a tea length formal gown with a high lace collar, and a corsage of pink carnations with a ribbon on them with that displayed the Clan and Division Crests.  "If I'm getting married, I want my Mom to give me away."  He said it more to her than the rest of the room, and he was barely conscious of Mamee, and the other women in his family sniffling and wiping tears.

Barbara took Dixon's arm with one hand and held baby Evander in her other arm as she walked toward the stage.  Both she and Dixon were aware of some nervous giggles coming from the Popsicle Twins before they broke into a run up the aisle of the auditorium joining up with the Knocks-Downing kids who as a group did a flying tackle pounce on Cory.  He suddenly found himself holding a scorecard in his hand, and knowing what to do, quickly wrote the number 10 on it and held it over his head as he saw the other Division Directors doing.

He laughed along with everyone else in the room as Timmy proclaimed, "With a score of 9.2, I want to congaduamatate the Desert Division Tribe on their being foundeded. I'll see you guys in da shower after, The Popsicle patrol will be joining us."

Once Barbara had escorted Dixon to stand in front and just to the left of Travis, she placed Dixon's hands into Jessie's and kissed them both on the forehead and whispered to them.  "You boys have no idea how much it means to me that you agreed to let me be here for this, much less walk you down the aisle, Dixie.  I love you both so very much, and I couldn't be any prouder if I was Dixon's natural mother."  She wiped at the tears on her face and then walked over to the side of the stage with her grandsons.

"We are gathered together today, in the sight of God and all of our family and friends to share in the joy of joining Brent and Lance, Dixon and Jessie, in marriage. The Clan stands for family. The Clan stands for what is right. The Clan exists to give those that had no rights before, the rights they earn and deserve. You four have shown time and again that you have love in your hearts. You've shown that you can tell the difference between right and wrong, and are willing to stand up to take a wrong and set it right. The four of you have already, in your hearts, committed to one who makes you better, together you are more than the sum of the parts. You have committed your lives, your love, and your very souls. I know this comes as a surprise to each of you, but, do you have something to say to your partners? Brent, we'll start with you."

Brent still looked to be in shock over the whole situation as it took a couple of moments to speak.  "Geez, um... I first met you, Lance, only a coupla weeks ago. I didn't make it easy for you but you stuck with it and we got to be friends. After we spent more time together, we became more. The other day, I realized that what I felt for you was truly love. In a way, I'm glad this happened cuz I would have been too afraid to ask you, but... I wanna be your husband more than anything."

Dixon looked into Jessie's eyes and could only agree with that sentiment.  On one hand, marrying anyone at all age 11 seemed absolutely insane, but on the other hand, as soon as he looked through both of their tears into Jessie's eyes, he knew that marrying Jessie right now was not only the right thing to do, but was what he wanted more than anything he had ever wanted in his whole life.  He knew without a doubt that there was never and would never be anyone else for him.  He couldn't bring himself to look away from Jessie to see Lance speak, but he listened to the words spoken.

"Brent, you have made me so very happy since we met. You treated me like someone. You cared. You opened your heart to me, even when you still held a part of your heart for Randy, after he died. When we adopted the boys, I wanted to ask you then, but... I was too afraid, I didn't think we were old enough. I know better now. Nothing would make me more happy than to be your husband."

Jessie spoke up as soon as Lance finished.  "Dixie, you and I have been through stuff that neither of us could have dreamed up in our worst nightmares.  For a long time, I have felt like everything bad that was happening in my life was all my fault; that I deserved it for being who and what I am and doing what I have done.  It took me realizing this morning that I really could lose you if I didn't get my head straightened out to make me face that maybe some of what I have done has been incredibly dumb and has cost me more than I ever wanted to pay, but all of it brought me to you.  Having you in my life and in my heart and in my arms has been so much greater than all of the pain and loss I have gone through.  Just like that old song that makes you cry says, you are the wind beneath my wings, and I can soar over all the bad stuff in life as long as I have you with me."

Dixon could barely make out Jessie's face as he realized it was now his turn to speak.  He frantically swiped at his face to clear away his tears, and he knew his voice was shaking as he began to talk.  "Jessie, when I met you I knew there was something about you that clicked inside me.  I wanted to spend all my time with you.  I had moved around a lot and never really had a friend at all until I met you.  You didn't look at me like the other kids at school and just see a new kid, someone to pick on and tease.  You didn't see what I saw when I looked at myself; someone that wasn't worth the trouble of getting to know.  Back then I had no clue what you saw when you looked at me, but whatever it was, I wanted to live up to it and be that person that you saw.  I never fought back against bullies or things that were just wrong until I met you.  I didn't think I mattered until I met you.  Then I found out that you liked me, really liked me.  You thought I was cute!  There you were, the hottest guy in the whole school, and you thought I was the cute one.  I have spent every moment since you first kissed me trying to be what you believe me to be, and the weird thing is, after a while, I started believing it about myself.  Everything I am, everything I have, everything I will become, it's all because you saw it in me before I did and your smile and your kisses and your... well... ummm... everything else...  wow, just wow.  I...." Dixon's voice cracked and then fell silent as more tears streamed from his face.  "I love you so much, Jessie David Blankenship, and I... I...."  His voice failed again, and this time he didn't get to talk again because Jessie was kissing him.

"If there is anyone present who feels these two couples should not be wed and can show just cause, speak now, or forever hold your peace," Travis announced loudly.

Cory stepped closer then and, in his Clan Patriarch voice, said, "Individuality is an important part of a person's life; it gives us purpose and makes us strive. We learn and grow by ourselves and in our culture but alone we easily reach the boundaries of our own humanity, the point where we cannot go any further. But when two individuals choose to join and become one then they, together, reach a turning point. That point notes not only their love for one another but a new experience, a new way of growing and developing, together they learn to be more than they were apart. The Council has recognized that these two couples before us are ready to take this next step, to become one and continue their paths together. And so, by the power that has been given to me by the Council, I now declare them Socius. May their life together be long, complete, and teach us all the value of love."

To the shock of both Dixon and Jessie, St. Mikey shimmered into form on stage at that moment and smiled at the two couples.  "Our Father has given me a Mandate. I have been sent to you to tell you that these unions have his blessings. May both couples have long and healthy lives and share the love you have for one another with everyone you meet."

Dixon gaped at Travis as he turned to an actual Saint, and said, "Always trying to steal the show, huh Mikey?" He then turned to those assembled, "By the powers vested in me by the United Federation of Planets and Family Clan Short and the State of Florida, I hereby pronounce Brently James Knocks-Downing and Lance Simon Knocks-Downing, and Dixon Daniel Wiggins and Jessie David Blankenship bound in marriage. You each may kiss your new husband... again."

The rest of the people around them and the auditorium they were in faded out of existence for Dixon and Jessie at that moment.  All there was in all the universe was each other, and the kiss they were sharing.  They finally stopped when they heard Enny ask, "Is it safe to look yet, Grammie?"  They turned to see their twins with one hand over their own eyes and each covering one eye of their baby brother.  Barbara was still weeping and wiping her eyes with her free hand.  Dixon's dad had come forward at some point to stand beside her and offer her his handkerchief.


Once everyone had made it to the reception, Dixon and Jessie were wandering around mingling and getting congratulated.  Brent and Lance walked up just as one of the Mikyvis popped into place beside them and handed Brent a small wrapped package.  Dixon took it from Brent when it was handed to him.  "It was the most appropriate gift I could think of for you.  I hope you take it in the vein it was intended."

Dixon ripped the paper off already leery of the contents and then groaned.  The gift was a CD of the single "Detachable Penis" by King Missile.  Dixon rolled his eyes and asked, "Am I ever going to live this down?" 

He jumped when every AI in the Clan spoke through all four of their communicators saying, "No."

As Brent and Lance walked away smiling, Dixon buried his face in Jessie's neck and pouted, "Everyone's a comedian."

"It is kind of funny," Jessie giggled as he hugged his husband.

Dixon and Jessie were sitting at a table trying not to look as sick as they felt after watching their six-year- old twins teach them what sucking heads of crawfish really meant when Brent and Lance's kids sang to them.  Both boys were glad for the emotional musical moments to help chase away the disturbing images of their children ingesting the brain matter of little red creatures.  They also found they weren't really very hungry after all, and pushed their plates of food aside as they listened to the songs from the Knocks-Downing family and Declan Galbraith.

((Author's Note: For more details of this scene, see TrueFan's story, FCS:LV Chapter 6.))

Dixon and Jessie were up again walking around later when they met up with Brent and Lance again. Dixon hugged them both and so did Jessie.  "You know, Dixon," Brent began, "you and Jessie should bring your family to Las Vegas sometime soon. I think there are a lot of things our two divisions can do together that would complement each other."

Dixon looked at his new husband and then back at the other couple, "Only if you guys bring your brood to visit us too!"

A little later, after some people had started to leave already, there was a small shy voice from the stage.

"Pardonne-moi."  Jessie and Dixon looked up to see their brain sucking boys up on stage, now out of their green tuxedos and in matching denim bib overalls and obviously nothing else given the amount of skin showing through the sides of their outfits which were completely unbuttoned.  Emile was speaking into the microphone as Etienne stood beside him holding his hand.  "Dem other boys dey sing to dey Papas, so me and Enny we gonna did dat too.  We wants to sung something from all de Cajun weddings, but we want to splain why we pick dis song."

Etienne stepped closer to the mic then and spoke a little shyly, but still as clearly as they could with their accents.  "Dis song called The Cajun Wedding Song, and it sposeta been from de groom to de bride, but me and Emmy we tink bout dese words and dey kinda fit for us to sing to our Papa and Daddy, too."

"Papa and Daddy, dey save our life de very first time dey meet us in Loozanne when dey help us get out de window when our grand-père, he burns down Tante René house wid all us in it.  Den when we don't got nowhere to go and nobody to took care of us, dey dopt us and be our Papa and Daddy forever," Emile continued.

"Dis song about how de groom he gonna did everything he can for his love, and Daddy and Papa, dey already do dat for us, so dis our way of saying we gonna did dat back for dem," Etienne explained.  As he finished speaking, Auntie René stepped out onto the stage and began playing the accordion as the Popsicle Twins began to sing.

Une grosse maison dessus la bute, moi j'en ai pasUne grosse maison dessus la bute, moi j'en ai pas ("A big house on a hill, I do not have")
Et j'apporte pas une tas d'argent dedans mes pochesEt j'apporte pas une tas d'argent dedans mes poches ("And I do not bring a pile of gold in my pockets")
Un gros coeur, qui fait mais jamais froidUn gros coeur, qui fait mais jamais froid ("A big heart, that is never cold")
Y'a pas un tas moi j'peux t'offerY'a pas un tas moi j'peux t'offer ("There's not a lot I can offer")
Mais j'te promet que j'sus tout pour toiMais j'te promet que j'sus tout pour toi ("""""But I promise you that I will do everything for you""""")


Dixon and Jessie both wiped tears of love and pride from their eyes as their shy little twins performed in public for the first time, to let their Dads know how much they were loved on this special day.

Tout pour toi, pour la balance de ma vieTout pour toi, pour la balance de ma vie (""All for you, for the balance of my life"")
En travers le bon temps et la maladieEn travers le bon temps et la maladie (""Through good times and sickness"")
J'vas montrer à tout l'PaysJ'vas montrer à tout l'Pays (""I will show the whole country"")
Avec cette bague j'mets 'sus ton doigtAvec cette bague j'mets 'sus ton doigt ("""With this ring I put on your finger""")
Y'a pas un tas moi j'peux t'offerY'a pas un tas moi j'peux t'offer ("There's not a lot I can offer")
Mais j'te promet que j'sus tout pour toiMais j'te promet que j'sus tout pour toi ("""""But I promise you that I will do everything for you""""")

As the boys sang the words about the ring, they walked off the stage and approached Dixon and Jessie and each held out a hand that presented a wedding ring for their dads to give to each other.  Dixon looked down at the ring in his son's little fingers.  It was a simple band, but it wasn't gold or silver in color; it was a swirl of rainbow pride colors and he had never seen a more beautiful and perfect piece of jewelry.  His hand shook a little as he took the ring and then slid it onto Jessie's finger after having Jessie place his own ring on his left hand.  The Popsicle Twins stayed next to their dads and the four of them formed a circle as they all held hands while Emile and Etienne started singing again.

Mon amitié j'vas t'la donner é-tout ma vie Mon amitié j'vas t'la donner é-tout ma vie ("My friendship I will give it to you - all my life")
Et tu peux croire tout les paroles que moi je t'ai ditEt tu peux croire tout les paroles que moi je t'ai dit ("And you can believe all the words that I told you")
Mon amour, j'vas la donner à personne d'autreMon amour, j'vas la donner à personne d'autre ("My love, I'll give it to no one else")
Y'a pas un tas moi j'peux t'offerY'a pas un tas moi j'peux t'offer ("There's not a lot I can offer")
Mais j'te promet que j'sus tout pour toiMais j'te promet que j'sus tout pour toi ("""""But I promise you that I will do everything for you""""")

The twins let go of their dads and walked over to Barbara who was holding little Evander, and their Gramps who was sitting beside her and motioned with their hands for their grandparents to come join the little family circle as they repeated the chorus of the song.

Tout pour toi, pour la balance de ma vieTout pour toi, pour la balance de ma vie (""All for you, for the balance of my life"")
En travers le bon temps et la maladieEn travers le bon temps et la maladie (""Through good times and sickness"")
J'vas montrer à tout l'PaysJ'vas montrer à tout l'Pays (""I will show the whole country"")
Avec cette bague j'mets 'sus ton doigtAvec cette bague j'mets 'sus ton doigt ("""With this ring I put on your finger""")
Y'a pas un tas moi j'peux t'offerY'a pas un tas moi j'peux t'offer ("There's not a lot I can offer")
Mais j'te promet que j'sus tout pour toiMais j'te promet que j'sus tout pour toi ("""""But I promise you that I will do everything for you""""")

Barbara had to trade the baby off to D. K. in exchange for his other handkerchief because she was crying again as the twins finished up the song for their dads.

J'vas montrer à tout l'paysJ'vas montrer à tout l'pays ("I'll show the whole country")
Avec cette bague j'mets 'sus ton doigtAvec cette bague j'mets 'sus ton doigt ("""With this ring I put on your finger""")
Y'a pas un tas moi j'peux t'offerY'a pas un tas moi j'peux t'offer ("There's not a lot I can offer")
Mais j'te promet que j'sus tout pour toiMais j'te promet que j'sus tout pour toi ("""""But I promise you that I will do everything for you""""")
Y'a pas un tas j'vas te demander d'autreY'a pas un tas j'vas te demander d'autre ("There's not a lot I'll ask you for more")
Pis c'est tout pour moiPis c'est tout pour moi (" And that's it for me")

© 1992, J. Hebert, Le Band Passe Partout

Dixon scooped up his twins and hugged them tight as Jessie wrapped his arms around the three of them together.  "Yes, boys we will do everything we can for you, and always will.  That's what people who love you like to do for you."

"So where are you boys going to go on your honeymoon?" D.K. asked with a smile as he came over and kissed all four boys on their foreheads.

"You gotsta go Arkiesaw," Zipper announced as he came over to them with a cookie in one hand and a praline in the other and chocolate cake smudges all around his mouth.  "You need to fix it so Grandpa's not alone."

"My Dad isn't alone, son," Roger told him as he struggled to clean the three and a half year old while the kid was shoveling the chocolate cookie and the praline in his mouth at the same time.

"Not Granddaddy, Grandpa," Zipper corrected.  "OOOOOOOO choccie and praline is good together, I gotta go told Auntie René 'bout dis."

"Is it my imagination or is my son sounding more and more like your two?" Roger asked Jessie as they watched Zipper and the Popsicle twins make a beeline for Auntie René.


"He is officially Popsicle Patrol, now that you are officially Intel Field Services," Dixon shrugged.  "Any idea what he's talking about though?"

"No idea at all," Roger admitted.  "My wife never had a father.  I mean biologically there is one out there somewhere, but her moms are a lesbian couple that went to a sperm bank."

"There is something really curious about your son, Roger," Dixon mumbled.  "I don't mean that in a bad way, at all.  He's an adorable boy and we all love him, but there's something going on with him.  Kyle seems to be really interested in him as well, and there's no telling what that means.  I'm sure we'll figure out his little twists in time."