Clan Short Pacific Rim Division

Chapter 17

Oneula Beach, Townhouse #2

Monday, November 8, 2004, 7:00AM HTZ

The incessant, annoying tone of Troy's alarm clock disturbed his pornographic dream, co-staring Sean. It was just getting to the best part too, with his toes in the air and Sean hovering over him. Groaning and reaching around the headboard to turn the thing off, or break it into a million pieces, Troy realized that there were warm bodies on both sides of him. He forced his eyes to open, turned the damned alarm off, and looked around his new master bedroom's spacious king-sized bed. 

Before Troy lay his king-sized Tiger. Beyond Sean was Jimmy and then Jason. Turning slightly to see which sons were behind him, Troy discovered Billy and Scott. Although all six of them on the bed had a sheet covering their lower halves, Troy helplessly smiled at the way the bed was divided; all three with uncut dicks on the side nearest the door, and all three with circumcised dicks on the other half of the bed. The boys had to have specifically chosen this, Troy grinned knowingly.

Sean stirred and reached to pull Troy over and on top of him. Before being kissed deeply, Troy managed to say, "Good mornin', Ti-", but groaned and chuckled the '-ger' into Sean's open mouth. As usual, Sean immediately got busy, grinding his hips up against Troy's morning wood. It felt so fine and necessary that Troy allowed three good pumps before negatively humming. Sean's eyes popped open and Troy watched them darting around. Four waking boys giggled at their fathers' morning routine. Evilly snickering, Troy backed off of Sean's lips.

Looking left and right, Sean grinned, "What're you guys doin' in here?"

Billy shrugged, "Jimmy woke to pee, and the rest of us heard the toilet flush. It's a new place, ya know, so we all woke and looked around. You looked so awesome to all four of us, we decided we could easily fit and join the picture."

Worried that it wasn't such a great idea, another bad move made with the best of intentions, Jason meekly asked, "I hope you don't mind?"

Smirking disbelievingly to his left and to his right, Troy playfully prompted, "Come over here. It's pile-up on dad time!"

Giggling, all four sons tossed the sheet aside and crawled onto their dad and pop. "NO-OO-HO!" Sean loudly laughed.

"Oh yes," Troy chuckled. He rested his head down close to Sean's ear, whispering, "You were so awesome last night, Tiger. I loved every moment, both times." He planted a wet kiss on Sean's neck while giggling sons created a lopsided pyramid of bodies, with the two youngest and smallest on top.

A little uncomfortable from the extra weight on top of him, Sean breathlessly panted, "I really love you guys."

Troy checked with his eldest son, "What's your job today, Billy?"

"Be a big brother," Billy warmly smiled. "I'll try and keep the other kids occupied. I was wondering though, how can I do stuff that the older kids, and especially the girls, might want to do."

Sean reminded, "We showed you guys around, but very quickly. Go exploring and take some kids with you, Billy. What's in the rec room on this base? Is it the same as at Ewa Beach? How about the rec center here; is it the same as Ewa Beach, or is there something one has that the other doesn't?"

"The kids at Ewa Beach have only ever seen that base," Troy reminded. "Even if only kids your age and younger join you, that's more than half of the newbie kids here at Oneula. I'd think there would be another twenty or so at Ewa Beach in the same age bracket. Expect to lose a couple of kids here and there, as they get interested in stuff you find."

Sean instructed, "If you find something you've never seen before, maybe Alden could help you figure it out."

Disbelievingly, Scott squealed, "Billy's gonna play leader today?"

"Billy's the oldest Core Rimmer son," Troy reminded. "All you guys can help your big bro, too. Don't forget to let the other Rimmer sons know what you're scheming. AJ's, Jerry's, Kaleo's and Tory's boys would be into exploring." Troy grinned, "That's a dozen boys, ranging from five- to eleven-years-old. You each get to talk to other kids your age to have them join the search party."

Sean teased, "This is sounding like way too much fun. No school for me, Lover." Suspiciously, Troy squinted down at Sean. All four of their sons giggled. Starting with Billy, the boys stole kisses from their fathers and rolled out of bed, inspired with purposes. The older pair went to the hallway bathroom and the younger pair went into the master bathroom. Once alone with Troy, and hearing a toilet flush and tub water flowing, Sean brightly beamed, "You really liked it that much?"

Troy smiled, "Enough to say we need to keep track of which is top and bottom how often. I want my fair share of lovin' like that." He then asked, "Do you still have trouble believing that I'll never leave you?" 

Sean shyly shrugged, "I'm scared, Lover. I wasn't near as scared in California as I am about keeping everything between us kewl. There's nothing logical about how scared I am; it's like a boogyman from the past messing with me."

"Never ever, Tiger," Troy promised. "I'm hooked on you, like an addiction I don't want to ever break. On top of being perfect for me, you're becoming one hell of a good father too. Everything's always a gamble with relationships, but we spent time getting to know each other, and we keep making time, like this right now, to make sure everything is kewl. It's paying off."

"I'm following your lead," Sean grinned. "You told Billy that he needed encouragement. So I follow your boosts with more of the same."

Troy reminded, "This time. Another time, you were teaching me to speak dog. Before that, you showed me the best ways to make love. All that stuff I learned was from you." After grabbing a tender kiss, Troy prompted, "Com'on, Tiger. We've got about twenty minutes to have a little fun in the shower." He rolled off the bed with Sean following him into the master bathroom. 

Two giggling boys in the tub didn't seem to pay their clearly excited fathers any mind. Sean and Troy went to stand before the toilet. Still, neither Jimmy nor Scott said a word; they only went on bathing each other and enjoying accidental tickles. Soon after they started leaking, Troy turned questioning eyes to lock with Sean's eyes.

Noticing Troy's curious expression, Sean whispered, "What?"

Troy quietly queried, "Nothing said, about either of us?"

Sean smiled then clearly shared, "Five- and six-year-old gay boys prefer dicks their own size. These two know dicks of all ages, shapes and sizes to make that choice. Right guys?"

"Right!" Jimmy and Scott loudly giggled.

"Pop's butt jiggles more than dad's though," Jimmy quickly cackled. Widely smiling but slouching slightly, Troy huffed. Sean evilly snickered.

Trying to dunk his slightly younger brother, Scott giggled, "I told you not to say that!"

"It's true!" Jimmy squealed.

Sean sniggered, "What do you guys think; should I marry pop this week or next?"

"This week!" Jimmy and Scott cheered.

"We get rings first," Troy chuckled. "Prez and the other guys are still waiting on their rings."

Sean grinned, "Are rings that important?"

"For a marriage they are, to me anyway," Troy leered. "You need visible proof of who you belong to. Then you'll have a constant reminder that we're really forever."

Mooing erupted from Sean, Scott and Jimmy. Giggling his butt off, Troy finished at the bowl and rapidly retreated into the shower. It was a nice sized shower, definitely built for only two; there was no way a group of six teens could fit, like at the single family homes. Turning on the water and hopping back from the first cold blast, Troy had a momentary vision of a brood of a dozen sons. As frightening as it was, Troy acknowledged that it would probably make the entire family happy.

Sean entered the shower and slid the door closed. He skated directly against Troy, whispering, "It seems you're walking a little funny this morning. How do you feel, Lover?"

"I know that I got a lot, twice," Troy softly sniggered.

Leaning against the nearest wall, Sean stuck his butt out, smiling over his shoulder, "Take a turn?"

Feeling a sudden sexual rush race through him, Troy balked, "What about the boys in the tub?"

"That's what they expect," Sean quietly shared. "Us not making love would become more of a problem for them. These two will tell the other two, yeah, dad and pop are kewl."

Taking a step closer to caress Sean's back, Troy whispered, "So they know we won't mess with them?"

"Only partly," Sean softly answered. "What I heard them imply was that their old folks used to get off on them, and rarely each other. Us purposefully getting caught once in a while tells them we're in love, which is most of what they care about. Since we haven't missed a morning since day one, let's continue as we were. It won't freak them out at all. Us not making love would freak them out much more."

Beginning a forceful grind against Sean's butt cheeks, Troy sighed, "That's so damn annoying. Give me a minute to chill, Tiger. I'll be good to go, once I release some aggravation here."

Pushing his butt back against Troy's cock, Sean giggled, "Wear it off in me, Lover. I understand completely, and I have to admit, the way you feel is getting me hotter."

Troy took hold of his erection, aiming for Sean's crack, but paused when Jimmy and Scott loudly laughed, "You're so bad, daddy!" Troy slumped slightly, but Sean howled laughing.

Sadly shaking his head yet widely smiling, Troy loudly joked, "Daddy is very good at being the baddest boy around. Since I love him for it, I guess that makes me just as bad." Jimmy and Scott cracked up again, driving Sean into hysterics. From inside the shower, Sean and Troy heard their two youngest boys race out of the bathroom, presumably to tell their older brothers what was going on.

Meanwhile, in the hallway bathroom tub, Jason talked with his big brother Billy. "I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Leo's not into having a boyfriend yet. Dee told me I was trying too hard. All I'm trying to be is nice."

Listening to his younger brother, who had always been on the same page of the same book as he, Billy silently mulled over the situation for a few moments. "Jase, maybe it's not you, bro," Billy uncertainly offered. "Maybe it's them. I mean, two people have to want the same thing. Are you acting differently with Dee and Leo?"

"I don't think so," Jason murmured. The two boys swapped places in the tub, so Jason could rinse shampoo from his hair. With his head back and his eyes closed, Jason giggled, "Maybe you're right, it's just me, because Dee and Leo are blonds. They're especially cute to me, so that might be part of it."

Nodding understandingly, Billy offered, "How about if you treat other guys the same as them? It might take a while, maybe a few days, but you can start today, by helping me explore the bases with the other kids."

"Leo and Dee will be at school," Jason sighed.

"Even better then," Billy grinned. "You can get to know other guys, and when Dee and Leo see you making other friends, treating those guys the same as you acted around them, they might realize you really weren't changing anything. Besides, liking blonds limits your options. You're missing out on all the guys with brown and red hair, who you might actually like more than a blond."

Nodding agreement, Jason changed the subject, asking, "What about you, bro? Have you got anyone special you like?"

Billy giggled, "There isn't anyone like that yet. All these guys are very kewl. I showered with Corey Seaver yesterday, while you and Drew were with Leo. There's a really cute guy, who's my age, a little taller than me, and he's already got a patch of pubes over his dick. I was really nervous, at first. Corey's married to Drew, ya know? Showering with him was just like showering with you. It was kewl. He's a brother and a leader, so he told me that kind of stuff, like the plans they had for yesterday, with the new orphanage kids."

Jason asked, "He never touched you?"

"Sure he did," Billy giggled. "He washed my hair, and I washed his. We had stiffies, but he never touched mine, and I didn't touch his. The only other part of me he touched was my back, the areas I can't reach. He did it so I would do the same for him. I think that's part of the deal around here, Jase; treat the guys like you'd want to be treated."

"I am!" Jason excitedly squealed.

Billy nodded and smiled, "I know. Which is why I think you should just be you today, exploring the bases with other guys. I figure either you'll find other kids that you like, as much or more than Leo and Dee, or those two will see that you're really that friendly with everyone."

"That'll work," Jason warmly smiled.

Still dripping wet, Jimmy and Scott raced into the hallway bathroom. Scott giggled, "Daddy was bein' goofy in the shower. Him and pop are gettin' messy!"

Jason cracked up. Billy sniggered, "Thanks for that news update guys. Judging by the way they woke, I figured they would."

"This is so awesome!" Jimmy squealed. "They love each other all the time, and still find ways to love us too. How can they do that?"

Billy giggled, "We'll know the answer to that when we have boyfriends, and decide we want kids."

Jimmy and Scott hollered, "Drats!"

"That'll take too long," Scott grumbled.

"Ask dad and pop then, cos we don't know the answer," Jason grinned.

Jimmy giggled, "Let's go!"

Scott told Jimmy, "Later, when they're done gruntin' and groanin'."

Nodding, "Kewl," Jimmy spun around and led Scott out of the bathroom. They went to their room to get dressed.

Pointing at Billy's bone, Jason giggled, "Down, boy."

Billy grinned and huffed, "Someday, bro, we're gonna have someone and be like dad and pop."

"Soon, I hope," Jason smiled.

In the townhomes on either side of Sean's and Troy's, AJ and Jerry, and Kaleo and Tory were only slightly less involved. Those two sets of Core Rimmer sons weren't sexually abused and far less knowledgeable. The pairs of fathers were still teenage boys in love, and had to show it before moving forward with their morning routines. The Hunnicutt brothers couldn't help hearing AJ and Jerry in bed, even though the two newest Core Rimmers tried their best to keep the noise down. Kaleo and Tory had all five of their sons with them all night, so they went for a slippery, soapy grind in the shower. Eight boys in two townhomes heard enough to know their dads were getting busy and went into giggling fits.

Ewa Beach, Townhouse #3

Monday, November 8, 2004, 7:00AM

Waking to the sounds of rock music from Drew's clock radio, Geoff and Lenny saw Leo laying between their daddy and poppa. The latter three started to wake, allowing Geoff and Lenny to climb over and cuddle with them. Locking eyes with Leo, Lenny asked, "No bad dreams, bro?"

"Not one," Leo smiled, "I had all of you dudes keeping me safe."

Carefully and softly, Drew asked, "How do you feel, ya know, since me and pop finished in the shower?"

Leo thought only a moment, then brightly smiled, "Now I know more of what being in love means. I know that won't happen again, unless I ask about the next steps." Glancing at Corey and Drew, Leo beamed, "It was very kewl. Thank you, both."

After planting a kiss on Leo's forehead, Corey giggled, "You're very welcome. Now you know what Geoff and Lenny know; you can talk to me and dad about anything and everything." In the middle of Corey's statement, Geoff's belly loudly growled, causing all five to break into giggles.

Pulling Geoff closer, Drew planted a kiss on his youngest son's cheek, and then sniggered, "Let's get Geoff fed, before that Sehlat belly devours us all." Still giggling, Geoff and Lenny rolled off the top of the pile. Rolling to the same side of the bed as the two youngest boys, Drew confirmed, "Geoff and Lenny, you know the deal?"

Enthusiastically, Lenny nodded, "It's time to shower with Leo."

Wide-eyed, Leo gasped. Looking at his dad, pop, and both brothers, Leo balked, "Would that really be kewl?"

"Of course," Corey giggled. "You're brothers, and you all know what's kewl and what's not."

Running around the bed, Geoff reached for Leo's hand, sharing, "Come on, bro. We know all about dicks, and how to only clean them."

"We know you're older," Lenny giggled, and took Leo's other hand. "If you get a goofy look on your face, we'll stop whatever."

Encouraging his eldest son, Drew smiled, "You haven't had a shower until you've knelt down and had these two shampoo your hair."

"Omigod!" Corey cheered, "I almost fell asleep, it was so relaxing."

Pulling a reluctant Leo out of the room to the hallway bathroom, Lenny explained, "Dad and pop says there's plenty of good ways to show love. We won't touch your dick at all, if you don't want us to." All Leo could think of was how quickly he had his first orgasms ever. He couldn't allow either brother to take the chance. Letting go of Leo and climbing into the tub, Lenny giggled, "Daddy and poppa need two showers a day, just to play or make whoopee. They vanish during the day too sometimes." He leaned over to turn on the water.

Pushing Leo toward the tub, Geoff giggled, "Daddy and poppa really love each other, all'a time. Watch 'em talk, bro. That's not what me and Lenny saw before joining the Clan. They just wanted to play with our willies and make 'em stiff. Now we all got stiffies, but it's from real love." Geoff followed Leo into the tub and slid the door closed.

"Family love," Lenny told Leo, and then turned the shower on. Shaking water off his face as he turned around, Lenny gestured to the tub floor, explaining, "You're too tall, bro. I might barely reach your hair, and Geoff don't have a chance." Reaching both arms up and demonstrating, Geoff could only reach the tops of Leo's ears. Leo knelt down with the shower spray at his back, and with Lenny and Geoff side-by-side before him. Leaning back a little bit, Leo got his hair wet.

Picking up the bottle of shampoo, Geoff added, "While we shampoo your hair, you can wash us. Then you stand to shampoo us, and we wash you." Pouring a little shampoo onto a cupped palm, Geoff passed the bottle to Lenny.

Nervously, Leo nodded and softly begged, "Don't touch my dick, bros. If I'm making a goofy face, it's prob'ly already too late." The two little dudes giggled and nodded. He picked up a bar of soap and started carefully washing Geoff.

Beginning to wash Leo's hair, Geoff and Lenny giggled. "We know all about older dudes," Lenny reminded.

Leo smirked, "I know you do; some way too old."

Lenny shared, "Fiddlin' with our willies feels good to us, but we don't ever get the shakes, like boys a little older than us, like John and maybe you. Then there's a little older than you, like poppa and daddy. They're startin' to make messes, like teens and men."

Geoff nodded, "Our friend Timmy calls it spermies. It'll happen to all of us someday."

Leo asked, "You know that I didn't know any of that stuff until Saturday?"

"We didn't know, but we figured," Lenny answered.

"You had a nice mommy and daddy," Geoff added.

Thoughts of what his two little brothers had been through caused Leo's jaw to tighten. Fearing the two boys would see his anger, Leo couldn't even look at the faces on either side of him. Clearly, as if his real parents were just beyond the shower door, Leo heard them chorusing "Love conquers all. Show them." Leo pulled both brothers up against him and gave each a kiss.

"We're not done yet!" Geoff giggled.

Lenny smiled, kissed Leo back, and then told Geoff, "Leo's gettin' like daddy and poppa. He's wantin' to do stuff about bad grown-ups."

Leo sighed, "Most of all, I want to be your big brother. I want to somehow make everything perfect for both of you."

"You are!" Geoff giggled. "You're not playing with our dicks. You don't want us to even wash yours."

Wiping away some shampoo bubbles before they dripped into Leo's eyes, Lenny nodded, "That says it all, bro." He then quickly added, "You've got real nice hair; long, blond, like poppa's, but yours is a little wavy."

Leo asked his brothers, "We even look like brothers and a family, don't you think?" Lenny and Geoff agreed.

"Okay, ready to rinse," Lenny instructed. Geoff carefully moved aside, so Leo could stand and get under the water.

With his head back, eyes closed and his hands running through his hair, Leo smiled, "That felt awesome! I'm gonna get used to this, real quick."

"Every day, morning or night or both," Lenny giggled.

Geoff smiled, "This way us little guys show you big guys you're important to us."

"Daddy says us kids under ten out number both tweens and teens combined," Lenny cheekily grinned. Looking down at his brothers' Cheshire cat smiles, Leo cracked up. Quickly, Geoff and Lenny grabbed the two bars of soap and started washing Leo. "This is the way we prove we run the show around here," Lenny mischievously cackled. Beginning to flinch and jump, Leo's giggling turned into loud laughter as two pairs of hands went to work, seemingly finding tickle spots at hitherto unknown places. Firmly cradling his head with both arms, so he wouldn't knock either brother over, Leo roared laughing loud enough to be heard in the master bathroom shower, where Corey and Drew were bathing.

Rinsing his hair, Corey giggled, "Serious and worried Leo just flew out the window."

Nodding, Drew chortled, "Pouncing lessons have begun. I'm proud of all three of them; Leo for trying his best, after having the rug pulled out from under him, and Geoff and Lenny for doing what's natural and easy, including Leo in their lives."

"Instead of two sitting in the tub, they're standing in it, bathing with their new big brother," Corey smiled.

"It sounds like they're having the time of their lives," Drew softly said, and then leaned over to lap some water dripping down Corey's arm. Squirting the water back out of his mouth at Corey's tiny nipples, Drew grinned, "You're marked as mine now."

"I've been marked as yours for a week!" Corey loudly cackled. "Now you get marked as mine!" Drew mooed through his giggles. Picking up the soap, Corey instructed, "Turn around, stud." 

Doing as he was told, Drew leaned against the wall and wiggled his butt for his hubby. Looking over his shoulder, Drew giggled, "Mark me, angel."

Soaping his lover's ass, Corey playfully sang, "This is the way we wash our buns, wash our buns, wash our buns..." Drew cracked up, until Corey slid a hand between his butt cheeks. The other hand slid in and Drew moaned as fingers brushed his sphincter. Kneeling down, Corey let his soapy hands run down Drew's legs. Once he was settled with a luscious meal before him, Corey reached his right hand between Drew's legs to stroke away while he nibbled and periodically fingered his hubby's bung hole.

Drew began whimpering and Corey giggled, knowing that Drew would likely want to have even more fun. To make that moment happen faster, Corey released Drew's bone, spread his cheeks and stuck his face in the crack. Gasping and squealing with every flick of Corey's tongue, Drew intermittently begged, "Now, Cor. Please, angel?"

On the fourth such request, Corey stood and got behind his husband. Drew made it clear that he was done waiting by backing up against Corey's bone. Leaning onto Drew, holding on tightly and thrusting away, Corey softly groaned his never-ending devotion and love. Reaching climaxes one after the other in only a few minutes, Corey dizzily picked up the soap to rewash his hubby's butt. 

Relieved and satisfied, Drew happily raved, "You're the best of everything, Corey Seaver. My best friend and the most awesome lover I could've ever hoped for." Becoming coherent again, Corey giggled, but Drew rambled on, "Think of us in about three or four years, when you're taller than me. If it's this awesome now, when we're fifteen or sixteen, sex is gonna be incredible."

Corey giggled, "Until then..."

"We practice," both boys cheered.

In the townhouse next door, unit number two, Mike's and Derrick's family weren't as organized or motivated. Soon after their seven o'clock alarm chirped, Derrick and Mike made love on their bed. In the two bedrooms down the hall, Jonah and Gage shared a room with Reyes, and Dillon and Randy shared the other room. While his brothers slept in, Reyes heard the alarm from the master bedroom and woke. Sliding his legs off the edge of his bed, Reyes sat up and stretched. Simply doing that little task, Reyes mind raced with memories of the nest, the overcrowded orphanage mattresses, and the beds he had slept in decades earlier. Blankly watching Jonah sleep for a few moments, Reyes grinned and silently thought, this is right, the way it always should've been. Wrapped up by Gage's arm, Jonah blissfully slept mostly on his boyfriend. Reyes stood and went to the hallway bathroom to relieve his bursting bladder. He didn't even close the door, but went directly the toilet.

Over the ceiling speaker and in his new teenage voice, Alden said, "Good morning, Reyes."

"Good mornin', Alden."

Alden said, "Reyes, I'd like to introduce you to my newest brother, Remi, from the Gulf Coast Division in Louisianna."

A new boy's voice, with a very obvious southern accent said, "G'mornin', Reyes."

Reyes giggled, "You waited until I was at the bowl, trying to leak, to introduce me?" Remi evilly snickered.

"All you Core Rimmers were busy Saturday and yesterday," Alden cackled.

Jack sniggered, "And Remi had his own very new division keeping him occupied."

Reyes chuckled, "Like I'm going to believe that." All seven AI voices giggled and laughed from the speaker.

Falling right back into the pattern that had become constant since Saturday, Alden giggled, "Did you know that you're in a very elite group of boys that rarely talks to his dick?"

Still waiting for the flood gates to open, Reyes smiled, "I'm glad to hear it."

"Is there a reason why?"

"Not really," Reyes grinned. "I have on occasion, just not recently. Why should I talk to what can't talk back, when I've got you to fill my morning quota of dick talk?"

"Hey now, we're a team!" Kerry giggled.

Stevie admitted, "You're already like what we hope to be, Reyes; AI boys walking around in the buff, not caring who sees what in whichever state. So, when do you talk to your dick?"

Reyes sniggered, "There was this one time, I was in a public restroom at a mall. My dad called for me to hurry, and I was almost done anyway, so I rushed. The next thing I know, I'm doubled over and cussing up a storm because I zipped up right over and onto my dick, pinching a little skin."

"Does that hurt?" George innocently asked... a little too innocently.

Alden laughed, "With all the various skinned knees and other minor injuries we've seen, and how the kids reacted, what do you think?"

"I'll take his word for it," Icarus giggled. "Note to future self, no rushing or hurrying with metal objects anywhere near my pecker."

"Note to self; make sure Icky's zippers are all plastic!" Kerry giggled.

Leaking at last, Reyes giggled, "Don't you guys have other stuff to do?"

"All done," Alden cheered. "Foods for all the kitchens are stocked. Even the basement store is restocked, ready for another hundred kids. Our VIs are handling other stuff, but right now, I'm only talking to you and Fred Eckhart, and my brothers, of course."

Reyes wondered, "What's Fred doing awake so early?"

"Chauncey woke early to walk Rikko," Kerry answered.

George added, "Leaving Fred alone and available to chat."

Alden asked, "Have you seen Fred naked yet, Reyes?"

"Nope, I haven't."

"He's cute!" The seven AIs sang, leading to a brief interruption of arguing brothers, laying claims to the android boy.

Done leaking, Reyes flushed the toilet. He crossed the room and went into the tub. Soon after the shower started and Reyes was wet, he picked up the soap, telling the AIs, "Not one of you has mentioned his dick."

Alden moaned, "It's real nice too; not too long, not too fat, just perfect; Alden sized." The other six AIs laughed and goofed on their brother.

Reyes smiled, "The point is, it wasn't his dick that attracted you first, was it?"

"He's an android," George firmly reminded.

"With wide shoulders," Icarus purred.

Kerry giggled, "And a real cute butt."

Stevie cheered, "And he treats Chauncey like a real brother."

"Without Fred, I think Chauncey would be in a really bad way, missing his parents and all," Alden shared.

Jack said, "From what I've gathered, hearing Fred and Chauncey talking, they shared a bedroom about as big as their dorm room. For Chauncey, as much as things changed, they stayed the same too, with Fred and Rikko around."

Reyes teased, "Maybe I'll spend some extra time with Fred today." Overlapping AI complaints and warnings poured down out of the speaker. Reyes cracked up.

In the next townhouse over, Prez and Keith were in the shower. Stroking Keith's soapy erection, Prez giggled, "Today, Keith."

Shaking his wet head and splashing Prez with water, Keith giggled, "Tomorrow, sex-machine."

Dramatically frowning, Prez whined, "By tomorrow I'll be climbing all over you at school. Take me now!"

"You need to heal a little more before I grab your hips and pump away."

Prez pouted and rambled, "In today's music class, our two head Rimmers were teaching rhythm. The next thing we know, they're on the floor, ripping clothes off each other. We learned three-four time, four-four time, and twelve-eight time in only five minutes."

"You're exaggerating," Keith sniggered.

"You're forcing me to do a lot more than exaggerate," Prez leered, and then turned around. Stepping back so his buns were flush against Keith's hips, Prez slid around, proving he was sufficiently healed and as ready as ever.

Groaning as self-control slipped away, Keith then firmly instructed, "You tell me if anything hurts."

Nodding, Prez promised, "It won't hurt. Going another day without would hurt both of us way more."

Reaching down, Keith made the minor adjustment so he could enter his husband. Both softly moaned.

In the bedroom normally shared with Dee, Sammy woke with Ben in his bed. The thrills of having his first boyfriend cuddled up to him raced through Sammy's mind and pushed him into gleeful giggles. Hours earlier, Sammy had had his first sexual experiences by Ben's hand. Naturally, Sammy returned the favor. Now, Sammy woke his boyfriend with gentle cheek kisses. Seeing Ben's eyelids flutter and his mouth form a smile, Sammy landed the first of many tender kisses on the mouth. By watching his dad, pop, and Uncles Corey, Drew, John and Stephen, Sammy had learned well the skills of expert kissing.

Ben woke to the hottest kisses he'd ever received. How such a good kisser was becoming a better kisser, Ben had no clue. He guided Sammy on top of him and held him firmly in place. 

Awake from the sounds of alarm clocks, shower water running, and his daddy and poppa makin' whoopie, Richie bounded out of bed. Needing to pee, he hurried for the hallway bathroom. Hearing his younger brother, Dee stretched and sat up in bed. He also needed to use the toilet, but not as seriously as Richie. Getting out of bed and walking out of the room, he peaked into the other bedroom that he normally shared with Sammy. Seeing his brother on top of Ben, Dee giggled, "Yeah, I might've stayed in that room. If I did, would you two still be doing this?"

Ben and Sammy hummed affirmatively into their kiss. "Great!" Dee giggled, "Just what every guy needs to see in the morning, his brother makin' out with his boyfriend." Ben and Sammy broke their kiss. With mischievous sparkles in their eyes, they agreed to teach Dee a lesson. Sammy rolled off Ben and out of bed, with Ben following him after Dee. Loudly laughing, Dee took the easiest escape route, downstairs and into the first floor half-bath. He closed the door and locked it, just in time.

From upstairs, Richie heard Dee cackling, "Three days in a row, you're stiff as steel, Sammy. Show Ben how long it takes for you to pee that way!" 

Sammy blushed and giggled, "Now you're gonna get it, bro!" Ben howled laughing. 

Heading into the master bedroom and bathroom, Richie didn't even pause to say good morning to his dad or pop, but went directly for the tub and turned the water on.

Realizing they weren't alone, Keith and Prez paused. Dropping his face onto Prez's shoulder, Keith softly sniggered, "Has to be Richie."

Nodding, Prez puffed, "Finish us off, T'hy'la." Doing as he was told, Keith started pumping away again.

Next door, Reyes finished his shower and slid the door open. The shower sounds woke Dillon and Randy. They hurried into the bathroom to relieve themselves and greeted their mostly wet big brother. Reyes moved over to the sink to brush his teeth. Moments later, Reyes had a little brother on either side, reaching their hands into the sink, chattering about how hungry and thirsty they were. Without drying their hands, both little guys raced downstairs.

Waking up to various sounds from the hallway bathroom, Jonah carefully told Gage, "I really wanna do what my dad and pop are with you."

Gage smiled, "I want it too, and you know we will, just not as some kind of pay back. When we do stuff, it's gonna be so awesome that you'll completely forget the stuff at the orphanage. Each new thing we do will wipe out hundreds of other bad times you had."

Purposefully, Reyes extended the time he took brushing his teeth, believing that running water would mask the sounds his dad and pop were making in the bedroom. When there was quiet at last, he spit, rinsed and turned the water faucet off. Returning to his room, he said good morning to Jonah and Gage, then began dressing.

Since their private conversation was on hold, Jonah suggested they get glasses of juice from the kitchen. They rolled out of bed and went downstairs without even looking in Dillon's and Randy's room. Reyes couldn't help noticing both boys had major morning wood. Since they obviously didn't care, Reyes said nothing about it, choosing not to embarrass either of them.

Downstairs, Gage heard Dillon and Randy rummaging around the kitchen and paused before taking the last step into the living room. Only giggling, Gage pointed at his own and Jonah's boners. Jonah grinned and shrugged then lead his boyfriend to the kitchen. Wordlessly, Jonah reached for glasses, and Gage got a carton of orange-pineapple juice from the fridge.

While Gage poured four glasses of orange-pineapple juice, Jonah noticed that Dillon and Randy were sharing glances and smiles. "Out with it," Jonah giggled at them.

Pointing at Jonah's and Gage's mid-sections, Dillon cackled, "Who made who?"

Quickly putting down the carton of juice, Gage cracked up and felt his face turning redder by the millisecond. Unintentionally, Gage had shown off to Jonah's younger brothers and now they were paying the price.

Locking eyes with Jonah, Randy giggled, "It's just way different from what we expected, bro. You're getting like dad and pop already."

Taking hold of Gage before he caught fire, Jonah smiled, "It's because Gage really loves me. Since Saturday, Gage has told me a lot of stuff; dreams he has, worries he's got, all the good stuff and bad stuff that's crossed his mind. I told him a lot of stuff too; stuff I couldn't tell anyone else before, even stuff Reyes hasn't heard me ever say."

Randy giggled, "So umm... how is it?"

"I tried like crazy to get Gage to let me blow him last night," Jonah freely admitted. Dillon and Randy stopped giggling and their jaws dropped. Jonah dreamily sighed, "Twice, Gage said, 'another time'. I was on my knees, reaching for his shorts, only to have him giggle and pull me up, and onto the bed to make out. Twice we kissed and ground off against each other, and we were still talking a little! It was crazy and awesome and totally excellent all at once. I didn't feel bad afterward. Gage didn't feel bad either. It was the right time for us to do only that. After the first time, we went right back to the concert. After the second time, I fell asleep with his arms over and around me. Now, I've got a little glimpse of what love should've been like all the time. Now, I understand dad, pop and all the Core Rimmer couples a little better. Not one of them is always strong, or always weak; they're real people who are both strong and weak, just when that's what they're feeling. Those orphanages pricks kept us weak."

"They made you feel inferior," Gage softly told Jonah, Dillon and Randy. "They dumped their shit on you emotionally and sexually. My pop told me that. I didn't completely understand it all, even from Richie and Dee, but now with Jonah, I do understand. They wanted you to believe you were sex toys. Jonah and all of you are people, not toys. Because I was treating him nice and talking with him, Jonah thought it would be good to suck my dick, only cos that's what he learned. All I need or want is him nearby to be with and talk with. Yeah, we can do other sex stuff too, but not as some kind of payment. We'll do whatever and whenever, as long as we both feel it."

Completely blown away with Gage's words, and the way they were said so gently, Jonah sighed, rested his head on Gage's shoulder and closed his eyes.

"DADDY! POP!" Dillon screamed, and ran out of the kitchen.

Randy giggled, "He's gonna tell dad and pop, like they didn't already know. I bet they do."

Shrugging at Randy, and then warmly smiling at Gage, Jonah stepped back from the hug to continue pouring juice. They barely heard Dillon upstairs, excitedly rambling to Derrick and Mike. Just finishing their shower, two hysterical teenagers tried to towel dry and keep Dillon from bouncing through the roof.

Dressed and coming downstairs, Reyes heard Dillon going off the deep end about Jonah and Gage. Reyes went into the kitchen, slightly grinning.

Pointing at Dillon's untouched glass, Jonah giggled, "Do you want a glass of juice, bro?"

Picking up the glass, Reyes nodded and smirked at Jonah, "You're learning?"

"I'll say!" Jonah laughed, "More in two days than ever thought possible in two years."

Gesturing an open palm toward Gage and looking up at Reyes, Randy teased, "Meet Jonah's Mister Perfect."

Holding out his right arm to shake hands, Gage giggled his first and last names and added, "Pleased to meet you."

Softly sniggering, "The pleasure's mine, Mister Perfect," Reyes shook Gage's hand.

Everyone heard the master bathroom tub water turn on. Coming downstairs, Mike and Derrick were mostly dressed, but carrying their shirts. Entering the kitchen, Derrick smiled, "I'm sorry, Gage. I accused you wrongly." He then glared at Jonah, smirking, "You're the bad boy!" Mike, Randy and Reyes cracked up.

Quickly hiding behind his sniggering boyfriend, Jonah giggled, "I didn't know better! Even though I do now, it was worth the shot!"

Mike prompted Randy, "Dillon's expecting you. Go get your bath taken." Randy quickly drank the last of his juice, put the glass down on the counter and jogged across rooms and upstairs. Mike rounded on Gage and Jonah, then hollered at the ceiling, "Alden?"

"Yes?" giggled Alden.

Mike sniggered, "Gage and Jonah need to shower, with an escort!" Alden, Derrick, Gage, Jonah and Reyes cracked up.

Holding Jonah in place behind him, Gage carefully side-stepped around Derrick, Mike and Reyes, heading out of the kitchen. Still giggling, the two new boyfriends then tore through the dining room and upstairs.

Alden giggled, "This has been a very interesting morning."

Derrick wondered, "What do you mean, Alden?"

"Well, I see everything that's going on," Alden reminded. "Even over at the dorms, kids seem to be having a lot more fun than usual. Partners of every sexuality are clearly more enthused than typical. Even where roommates are only friends, they're acting like best friends."

"It's back to school jitters, I think," Reyes smiled. "With part of the day already planned, everybody's doing what they want to do first." Turning to his dad and pop, Reyes grinned, "Which reminds me, I've never gone to school before in my life. What the heck am I going to do?"

"Anything you like, Core Rimmer," Derrick smiled, and then pulled his polo shirt over his head and adjusted the collar.

Mike nodded, "Your options are wide open. If you want, you can hook up with Mr. T and become a teacher, so you're with the majority of everyone else. If you'd rather, you can man the Command Center, with Rad and Gil; or you can be available for kids that aren't going to school today."

"You could also take Fred Eckhart to AI Division headquarters," Derrick reminded. 

"Then there's the drums and percussion in the basement to play," Mike added. "You could check out the Oneula Beach auditorium and let us know what's there. Any of the above works, Reyes."

Tapping his comm-badge, Reyes called, "Paul?"

Paul flatly replied, "Hey, Reyes. What's up?"

"Are you and Ryan near Mark or Danny? We've got a newbie android that could use his first check-up in at least sixteen years. While Fred is busy with them, I can visit with you and Ryan."

Paul answered, "Kewl. I'm at home, and there's no meal on the table, so Danny and Marc are next door."

Scowling, Reyes worried, "What's wrong, Paul? You sound like you're in the dumps."

"It's just a rainy, gloomy day," Paul replied. "Ry's taking a bathroom break, so I'm just kickin' back on my bed, day dreaming. Make sure you bring a raincoat, Reyes; there are torrential down pours at times."

To see what kind of response he might get, Reyes grinned, "I guess we'll be spending most of the time indoors, in the bedroom?"

"REYES!" Paul loudly laughed. Reyes, Derrick and Mike softly sniggered. Paul chortled, "Someone's mind is in the gutter today."

The pitter-patter of running feet was heard. Then Joey giggled, "Hi Weyes."

"Hey, Joey," Reyes chuckled.

Joey thoughtfully wondered, "Unca Pauhw, why awe you hidin' undew youw piwwow?" After a short pause, Joey seriously added, "Yous godda wose deedhs befowe dhe Deedh Faiwy weaves ya anydhin' - Gwanma says so!"

Since Paul was either hysterical or embarrassed, Reyes giggled, "Joey, tell Uncle Paul that I'll see him in about an hour. We still haven't had breakfast yet."

"Suwe wiww, Weyes," Joey giggled.

"Reyes out." He then called, "Alden, where is Fred Eckhart?"

"He's just gone into the mob shower," Alden replied, and then giggled, "This morning, they really are mob showers. Entire halls of kids are in lavatories."

"Oh well, I'll catch up with Fred at the dining room then," Reyes muttered.

Derrick wondered, "Is there something wrong, Reyes?"

Shrugging, Reyes answered, "This is something good to do today, but what about all the other school days? I don't see myself as a teacher, and don't really want to be seen as one."

Derrick and Mike grinned at each other. They moved over to sandwich Reyes between them. Mike chuckled, "This might be the first time ever that not going to school is a problem."

Reyes grinned, "It's been a very long time."

Nodding and hugging his eldest tighter, Derrick reminded, "Since being rescued, you've been watching over your brothers. Take a break. Everything at this base and Oneula Beach are at your disposal. Chill out and go with the flow. Make the most of whatever presents itself."

Mike agreed, "Stay with Paul and Ryan there, or bring them back here, if that's the way things work out. As for being separated from us, why not be a teacher's assistant two or three days a week? You could easily help any kid here with any assignment, and you get to be social too."

"You said that some of the little kids you rescued treated you like something different," Derrick reminded.

"The McPhearsons and the Stoeher twins," Mike recalled.

Derrick prodded, "Show them you're not so different after all."

The conversation was interrupted by knocks on the front door. Stepping back from Reyes and Derrick, Mike checked, "Better?"

Reyes nodded and smiled, "It will be, I'm sure. It's just another series of changes."

Mike went to answer the door. Derrick softly smiled, "Paul and Ryan are becoming more than friends?" Nodding, Reyes giggled. "Spend as much time as you want with them," Derrick suggested. "That takes priority, over almost everything else, Reyes. Jonah's got Gage, now it's your turn."

Drew, Corey, Leo, Lenny and Geoff filed into the living room. Mike told them, "We're just waiting on baths and showers to finish."

Corey giggled, "Try having your whole family in the same bed. That got us all movin' at once."

"We got to wash Leo," Geoff happily cheered.

Blushing, Leo nodded and softly chortled, "I learned it's like an initiation into the Clan."

Derrick confirmed, "So we're going to talk most of the newbies into a week off?"

"Yeah," Drew quickly replied. "I'll bet Kaleo will start as soon as he's gathered kids."

Oneula Beach, Dormitory #1

Monday, November 8, 2004, 7:43AM HTZ

Outside the exterior door into the dormitory, Jerry offered, "How about me and mine check out dorm two and then the dining room? Maybe some kids are already waiting there?"

Troy nodded, "Kewl, bro. We'll get the kids here moving."

Walking with his partner and three sons toward dorm two, AJ chirped, "See ya in a few." 

"I'll take Jimmy and Scott upstairs with me," Sean told Troy. On queue, Jimmy and Scott began complaining, and Billy and Jason began laughing, purposefully taunting their two younger brothers. Troy opened the door and led the way inside. Looking down at his two youngest sons, Sean loudly giggled, "We prob'ly won't get too far before being shooed away."

"FINE!" Jimmy and Scott hollered, and reluctantly stomped up the steps.

Following the boys upstairs, Sean giggled, "You're not acting gay enough."

Jimmy whined, "Boobies make us go boo-hoo."

"Willies make us go whoo-hoo!" Scott cheered.

At the landing and holding the inner door open for the older boys, Troy cracked up. At five- or six-years-old, Troy had no idea there was a difference, but all his sons already knew and were following their hearts. In the first floor hallway, toweled boys were walking between the lavatory and their rooms. Music could be heard from a room somewhere down the hall, but closer, a television was cranked as loud as it could go.

Knocking on the first door frame, Troy peeked inside, asking, "How's it goin', guys?"

Two fifteen-year-old boys, Neil Green and Thaddeus Markell, occupied room number one. Troy couldn't help noticing that both boys were a few inches shorter and many pounds lighter than he. Also, only one bed had been slept in, making it clear these two were already a couple. Troy recalled some of what Doc Metzger had told him days earlier, but didn't let on that he knew anything. Pausing in place, only partially dressed, Neil loudly crowed, "Awesome! I never slept so peacefully before. The hospital was okay, but this mattress was obviously made for me."

Thaddeus, who preferred to be called by his nickname 'Tad' chuckled, "Thank goodness neither of us snores too loudly."

Troy smiled, "I'm glad to hear it. Remember, school is optional for both of you. Breakfast is not optional. We're gathering everyone together for breakfast at Ewa Beach."

Slipping a polo shirt over his head, Neil said, "Kewl, Troy. So you know, every one of us that got here yesterday knows exactly where we're at medically; we're malnourished. You dudes are going to see a lot of us going for as many meals as we can pack away."

"All day, everyday," Tad pledged. "The docs and nurses fed us real food, anything we wanted, whenever we wanted. So we got vitamins and minerals from tubes, and more in our bellies too. You dudes won't be so much taller than us for very much longer."

"My dad was about five-eleven," Neil shared. "I can and will match that."

Loving the determined tones of Neil and Tad, Troy warmly cheered, "Excellent!"

Pulling a polo shirt over his head, Tad shared, "Every kid in our group has the same attitude."

Waving, Troy instructed, "We'll meet in the dining room here, then we'll all go over to Ewa Beach together."

At the next room, the loud television was found. Troy greeted fourteen-year-olds Carter Rackham and Doug Zimmerman. The two new boyfriends hurried to the door in their underwear and sandwiched Troy between them, each reminding Troy that they were rescued by him and Sean. Doug was the bitter one challenging Sean. Sincerely apologizing, Doug retracted every word he said. Both were looking forward to breakfast milkshakes and more food. Both were determined to gain weight and height, and so they released Troy to finish dressing.

Turning to his two sons, Troy cheerfully prompted, "Knock on some doors and help me out. It's easy." Billy seemed to try to stand up straight, but slumped and withered again as he turned around. Troy smirked, "Wait a second." He went to both his sons and softly reminded, "The only way you can fail is by not trying at all. Watch it get easier with each knock."

Billy and Jason turned and went a few doors down. While Troy watched, Billy knocked and Jason said, "Good morning" to ten-year-old Frank Perry and nine-year-old Leroy Wheeler. Again, two boys pleasantly returned the greeting.

Billy softly stammered, "Uh... we're going to Ewa Beach... to have breakfast." Already showered and mostly dressed, Frank and Leroy were looking forward to it.

"School," Jason whispered, and nudged his big brother.

"Yeah," Billy said more loudly; "you guys don't have to go to school today."

Frank paused and blinked, "What're the other dudes doin'?"

Leroy nodded, "Yeah, it won't be kewl or fun if we're pretty much alone."

Jason grinned, "We're trying to get all the newbies since last Thursday to take time off. That includes us too. My pop said that's about half of all the kids."

Watching his younger brother and learning a little, Billy offered, "We don't wanna be alone either. There are two bases to explore. That'll take at least half the week."

"After breakfast, Billy's gonna take us for a closer look around," Jason explained.

"Yeah?" Leroy giggled. Uncontrollably, Billy blushed and nodded.

Frank nodded, "Kewl, as long as we're not bored."

"Can't happen around here," Jason giggled.

Billy nodded, "We'll be around this dorm. Come find us when you're ready?"

"Kewl," Frank replied.

Sitting down to put sandals on his feet, Leroy said, "Just another couple o' minutes." 

Billy and Jason went to the next room, where George Ward and Victor Dixon were at their dressers, freshly showered and completely naked. Billy spoke a little easier with the eight-year-old and six-year-old, but Jason was too enthralled with George to say a word. From the profile view Jason had, George's dick hooked out and hung down perfectly over his sack. George was simply too handsome to be ignored. Billy, George and Vic noticed Jason gawking and helplessly giggled. Soon, Jason was blushing and giggling too.

Madly laughing, Sean, Jimmy and Scott came through the door and hurried down the hall. Troy grinned, "What happened?"

"We just got told off and pushed away!" Scott cackled. "As if I wanted to see anything I saw!"

Sean sniggered, "The girls would just rather we shout down the hall when we've got announcements."

Scrunching his face like he might be ill, Jimmy whimpered, "I saw a naked girl. Bleh!" Billy, Jason, Scott, Sean and Troy roared laughing. Jimmy faked dry heaves, and then giggled along with his brothers and dads.

Scott hugged his little brother, giggling, "We may never be the same."

"Somebody please show me a dick," Jimmy cackled.

Crossing the hall from the shower and hearing Jimmy's request, five-year-old Jeff Muller, called, "Here, Jimmy," and quickly pulled the towel away from his waist. His show was witnessed by many of the boys on that hallway.

"Thanks, Jeff," Jimmy giggled, "that's a real nice one too, by the way." Loud laughter and applause shattered the morning calm.

Scott hugged his brother, playfully wondering, "Why's Jeff's dick real nice?"

Jimmy giggled, "After what we saw upstairs, any dick is real nice."

At the Oneula Beach second dormitory, AJ, Jerry and their sons were inexperienced fashion consultants for the twenty-two newbies that had never owned so much clothing before. All the boys were used to wearing blue jeans and dark shirts. Color coordination was Kenny's field of expertise. Kenny, Mike and Shaun helped all the boys choose clothing, to some extent or another. Already aware of the lousy situations these boys had been in at orphanages, AJ and Jerry explained the laundry bags, telling the newbies that all their clothing, and especially underwear, was to be changed every day. While they were away from their dorms during the day, housekeepers would make beds, vacuum the carpets and get laundry done. 

The last important job done by both teams at both dorms was to remind the kids to wear their comm-badges and keep them on all the time. Comm-badges were required to pass through the dimensional doors, and they acted as tracking devices. Relatively quickly, due to having fewer kids at dormitory two, AJ and Jerry brought the kids over to the dining room.

Finding the dining room empty, Jerry went over to introduce himself to one of the chefs, named Alan Drake, and asked if any one else had been in the dining room.

"Not yet," Alan pleasantly replied, and then asked, "Is this group heading to Ewa Beach this morning?"

Jerry nodded and smiled, "Yup. It's their first morning, and some may still decide to go to school." He then wondered, "Have you seen our base security this morning?"

"They were here well over an hour ago, for shift changes between six and seven," Alan replied.

Seeing many girls enter the main dining room, signaling that dorm one was ready, Jerry grinned, "Expect a gathering at lunch time, Alan. I think kids will split their lunches, some here, and some at Ewa Beach."

Alan nodded, "I'll let Charles and the Ewa Beach staff know. Thank you, Jerry."

Waving and smiling, "Any time," Jerry returned to the dining room, where AJ and his sons were already getting lines of kids through the dimensional doors. Alan and the other chefs began transporting trays of food from the Oneula Beach kitchen to the Ewa Beach kitchen. Soon after Jerry joined his husband at the dimensional doors, Kaleo, Tory, Sean, Troy, their sons and the remaining boys from dormitory one entered the room.

Ewa Beach CIC Dining Room

Monday, November 8, 2004, 8:07AM HTZ

Hundreds of adults, kids and UNIT security personnel were already sitting at tables with their friends and having breakfast when three dimensional doors chimed and the signs above them changed to display 'Oneula Beach'. The silvery facade faded away, allowing kids at either end of the doorways to see into the room at the distant end. In small groups, Oneula Beach kids came in the room. Already occupying tables near the doors, the Ewa Beach Core Rimmers and their sons greeted newbies. Even Shirley, the turtle doves and French hens softly cooed their good mornings. The four calling birds loudly squawked their morning greetings, causing Shirley to pause and glance down at the noisy group. If birds could roll their eyes, Shirley, the doves and hens would've all gotten dizzy and fallen off their perches, but the four noisy calling birds kept shouting 'good morning' over and over again.

Six-year-old Justin Young, and his roommate, five-year-old Simon Ferguson, ran into the dining room, turned sharply and went to the outbound doors. Justin loudly laughed, "Oneula Beach" at the first outbound door. Seconds later, Justin and Simon raced through, back to Oneula Beach, and back again into the Ewa Beach dining room. To the loud laughter of many of the Ewa Beach kids, Justin and Simon ran round-and-round, traversing almost three kilometers between bases in the seconds it took them to run from one outbound doorway to the next.

John, Stephen, Corey, Drew and Reyes sat at one table. At the next table over were Mike, Derrick, Keith and Prez. Beyond those two tables were the two tables of all their sons; Dillon, Richie, Geoff, Lenny, Wade, Frankie and Randy were sitting at one table, while Gage, Jonah, Sammy, Ben, Leo and Dee sat at the next table over. Spare seating had been left at all four tables so the Oneula Beach leadership and their sons had places to sit. Over a hundred boys and girls crossed the dining room. Many newbie kids were prompted to return from the kitchen to tables where new friends were already sitting.

Upon arrival, Kaleo, Tory, AJ, Jerry, Sean and Troy already appeared a little frazzled and worn out. As they passed, Keith chuckled, "This morning was a special case, dudes. By tomorrow, kids will be wherever they want to be, without Core Rimmers leading them around."

Drew called, "Kaleo, Tory, AJ and Jerry, you dudes come sit with us."

Corey giggled, "Daddies have some catchin' up to do."

Tory laughed, "We're going to have to wake earlier to get five sons bathed, and then us showered too."

"We were the last group to show up at the other dining room," Kaleo sniggered.

Prez smiled, "You loved every second too, I can tell."

"Absolutely!" Kaleo and Tory cheered.

Prez's PADD played a power chord, notifying him of a message. After wiping his hands, Prez read a note from Mr. T that had all the Division's teachers included. It read:

Good morning Prez, 
It's customary to have present division leaders make a short statement when new children start school. For many of the kids, knowing you're there with them makes a huge difference in their attitudes. I'm certain you're very aware that willingness to do well is in the attitude of the students. Be brief and positive then return to your seat. I intend to be there as soon as I wrap up a few tasks here at C.L.E.
Have a good day,
Mr. T

With Keith looking over his shoulder, Prez replied to the note.

I can easily do this, for the fifth time since yesterday.

Keith grinned, "Is this before our five minute rhythm techniques demonstration?"

Shaking his head, Prez chuckled, "After, way after."

Mike sniggered, "Do you want help, Head Rimmer?"

Prez slyly smirked, "With Keith and rhythm demonstrations, or with a pep talk for the kids?"

"Both!" Derrick and Mike chorused, causing Reyes to burst into laughter.

Unable to wipe the grin off his face, Prez squinted, "See me before and after school."

"WHOO-HOO! DIRECT ME!" Derrick, Keith and Mike loudly sang.

Sadly shaking his head, yet still giggling, Reyes returned to his prior conversation, saying, "So, our kittens didn't want to be in the basement. Since it's smaller, it's not anywhere near as nice as the Seiberts' basement." Picturing the put-off kittens, Stephen and Corey began giggling. Reyes grinned, "We showed them upstairs, which became interesting too, when Gage turned on the television and six kittens jumped, puffed up and scattered."

From the next table, Gage giggled, "They say they've never seen a TV or heard anything so loud. The surround sound system wasn't even on!"

Nodding, Jonah laughed, "It was like the Rimmers riding Kyle's wave; all six screeched, 'SHIT!' knowing they were going to die, and then flew away!"

"Two went under the dining room table," Reyes giggled, "two went behind and under the sofa, and two went back downstairs into the basement." All the seated Rimmer sons howled laughing. "It was like that for the next hour," Reyes sniggered, "every new room and new sound caused the kittens to freak out. Jonah and Gage went to bed just to calm down the kittens."

Trotting over to the table, Rikko whined, "I'll play with kittens."

Smiling down at the large puppy, Reyes replied, in dog, "You'll eat the kittens!"

"No!" Rikko barked, "Not tasty."

From a few tables away, Fred giggled, "Rikko has played with our neighbors' cats and kittens."

Chauncey nodded and grinned, "At least until the finicky cats decide they've had enough of dog slobber."

"Kisses," Rikko growled.

Chauncey giggled, "Right, kisses, how silly of me."

Holding his belly and cracking up, Fred bellowed, "Until Rikko gets kitty smacks across the snout!"

Not too far away from Fred, Chauncey, or the Core Rimmers, Trevor Taylor looked over and up at his new dad asking, "Can we get a puppy too, daddy?"

Before Jason had a chance to think or look at his wife for her opinion, the quadruple R's shouted, "Yeah, this family needs a puppy too!"

Across the dining room, sitting with other adults, King Aalona heard and grinned, "Perhaps Clan Short will eliminate our need for stray animal control too?"

At the worried expressions the woman wore, Jim Hundser helplessly chortled. Rob sniggered, "Let us talk to our sons, Majesty. It seems appropriate, but we can't allow every kid to have a pet."

Walking back across the dining room, behind his husband and the other Oneula Beach Core Rimmers, Kaleo overheard Bill Seaver offering, "We could drastically reduce the numbers of euthanized animals, especially young kittens and puppies that are healthy, but simply don't have a home."

Crossing the room and overhearing the adults, Kaleo went into a giggling fit. Before going to join his husband at the table with Drew and Corey, Kaleo stopped by Prez, leaned over and whispered what was being discussed at the parents' tables. Nodding, Prez grinned, "I'll take care of it," and then typed a message to Jason Taylor regarding the acquisition of pets.

Keith softly wondered, "What're you doin', T'hy'la?"

"It's not a horrible idea," Prez quietly answered, so more than three-hundred-fifty kids didn't flip out. He added, "A house pet for a family is a little different from what we generally have. I'm thinking we need to concentrate on breeds that build bonds with groups, like herding dogs. That way the responsibility of caring for pets is spread out to entire bases. Something positive can come out of this for our kids and the animals too."

Derrick softly giggled, "No bird dogs, Prez. Shirley and company were here first."

"Scratch those field hunting breeds," Prez sniggered.

Getting into Prez's word play, Alden giggled in their ears; "If you want, I can have Timmy give you pointers. Last count was two-hundred-seventy-four canine breeds, five-hundred-twenty-six feline breeds, forty-three avian breeds, and five-hundred-thirty reptile breeds in his bedroom. Other types we're still counting; and only five percent of his 'friends' are classified as extinct!"

Meanwhile, from his PADD, John ordered an extra fifty teddy-bears for the bear cave. After school, he intended to take kids to choose their new best friends. Almost half of the level-two orphanage kids were under ten-years-old and might want one. He hoped that eighty bears in the cave would be a sufficient start for the five- to seven-year-old kids. Then he could restock, if necessary, for the eight- to- ten-year-old kids.

Around the table, Drew, Corey, AJ, Jerry, Kaleo and Tory were excitedly rambling about their first night in townhomes with their families. Only two couples, Drew and Corey and Kaleo and Tory, went to sleep in king-sized beds with their sons. From the next table, Sean joined the conversation, making it known that they also woke to a bed filled with sons. 

Similar chats traveled around the tables of Rimmer sons. When that topic wore itself out, Billy checked around the tables, asking, "Which of you are going to school?"

Mike Hunnicutt replied, "We ain't goin'. Dad and pop says we need a'justments."

With a brother to each side, Kenny sputtered on his milkshake, swallowed and then laughed, "We need to adjust to a new place! We do not need adjustments!" Other boys at the tables nearby helplessly giggled. Before either brother could attack him, Kenny pulled both his brothers close and into tight hugs.

Stan told Billy, "Me and my bros ain't goin' either."

Jason smiled, "One of our dads is gonna say somethin' to the rest of the new kids. While old timers are at school, we've got two bases to explore."

Sammy prompted, "Let us know what you find, Billy."

Nodding, Billy grinned, "We already found tennis courts at Oneula that ain't here. I hope to get most of the new kids exploring with us."

Overhearing the boys, John gasped, "Another something I forgot." He tapped his sub-vocal, calling, "Alden, get playground equipment installed at... ya know what, get 'em at all our bases, even the ones with refugees. Make sure all the playgrounds are properly equipped with the same stuff as here, dude."

Alden replied, "Got it, John. It'll be done in just a minute or two."

"What's the delay?" John wondered.

"Four bases worth of playground equipment isn't in our warehouse," Alden giggled. "We have to buy more stuff, so they're all the same."

Also overhearing the boys, Prez smiled at Troy and Sean, wondering, "You started this?"

Still eating a stack of buttermilk pancakes, Troy nodded. So he wouldn't embarrass his eldest son, Sean softly explained, "Billy needed encouragement. Exploring is today's task. Tomorrow and each day he needs it, he'll get a new challenge."

After swallowing a mouthful of pancakes, Troy quietly snarled, "His old parents started the vicious downward spiral, Prez. Now we get to counter-act their major fuck-up. In the process, we hope all our other sons and the newbies will watch and learn."

Prez widely smiled at everyone around the table. Keith giggled, "You made them Morale Rimmers, baby."

Nodding, Prez grinned, "And now I'm going to add to the expedition." He stood and stepped up onto his chair, facing the majority of the Clan and spoke over the PA system. "I'd like to address all the newest kids first," Prez announced. "That's all of you that have arrived since Thursday. All of the rest of us have had a week off school to get familiar with our base and with one another. I strongly suggest that each of you take the next week off too. We can easily rotate weekly placement tests for everyone on Mondays.

"If you're wondering what you can do while the other half of us are at school, I've learned that Billy Whitmore is heading up expeditions to explore both bases. Even if you sleep here at Ewa Beach, I highly recommend joining Billy, Jason, Scott and Jimmy. What you guys find at Oneula Beach, many of us won't know about, so we can start sharing that during lunch, and after school, and again during and after dinner."

Standing and displaying his cast, Jay Montigua reminded, "It would be better if I didn't go, Prez. Writing with this thing is almost impossible. The next six weeks I'll be dealing with this."

Prez smiled, "Jay, when was the last time you saw one of our doctors?"

"Yesterday morning, after breakfast, I saw Doc Andrews," Jay responded. "I'm supposed to see him again this morning."

Prez called, "Doc Andrews, what's this six weeks nonsense? My burned tush should've taken a week to heal, not two days."

Standing, Doc Andrews smiled, "Yesterday, I checked Jason's concussion and his wrist. Today, and everyday this week, I'll be examining Jason's wrist. I intended to surprise Jason, but expect the cast gone by Saturday, and then three or four days wearing an Ace bandage." Jay's and Chris' jaws dropped. Around the dining room, giggles erupted. Loud laughter burst from Rafe, Pat, and Ralphie, but the two loudest were Drew and Corey.

Jay grinned, "Nine or ten days is a hell of a lot better than six-weeks."

"I want a second opinion!" Alden giggled over the speakers. "I bet I can find a doctor who isn't scared of transporters who will make it heal faster!"

"Who?" Kerry asked.

"Yeah, if I have to!" Alden laughed.

The original eighty-seven who had met Galli cracked up. Doc Andrews sat back down to finish his coffee.

Hearing Corey hiccuping and seeing Drew was red as an apple, Jay grinned, "You knew, didn't you? You're both going swimming after school." The faces of most male teenagers grew wide, evil grins.

"So, yeah," Prez chortled. "Some time to acclimate is highly recommended. I do not expect to see many new faces in school today." Pointing over at the table where Troy's and Sean's sons were sitting, Prez prompted, "Billy, please stand so kids can see you." Reluctantly, Billy stood at his chair. Prez instructed, "All of you wanting to explore the two bases can gather with Billy." He then softly smiled, "Thanks, Billy. Have a seat, bud." 

Returning his attention to the Clan, Prez prompted, "It's getting near school time. Those who are definitely going to school, let's get motivated. We'll have at least two groups going there, led by a couple of Core Rimmers. The Core Rimmers from Oneula Beach were the last here, so they'll be available for those making last minute decisions. Do not fuss over this one simple decision. If you've only been here a few days, then let it wait a week. Join Billy's expedition and we'll see you in about two hours."

Stepping down off the chair, Prez gathered the contents of his tray. Around the dining room, many old-timers had already deposited their trays at the dishwasher. They got up to wait outside the CIC. Others took their trays to the dishwasher. The majority of newbies remained seated at their tables until this wave of activity passed.

Sean called, "Billy, com'ere a minute, please?" Billy stood and brought his milkshake glass over to Sean's table. Sean pushed his chair out, gestured to his lap and instructed, "Have a seat."

Billy giggled, "Don't you think I'm too big?"

Shaking his head, Sean smiled, "Not until you're eighteen. I sit on your pop's lap and he sits on mine." Carefully, Billy sat on his dad's lap. Wrapping his arms around his eldest son, Sean whispered, "I could tell you were surprised and embarrassed when Prez had you stand. That's not a failure, it's just something new."

"I was so scared too, dad," Billy reluctantly admitted. "My stomach went all crazy. I thought I might barf."

"You got past it though, without making a mess," Sean smiled. "I'm the exact same way, especially when Prez or Keith ask for my opinion. It just happened again to me last night. Even though I know them and like them, and I know they like me, it's still something I'm getting used to. Remember, all you need to do is try. You can't make kids do anything that they wouldn't normally want to do anyway, so just brush away the blushes and butterflies. Don't let them get you down, okay?"

Wiping joyful tears from his eyes, Billy nodded and smiled, "Okay."

Finished with his breakfast, Troy gently asked, "Do you know what it takes to be a leader?"

Shaking his head, Billy giggled, "I have no idea."

"Followers," Troy simply stated. "A good leader, people will want to follow. No one follows a bad leader. Your brothers already know you're a good leader. With their help, you'll be set to learn what they already know. These first steps, climbing out of that vicious downward spiral your old parents had you drowning in, were handled perfectly. I'm really very proud of you."

Happy tears flowed freely down Billy's cheeks. Glancing at his new dad and pop, Billy squealed, "Really?"

Troy nodded and smiled, "Absolutely."

"Definitely," Sean said barely a second later.

Sniffling and wiping the tears away, Billy sighed, "I really love you guys."

Hugging his eldest tightly, Sean replied, "And we really love you too."

Standing and leaning close to Sean and Billy, Troy softly but firmly assured, "That love won't fade, Billy. It'll only get stronger with every achievement you make. Failures never count, as long as you try your best, they're only temporary disappointments."

Billy wondered, "Why does Jason seem better at this than me? Even Scott and Jimmy seem better than me."

Slightly grinning because he had been expecting that question, Troy answered, "Only because of fewer years on that downward spiral, Billy. It's the same one your dad was on from the orphanages, and I was on with my dad. Now that you've broken free of the suck-zone..." Sean and Billy cracked up. Troy finished by giggling, "The only way to go is back up, out of the muck and mire." He landed a kiss on Billy's cheek, then prompted, "Ready, Tiger?"

Nodding, Sean giggled, "After a pep talk like that, I'm ready to take you home!" Rolling his eyes, Troy evilly snickered. As far as Troy was concerned, Sean got some in the shower, and so the next time was his turn, regardless of how often his butt was twinging. 

Sliding off his dad's lap, Billy giggled, "I didn't feel nothin', so you've got time to run, pop."

Sean evilly grinned, "The next time I provoke your pop, your job is to make sure I get some. Lie like a rug if you have to, and tell him you were sitting on my big lump." 

Hungrily humming, Troy locked eyes with Sean, clearly conveying, 'your big lump fits me perfectly, Tiger.' Sean giggled through a weak tiger roar.

Rapidly nodding and laughing hysterically, Billy took his shake glass off the table. Warmly smiling at his new parents, Billy giggled, "I'll see you in a few hours."

Standing up, Sean nodded, "Have fun."

Troy reminded, "We'll love you no matter what."

Nodding and delightfully shivering, Billy returned to the table with his brothers. The Hunnicutts and all five of Kaleo's and Tory's sons gathered at that table. The smallest kids moved onto their big brothers' laps to make room. Soon after Billy sat down, he and all the seated boys got the typical assembly line of kisses on the top of their heads from Troy, Sean, AJ, Jerry, Kaleo and Tory.

On the way to the dishwasher, Sean noticed the curious expressions on the faces of his team mates. Once they were far enough away from their sons and where anyone else might overhear, Sean quietly explained what was going on. The subset of Core Rimmers went outside and waited a few minutes for other kids, during which time each of the six shared more personal information about their life challenges. AJ and Jerry admitted that they felt a little weird entering their townhouse the night before. All of them understood exactly where Billy was at and they agreed the explorations were as good a method as any to help Billy. When it became obvious that no additional kids were going to join them at school, the six of them started across the outdoor recreation area and southeast toward the school.

Over with Chauncey and Fred Eckhart, Reyes asked, "Would you guys like to visit the AI Division? We could get Fred checked out, upgraded and come back here whenever you're ready, so you can still explore the other base?"

Fred checked with Chauncey, asking, "If you want to?"

Nodding, Chauncey offered, "I know you're fine, Fred, but upgrades are important. I just want to look around with the rest of the guys, so let's do both."

"Kewl," Reyes smiled. "I want to spend some time with friends there, and bring them back here too. We haven't seen the Oneula base either." He then tapped his comm-badge, calling, "Reyes to Marc."

A moment later, Marc giggled, "Here, Reyes. What's up?"

"I'm on my way with Fred and Chauncey Eckhart," Reyes explained. "Do you have dimensional doors there, or do I need to call Alden?"

"Just got 'em installed last night," Danny replied.

Hearing a familiar swishing sound, Reyes grinned, "Yeah, put your jeans on for company, Danny. We'll only be there a little while, so you can get naked again later." Marc cracked up.

"The satellite up-link needs a test, Reyes," Danny giggled. "Let us know if you suddenly feel like hopping around like a kangaroo." Fred and Chauncey roared.

Waving the two boys to follow, Reyes started for the dimensional doors, grinning, "I'm hopping there and next door, to visit Paul and Ryan. I learned tickle attacks are constant at Sullivan's Island, so I'm staying away from you two. By the way, Fred already knows you're a perv, Danny."

"Your honesty algorithms are on the fritz, Reyes," Danny sniggered. "I have the remedial software ready."

Paused at a dimensional door with Chauncey, Rikko and Fred, Reyes chuckled, "I'm a big boy and want firmware, grandpa." Over the sound of Danny and Marc laughing, he told the door, "AI Division headquarters." The door chimed, the display over it changed to the new destination, and the silvery facade faded to show the living room of Marc's house. Reyes walked through the door with his two guests and Rikko.

Back inside the Ewa Beach dining room, Phil Nash loudly called over, "What's the deal, Billy?"

Shivering, Billy replied, "We're going to check out what's at each base. We only know a few things, like this base has a lot of basketball courts, but the other base has tennis courts. This base has the CIC, but Oneula has a dining room and a rec room that are just as big. Our job is to find out what else is different." When Billy stopped speaking and noticed the many dozens of boys and girls who had listened to him, he blushed.

Phil nodded, "Let us know when you're ready."

Holding up his half-full milkshake glass, Billy giggled, "Any minute, I hope." Billy simply couldn't believe kids were looking to him for guidance, but they were, and it was freaking him out.

At the Taylor family table, where the six boys were seated, Ralphie caught Robbie's thoughts. Ready to play, Ralphie grinned, 'Billy's kind o' cute, huh, Robbie?'

Also getting in on the teasing, Ronnie drank his milkshake and added, 'It's the shy one's you need to watch out for. I'll bet when Billy's chillin' more, he gets plenty wild.'

'I'm not talking to either of you deviants,' Robbie smirked.

Richie giggled, 'Speaking of deviant behavior, Ralphie, how did Pat's hair taste; like strawberry or cherry? Betchya it was cherry.'

Cracking up, Ralphie warned, "It's between you and Robbie to get Billy's attention. This should be good!"

Hearing something he understood, Trevor looked up at his big brother, giggling, "You gettin' a boyfrien' too, Richie?"

Richie smiled, "Someday, Trev." Turning to Robbie, Richie grinned, 'You get the first shot with Billy, since you've been thinking of him since last night; you're way more interested. If you mess it up though, I am so there!'

Ronnie evilly grinned, 'Will Billy like short hair more than long hair? We shall soon see!'

In an attempt to drown out triplicate teasing, Robbie loudly sent, 'LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA!'

In a fairly secluded area, surrounded by green trees, on the Southeast side of the Ewa Beach main base, was the school. Even from the outside, this was like no school any of the kids had ever seen. Many of the Ewa Beach Core Rimmers were at James Campbell High School, or busy with other tasks the prior Monday, when Mr. T had led the first tour of the facility. Approaching the large campus, Horacio explained to the group, "It's actually based on octagons. There are nine interconnected octagon shaped buildings. Mr. T said the schools at Camp Little Eagle, in Orlando, were different than this. He really liked this layout, because it allowed for nine different classes, that can each be further sub-divided, like into beginners, intermediates and advanced class rooms."

Derrick asked, "You saw the inside of the buildings too? What's in there?"

"Each building is a little different," Sonia answered. "All eight of the outside buildings have entrance doors. The center building is connected by four doorways, and could be used as a gathering place where everyone can meet, like for start of day attendance, or maybe an end of day study hall. Some rooms looked a little like regular school rooms, with tables and chairs or desks. Some were filled with groups of computer stations. There wasn't one regular high school type of desk-chair combination anywhere. One building is already set up for you dudes, to teach music, with instruments on a stage area at one side, and the rest of the room was a lot of chairs, with only a couple of tables and some computer workstations."

Horacio happily gushed, "Each building has access to a patio area. Over-all, it's probably the best, most comfortable school I've ever seen anywhere."

Standing outside the entrance doors of a center building, ready to greet their new students, were Mr. T, Mrs. Diaz, Jason and Trinity Taylor and two new adult faces, one male and one female. Prez and Mr. T greeted each other with handshakes and a hug. Mr. T introduced the two new teachers, Mister Edward Stevenson, who preferred to be called by his nickname 'Eddie', and Miss Opal Perez. Mr. Stevenson was to become the Sciences teacher, and Miss Perez was to become the Language Arts teacher.

While Prez and Keith went into Director mode, Mike and Derrick held the doors open and waved kids inside. Amongst many of the older teens, Corey, Drew, John and Stephen led their families into this building. Not including the Core Rimmer families, another one-hundred fifty kids were in this first group. They all easily fit in the room. John estimated that this space could easily accommodate three times as many kids. Even the ceilings were high and octagon shaped, kids noticed. There were only padded benches around this room, and many didn't recall seeing this room on Monday. Corey and Drew checked a door to an adjacent building, but found it locked.

Having already done a light scan of Mr. T as he walked by, John led the group to the center doors, loudly calling, "This way, guys. Mr. T wants us in the computer lab anyway."

Wade giggled, "Daddy, you read him without asking?"

Leaning against the door to hold it open, John smiled, "Only for what was of interest to us, where we need to be and what we'll be doing."

Earleen Maygar walked with her sister past John, slyly giggling, "I told you we're not guys, John. You're forcing me to prove it."

Noreen locked eyes with Stephen, who was holding the opposite door open with Frankie. She evilly grinned, "To you and your husband, which I may never forgive either of you for, by the way." 

Nodding and giggling, John checked Stephen's expression. Knowing he was just hit-on in a major fashion, by a girl for the first time ever in his life, Stephen intensely blushed. Frankie and Wade went into giggling fits.

John smiled, "You've been threatening that for over a week, Earleen. I thought you two were interested in Jeff and Tommy?"

Hopefully, Earleen wondered, "When are you inviting them again?"

"After school today, they'll be here," John sniggered. John had created rooms for his two best buddies when they were visiting the prior Wednesday afternoon. Now he didn't need phones or comm-badges to contact them or know when they wanted to contact him.

Not able to talk across the stream of kids flowing through the doors, Stephen sent, 'Don't you dare even think of it, John. It'll never happen with girls.'

'I know, baby,' John replied. 'I'm not there either, especially since you keep me very happy all the time, not only when we're alone.'

The large octagon shaped room the kids were entering was a maze of computer workstations arranged in circular formations, from the exterior wall and into the center of the room, creating five concentric circles. Each circle was briefly broken with space for people to move from circle-to-circle and around the room. Each computer station was equipped with a keyboard, mouse, joystick and stereo headset with a microphone. Thrilled kids roamed the circular rows of computers.

Corey tapped his sub-vocal, wondering, "Alden, where are the actual computers?"

"Here with me," Alden giggled. "It's called mainframe time-sharing, Corey. We can't have the kids rebooting and starting over."

"You're going swimming, Alden," Corey giggled, "I swear, as soon as you have legs, start running to the diving well."

Remembering that his real father spoke of mainframes from his job, Leo asked, "You and dad know about mainframes?"

Corey nodded, "Which is why Alden gets dunked."

"Very probably the first day," Keanu evilly grinned.

Over the speakers, Alden giggled, "You and Liki enjoyed Keith's rant about Windows, so why dunk me?"

Derrick and Mike joined the group in the room. Liki giggled, "Because you made it so we could hiccup and mistype even more stuff on our laptops. I think you were trying to cause Windows to crash."

Unexpectedly, Alden replayed another recording over the room's speakers. Drew's recorded voice gently said, "This graphic isn't working, angel."

Corey's recorded voice asked, "Which graphic where?"

"The flaming Pacific Rim on the home page, on the Windows system," Drew replied.

"Aww, Jeez!" Corey loudly griped, "Thirty-two-bit OS and sixty-four-bit graphics, my ass! It's skipping two of every three images! Fifteen frames per second is down to five! It looks like bleep! God bleep bleep-in' Win-blows can bleep my fat bleep-ing dick! Why do something the right way when you can implement a bleep-ed up architecture, and force every dumb bleep-ing company under the sun to support the mutha-bleep-in' piece of bleep?"

Wide-eyed, Leo smiled up at his pop; the slightly older boy who had patiently taught him the facts of life, who was prone to giggling fits, and was so nice so often that hearing his voice sounding that exasperated simply didn't fit. Softly giggling at his own ranting voice, Corey pulled Leo close.

Recalling the time, place and circumstances of the recording, Drew quickly giggled, "That's e..." But the recorded Drew softly giggled, "I love when you talk dirty windows, Cor." To the hysterical giggles and laughter of the gathered kids, Drew blushed and loudly laughed, "ENOUGH, ALDEN!"

Entering the room to find over a hundred and fifty laughing kids, Prez, Keith, Troy, Sean, AJ, Jerry, Kaleo, Tory and the six teachers curiously grinned. Blushing bright pink, Drew giggled, "It's better you don't know. Suffice to say, it's Alden's fault."

"Ah!" Prez smiled understandingly. He then loudly called, "Okay, everyone gather around over here." Kids started moving toward him.

Keith instructed, "Big kids let the littler kids in close, so they can see and hear." Kaleo, Tory, AJ, Jerry, Sean and Troy joined the other kids in the room, making sure the smallest were in front of the taller kids.

Prez cheerfully said, "Let's start with a few introductions, just to be sure everyone knows our teachers. First, Mr. T, the Clan educational adviser is here, to oversee everything." Kaleo and some older kids that had met Mr. T a week earlier disjointedly greeted him. "Then we have Mr. and Mrs. Taylor," Prez smiled, "who joined us Thursday evening with one son, and now have six." Kids nodded and giggled. "Mr. Taylor will be teaching social studies, civics and history. Mrs. Taylor is a math, algebra and geometry teacher." Moving on, Prez introduced, "This is Mrs. Diaz, from our old high school. She was our high school's band leader and a math teacher, and will continue those jobs here. Additionally, Mrs. Diaz is the music department adviser, since five of us will be music teachers, namely myself, Keith, Mike, Derrick and Troy. Next, our language arts teacher is Miss Perez. Lastly, our sciences teacher is Mr. Stevenson.

"All our teachers are certified Clan education professionals. As I understand it, they've taken special classes and gone through simulations, with classrooms of kids that are just like many of us. These men and women are not like your old teachers at your old schools, shuffling kids every forty-five minutes like an assembly line. These people are here to help every one of us, not just as teachers, but as part of our communities and part of Family Clan Short."

Prez paused because the three youngest boys were whispering. Before Prez could ask, Dewi, Kokaku and Aaron Pendergrass cautiously walked to three adults, Mr. T, Mrs. Diaz, and Mr. Stevenson. The boys held their arms up, wordlessly prompting to be picked up and held. Each adult squatted down to lift a boy. 

Prez chuckled, "Thanks to these three, you all get the point now? Just like every other adult here, these are kind men and women that want to help us. When I say they're part of our communities, I mean they live here, or at Oneula Beach; three have families and two are single, living in condos, for the moment, but we know what will happen as soon as they get used to living as Clan in paradise, don't we?"

Richie giggled, "Smoochin'!" sending most of the kids into a giggling fit. Mr. Stevenson started whistling and acting innocent, driving older boys to laughter. Geoff, Dillon and Wade playfully shoved Richie around a little.

Prez chuckled, "That's what happens. Before I turn over to Mr. T and our teachers, let me remind you that this is nothing like other schools. The test you'll be taking today isn't even like what I imagined it might be. Instead of computerized math and English, multiple choice questions, we'll see a little of that, which will lead to various tangents, such as movie clips, cartoons, and games that will try to discover where your real interests and abilities are."

Going to Kokaku and taking his young brother from Mr. Stevenson, Prez explained, "Lets say Kokaku starts his test with a few questions, appropriate for his pre-school age group, and they lead him to a cartoon that he watches and is then questioned about during the course of the flick. These questions will help determine if Kokaku is a musician or a scientist; if he's got a logical, mathematical mind or if he's a mini philosopher, which I sometimes think is the case. What it all amounts to is, you'll each have individualized tests, that go with your flow, testing without actually seeming like any kind of test, like we're used to."

Keith asked, "Are there any questions?" He paused long enough to watch kids of every age shaking their heads. He then asked, "Is anybody still scared about passing or failing?"

Simply to make sure other kids understood, Troy shrugged, "From what's been said, the test adjusts itself, so that's impossible."

"Exactly correct," Keith said. "The test shows what the Clan already knows, that everybody is capable of doing something very well. Even if you don't know today what that might be, you'll know very soon."

"By the time you leave school this afternoon," Mr. T interjected. "We will know exactly what is needed to make you the best person that you can be. The Clan educational system is unique in more ways than testing. Our actual classroom situation is spread across three continents. Most of you will be attending classes in various locations, around the world, during your day. For those with duties outside school, your schedule will adjust to allow those duties to be completed without penalty. To give you an example, Patriarch Short manages to show up for classes one day a week at the most recently; yet in no way is he behind, he doesn't have to play catch-up with the rest of his schoolmates. Homework consists of things that you enjoy doing in your free time. According to my sources, that means the Core Rimmers will probably be doing their Health Classes more at home than at school."

"They've already passed Family Planning, despite their insistence that there are only bees and no birds," Mrs. Diaz teased.

Glancing at each other, Prez and Keith blushed and chuckled. Keith went to retrieve Dewi from Mr. T, mostly to have a little kid to hide behind for a minute or two. Mike went to get his littlest brother, Aaron from Mrs. Diaz, softly sniggering, "That comment was for my dirty dancing during guitar solos?"

"And Preston singing love songs to Keith every Friday afternoon for two months," Mrs. Diaz giggled. Softly chortling, Mike, Prez, and Keith returned to the mass of students, giving their full attention to the teachers.

Mrs. Taylor announced, "Everybody find seats. The smaller chairs and computer stations are in the center of the room, for little boys and girls. Each row toward the outside of the room gets slightly larger. It's important that you can comfortably reach the keyboard, mouse, and joystick." Kids started to move around, taller teenagers near the outside wall and getting progressively smaller and younger toward the center of the room.

"Make sure you sit with your friends nearby," Mr. Taylor instructed. "Other schools don't appreciate friends talking, but Clan schools encourage it. This will allow more open conversations during lecture sessions, and to encourage those who might be more comfortable talking with their closest friends, to help one another whenever necessary."

Miss Perez said, "Our jobs are to encourage you. As important as that might be, you encouraging each other is more important."

"One more thing," Mr. T added. "If I catch any of you trying not to talk to each other during the test, you won't get any cookies with lunch!"

"WHAT?" about a hundred-and-sixty kids incredulously hollered.

Meanwhile, back at the dining room, the Stoeher twins, Tanner and Toby, were sitting with the Hiram twins, Anakoni and Kapena. All four were eleven-years-old. Since Saturday, they had been living in the same hall of Ewa Beach's dormitory three. Naturally, they were becoming friends. With all their milkshake glasses empty, Tanner directly asked the Hiram brothers, "Can you guys hear each other in your minds?"

Anakoni scowled, "Not without talking."

"It's not that we haven't tried," Kapena moaned. "Since getting here, we met lots of dudes that can."

Anakoni asked, "Can you two do it?"

Nodding, Toby grinned, "We could before getting here. Saturday, we talked with Cesar and Felipe, and then Ralphie, Richie, Robbie and Ronnie. We're practicing and it's getting a little better."

Tanner offered, "You two look almost the same, like me and Toby. Have you ever tried before getting here?"

Kapena hummed then answered, "Not really. For us, it's like we can't when we actually try. But once Anakoni knew I had accidentally cut myself pretty bad." He showed the Stoeher twins the scar at the base of his left thumb, grinning, "I was making a sandwich when it happened. My bro was outside, so he couldn't have known, but he did."

"Another time, I fell out of a tree and Kapena knew I wasn't okay," Anakoni shared. "I bumped my head pretty good and scraped the hell out of my back, the way I slipped. My bro was at the same park, but not around me, so he couldn't see what happened, but then he was there, helping me get home."

Toby instructed, "Talk to John Hundser later. He's our Intel leader and expert. If there's anyone who'll know what's up, he might."

A little defensively, Kapena asked, "Why does it matter?"

Tanner shrugged, "It doesn't, not to anyone besides you two. It's just kewl having the connection with Toby. You'd like it if you could learn it." He gestured to his brother, smirking, "The chocolate monster here..." Toby and the Hirams cracked up, and Tanner giggled, "keeps both our bellies full, with cookies, cake, ice cream, candy bars..."

Anakoni giggled, "Why do you have strawberry shake then?"

Tanner smirked, "Just cos he's a chocolate freak don't mean I can't have my own favorites."

Toby suggested, "If you'd wanna try mind talkin', we could help."

Kapena nodded and smiled. Anakoni chuckled, "Sure, let's do that."

At the next table over Craig sat with his brother Phil and the three Oldcambus brothers. The oldest of the three, Kassidy Oldcambus quietly checked with Craig. With a nod from Craig, Kassidy called over, "Guys, telepathy is no big deal. My little bros dump silly ideas in my head now and then. It used to drive our parents crazy, especially at dinner time."

Karey evilly grinned at his twin, wondering, "Is now a good time to admit we can hear Kassidy's thoughts too?"

"WHAT?" Kassidy incredulously hollered, and quickly asked, "Since when?"

Kade told Karey, "Now's not a good time, obviously." With nods and giggles, the eleven-year-old twins slid away from the table, got up and took off running for the exit, with Kassidy chasing after them.

Looking over at the Hiram twins, Craig innocently smiled, "Maybe it's better to never admit you're telepathic." The Hiram and Stoeher boys cracked up.

Looking around the dining room, Kenny Hunnicutt sighed, "I think Leo's the only new kid that went to school."

Billy shrugged, "It makes sense, since his entire family went, he prob'ly figured he might as well. It looks like the older Latin King kids went too."

"More stuff to share at lunch and later today too," Jason helpfully added.

Scowling, Billy wondered, "How am I gonna remember stuff?"

Stan smiled, "We'll all help, Billy."

In front of Billy, near his shake glass, a PADD materialized on the table. Twelve heads glanced down at the device. Over the loudspeakers in the ceiling, Alden giggled, "That will help you keep a list, Billy."

Jason looked up, laughing, "Alden, you're a kick."

Over Jason's comm-badge, Alden giggled, "That's good?"

"Sure is," Jason chuckled, "anything fun is a kick, like doing somersaults in a pool or spinning around just to make yourself dizzy and wobble into stuff."

"That's an interesting new slang use of the word I'll remember," Alden admitted.

Kenny smiled, "Anyway we can get our kicks, Alden. Like amusement parks are strictly for kicks. You've heard that before, haven't you?"

After a few moments, Alden giggled, "Yup, I just found it in literature and in some songs, used in that context. Now it makes sense. Who would willingly want to get kicked, after all?"

Two sets of quadruplets, the Steibs and the Taylors, and Pat, Carrol and Trevor converged on the table where Billy sat. Ronnie sent a test telepathic message to his ex-neighbor from St. Joseph, just to see if he would get it. Richie kept Carrol and Trevor in the loop while Ralphie kept Pat informed. Billy giggled, "It's time to go?" and all eleven boys began giggling.

Ralphie sniggered, "Kewl. You heard Ronnie?"

"The words but not his voice," Billy softly admitted.

Robbie smiled, "It's kewl, dude. You'll get used to mind talking."

Gesturing to the quadruple R's and the Steib brothers, Pat giggled, "You might even be heard, if one of these eight happen to be paying attention."

Smirking at his boyfriend, Ralphie giggled, "Are you saying I talk too much?"

Shaking his head, Pat leaned closer to whisper, "When we kiss, the best part is I can still hear what you're thinking. Those thoughts mean a lot to me, Ralphie."

'I guess Ralphie needs to work on his kissing then,' Richie silently teased.

Robbie grinned, 'Or maybe he talks so much that even with his mouth full of tongue, he can't shut up.'

Ralphie smirked, 'You both need boyfriends! Billy's still smiling, so go for it, bros.' The Steib brothers uncontrollably giggled.

Lanna Seaver and Laura Gibbons returned to the dining room and walked directly to the area where the girls were congregated. Standing with his empty shake glass, Billy said, "Let me take this to the dishwasher and we'll get started." Billy started toward the kitchen. 

"I've got your PADD, bro," Jason said.

"Kewl," Billy replied.

Looking at the PADD, Jason tried it out, asking Alden for instruction.

Getting shoved by Richie and Ronnie, Robbie followed Billy. Robbie confidently shared, "I've been here since Thursday night. My bros and I haven't checked out half of what's here yet."

A little stunned with Robbie's company, Billy softly asked, "Have you been busy?"

"With three brothers, adding two more, and getting family stuff together, yeah," Robbie warmly smiled. "You weren't here at lunch time yesterday," Robbie realized, and explained, "That's when my parents officially adopted my brothers, and Carrol and Trevor."

Many girls started giggling and some cheered, "Thank you!" Turning slightly and pausing, Billy wondered what was happening, but then continued to the dishwasher.

Robbie grinned, "Aunt Lanna and Aunt Laura have given the girls something else to do." He giggled, "Girl stuff, ya know? They're going to learn about make-up and painting their faces."

Nodding, Billy grinned, "You can... umm... hear everything from everybody?"

Robbie chuckled, "Not everybody and not all the time." Billy put his glass down on the dishwasher shelf and turned to find Robbie directly before him. Blushing, Robbie sent, 'I think you're cute too, dude. I'd like to see if that leads us somewhere. How 'bout you?' Billy's jaw dropped. He recalled a joke made Saturday, when he'd said that he might go for two of the quadruplets. Suddenly, he wanted to cover his face and run away. Robbie giggled, "Damn, you're cute inside too. You're going nowhere far from me, for a while, I think."

Billy happily gushed, "You're making me crazier! How am I gonna deal with about a hundred guys and you too?"

Robbie shrugged and smiled, "With help, from me, my brothers, your brothers, and prob'ly the Steib brothers too." Reaching an arm out, Robbie took hold of Billy's hand. He sent, 'Let's get this party on the road,' and led Billy back to the dining room. The two boys saw that the girls were lined up at dimensional doors heading to Oneula Beach.

Lanna Seaver went to Billy and Robbie, saying, "Laura and I are going to spend a few hours with our new girls. We'll give them a crash course on becoming young ladies."

Billy smiled, "Thanks, Aunt Lanna. If they want, the girls can join us when you're done."

Lanna then squinted at Robbie, smirking, "Last night, Laura and I decided to spend this morning with the new girls. It's only coincidence that it works for your benefit, Robbie."

Robbie giggled, "I thought you might miss hearing Cesar and Felipe."

"I was, actually," Lanna warmly smiled, and turned to join the rest of the girls.

Walking toward the group of gathered boys, Billy grinned at Robbie, playfully challenging, "Not everybody and not all the time, huh?"

"Aunt Lanna's different," Robbie smiled. "She's the perfect mom for telepathic twins. She could hear Cesar and Felipe the very first day, before they were even adopted. That's another reason why I know there's something very kewl about you, Billy." Obviously surprised, Billy snapped his neck turning to Robbie. "I don't know what's different yet either," Robbie giggled. "All I know is that you heard Ronnie and me, in a different way than most. That makes you interesting..." Blushing and giggling, Robbie added, 'cute and cuddly too.'

Breaking out in a nervous sweat, Billy whimpered, "No one's ever said that about me."

'I only thought it, and you heard it,' Robbie giggled. 'Yes, I can hear you too, and I think you're right, there's a lot of exploring to be done.'

Two blushing and giggling boys joined their brothers and friends. While simultaneously sharing thoughts with Robbie, Billy loudly announced, "Let's get going." Hearing their big brother speaking so loudly, Jason's eyes widened, and Jimmy and Scott bounced in their seats. Noticing Billy and Robbie were holding hands, Jason's eyes almost jumped out of their sockets. All the other boys around the dining room were standing and walking towards the rec room, but Jason remained seated, dizzily trying to process Billy with a boyfriend. He could only wonder how it happened. The whole time Jason's wheels were spinning, Robbie was sharing Jason's thoughts with Billy.

To snap Jason out of his trance, Billy giggled, "Are you coming with us, bro?"

Looking down at the table, Jason saw the PADD sitting there, reminding him to bring it along. Standing with the PADD, Jason wordlessly joined the mass of boys lining up at the dimensional doors. 

Robbie giggled to Billy, 'Jason's completely confused. He's remembering a talk you two had in the shower this morning. He thinks you've changed, just because we're holding hands.' Starting to loudly laugh and following Billy to the dimensional doors, Robbie sent, 'Yeah, I really do like you, especially when you think stuff like that! You're younger than me, but not that much younger, only ten months. That means, two months of the year were the same age. None of what you're thinking matters to me. Richie and Ronnie were in situations just like you, and I love them.'

Focused on the kids going through the doors to Oneula Beach, Billy instructed, "Just like here, guys. As soon as you get there, turn sharp and you're going toward regular doors into the rec room there. Ya can't miss 'em." At the same time, Billy wondered what Jason was really thinking.

'He's thinking it's very kewl that we're hookin' up, and that he needs some of that kind of luck,' Robbie shared with Billy. 'Don't worry so much about your bro, he'll be fine, once he makes up his mind which guy he likes most. Excuse me for a few moments, Billy; triple-trouble are giving me shit.'

Realizing that Robbie was hearing all of his three brothers at once, and wondering what they might be saying, or sending, since none were actually speaking, Billy sputtered and started laughing. 

Giggling his butt off, Ralphie sent to Billy, 'Kiss Robbie, now!'

'Billy, you know you want to,' Richie teased.

'Robbie wants you to do it,' Ronnie slyly smiled.

Robbie squinted, 'Ralphie, suck face with Pat and shut up. Ronnie, I'm telling Garrett how bad you are. Richie, stop acting like you're only paying attention to Carrol and Trevor; you are far from innocent, bro.'

Richie sniggered, 'You can't even act like you're really angry, bro. You really want it as bad as Billy.'

All three brothers loudly ordered, 'JUMP HIS BONES, BILLY!'

Privy to this entire telepathic exchange, the Stoeher twins sadly shook their heads. Tanner interjected, 'I don't know why some guys make such a to-do about being boyfriends. Do they need an announcement letter or what?'

Toby smirked, 'You have to admit, the ones that act shy are cuter.'

'And usually the ones that start stuff up too,' Tanner evilly grinned.

Toby firmly objected, 'I did not start anything Saturday night or last night!'

'I didn't say that, did I?' Tanner snickered. "It works like a charm, every time." He then focused on Robbie, sending, 'Kiss him and get it over with, will you, please?'

Robbie sent the equivalent of a telepathic APB, shouting, 'I WILL KISS HIM, WHEN WE'RE READY, NOT FOR ANY OF YOU!' Intensely blushing, Billy's eyes widened, he sputtered, turned away briefly and cracked up.

About three-hundred meters away, sitting at a school computer station and taking his placement test, John Hundser heard and helplessly began laughing. Wade softly giggled, making it obvious that he heard too. Saturday, John had told the quadruple R's to keep practicing their telepathy. Obviously, there would be some additions to his Intel team quicker than expected.

Walking through the dimensional doors with Pat, Ralphie giggled, 'Yeah, yeah, big deal. You really want to jump his bones.'

Returning his attention to Billy, Robbie sighed, "Sorry about that."

Nodding, Billy breathlessly giggled, "Why did I hear Tanner and Toby too?"

Robbie softly explained, "The best me and my bros can figure is that there are senders, there are receivers, or there are receiver-senders. Like I said earlier, you're a little different, cos you can definitely hear us, but your thoughts are open enough to allow us to hear you too. I'll bet you could learn to be a full time receiver-sender too, at least with me."

Following the last kids, Billy and Robbie passed through the door to Oneula Beach. The Hunnicutts, Billy's three brothers and Kaleo's sons were waiting. Jason passed the PADD to Billy. Almost simultaneously, the next two oldest boys, Kenny and Stan asked, "Whaddaya want us to do, Billy?"

Not noticing that almost everyone in the room was listening, Billy shrugged, "I was thinkin' it might be kewl to know which games are for which age groups. I can also put groups of pluses and minuses next to games, like a rating system, for each age group. You guys test games, and me and Robbie will keep the notes."

Ralphie, Ronnie and Richie sent, 'You're still taking notes? We thought you'd memorized the book by now!"

Billy blushed and giggled. Sadly shaking his head, Robbie sighed, "Don't pay attention to them, Billy. I'll take care of perv brothers at home tonight, I promise." Receiving ideas from Robbie about what he intended to do, Ronnie, Ralphie and Pat went in one direction, and Richie quickly took Carrol and Trevor in the opposite direction.

"That was easy," Billy grinned, and then wondered, "What did you tell them?"

"A threat that I might still have to keep, if they're not good. I promise to tell you another time," Robbie giggled. The two boys wandered over to where some older teenagers were checking various video games out. Terry Parkinson and his roommate, Mike Busse, were at the jukebox. They chose the rock genre, and started it randomly playing songs, beginning with Hotel California.

AI Division Headquarters, Sullivan's Island, S.C.

Monday November 8, 2004 3:07PM EST

The moment Reyes entered Marc's living room, Danny went over to offer a hug, softly sniggering, "I can't believe you heard me pulling on my jeans. Marc was clear across the room. Stevie denied having any involvement."

Reyes chuckled, "Nope, no AI pranks, I heard it." He then waved and said hello to Marc, before returning his attention to Fred and Chauncey. Still loosely holding Danny, Reyes introduced, "Danny Page and Marc Furst, this is Fred Eckhart, and his brother, Chauncey, and Chauncey's puppy is Rikko."

Recalling having seen Marc at Vision Industries many years ago, Fred reached an arm out to him to shake hands and say hello. Chauncey followed his brother's lead.

Danny smiled, "Welcome to Charleston. Keep your clothes on if you wish, but Marc here doesn't mind looking."

Marc's eyes shot up. "ME?" he incredulously yelled. "The only person around here who is a bigger perv than you is Stevie!"

Doing an excellent imitation of a female ferret, Stevie squeaked, "It's not my fault grandpa programmed me this way! And you guys keep taking your pants off, fueling topics of conversation." Reyes helplessly chuckled.

Alden giggled, "Far be it for us to let a commentary pass by."

"You're both pervs, so give up on the halos already!" Jerry said as he walked in the room. "Hey there, I'm Jerry Owens; I'm the only sane AI specialist in the entire Division."

Danny flipped Jerry the bird. "You, sane? Yeah right, you're the only programmer in AI history to have programmed a version of the OS that has a habit of collecting anything furry that walks within five miles of him!"

The back door slammed. From the kitchen and running to the living room, Joey screamed, "Dahdy, can I..." Seeing Reyes and Rikko, Joey audibly gasped and came to an abrupt halt. Kneeling down, Joey giggled, "Whad a pweddy doggie! We gods do ged a puppy doggie, Dahdy!" Rikko bounced over to the new little boy, licked Joey's face and jumped up, knocking Joey off balance. While Rikko gave him kisses, Joey loudly laughed, "We gods do ged lodsa puppy doggies, Dahdy!"

A calico cat came walking into the room, going directly to Joey. "I approve of this idea. You may add canines to our house, Joey. I find them most entertaining."

Joey giggled. "Okay, Fuzzy. You gonna say hi do dhe new guys?"

"Of course; the kittens are looking for new pets," Fuzzy replied with over-dignified assurance.

"SEE!" Marc and Danny chorused in unison.

"Hey, it's genetic, he's Timmy's brother!" Jerry responded in his own defense.

Releasing Danny and going to stand between Fred and Chauncey, Reyes threw his arms around them, sniggering, "This is AI Division normal. My first visit here, I wasn't in the door a full ten-seconds before I was victim of an in-progress pillow and tickle fight." Proving the shock of cat-speak was wearing off, Chauncey and Fred began giggling.

Coming downstairs, KC helpfully added, "Reyes was standing with Noah and his board shorts at his ankles, with his pecker flappin' in the breeze. A hell of a thing to wake up to, by the way, but nothing shocks me any more." 

"When did your shock circuit ever work?" Danny giggled.

"Your batteries are failing you, geezer," KC grinned. "Was I not shocked on the side of that cliff when Prez tried to seduce me?" Chauncey and Fred cracked up.

"I was too; I think Prez needs to see Dr. Dan!" Danny replied. "His tastes are definitely slipping fast; must be stress related."

Softly, but still loud enough to be heard by KC, Reyes told Chauncey and Fred, "KC had major wood after that incident."

"Cos Unca Pwez is cuder dhan Unca Dahny," Joey giggled, and quickly hid behind KC.

Grinning, KC sighed, "And we wonder why our AIs have penis envy."

"I don' god penis envy! Dahdy gave me a BIG one!" Joey stated proudly.

Pulling his little brother in front of him, KC lifted and flung Joey over his shoulder, sniggering, "I rest my case, twerp!"

Fred and Chauncey looked to Reyes for explanation. Shrugging, Reyes giggled, "It's true enough." He then asked Danny, "Is it CAT scan time?"

"I have already scanned you. I approve," Fuzzy factually stated.

Everybody in the room looked down at the calico cat, watching it strut toward the kitchen and the basement door. Rikko followed Fuzzy, and so did Chauncey, Fred, Danny and Jerry.

Giggling, Reyes wondered, "What is it about this house that causes normal people to lose it?"

Marc shrugged, "It's a vibe that started... shit, it started soon after Danny was reactivated."

"We need someone to intervene the next time Cory and company invade," KC joked.

"Actually, Danny managed to warp reality long before Cory called," Marc giggled. "The Clan just accelerated the process."

Glancing around the room at Marc, KC, and Joey, who was still hanging off KC's shoulder, mostly upside down, Reyes smiled, "I guess I'll take a quick walk next door, to let Paul and Ryan know that I'm here."

Marc nodded, "I'll go downstairs. After you rescued Fred, I checked the old logs. Fred's last software and firmware upgrades were done in 1986." 

KC grinned, "Is Fred usually so quiet? He barely said a word."

Reyes shrugged, "Honestly, I haven't spent that much time with him. Considering what happened in Colorado, and how upset Chauncey was, I think they're both adjusting pretty well. Besides, since arriving, we didn't give them much of a chance to say more than hello." He then asked Joey, "Do you want to come with me, little brother? Once we get your uncles movin', we'll come back here, or go to Ewa Beach and jam for a little while."

Joey giggled, "Oday, Weyes. Pud me down, Casey." KC helped Joey down. In moments, Joey was on his feet and flying into Reyes arms.

Catching and lifting his little brother, Reyes planted a kiss on Joey's cheek. Reyes smiled, "We'll be back in a little while."

"See ya," Marc and KC chorused.

Walking to the kitchen, with Joey still in his arms and planted on his left hip, Reyes asked, "Is it raining still, Joey?"

"A widdwe," Joey answered, "nod as hawd as id was befowe." At the back door and noticing that it was raining hard again, Joey giggled, "I god hewe dwy. We'we going do have do wun." Agreeing, Reyes put Joey down. Soon they were racing out the door and over to the Owens' house. It was a relatively short run, about fifty meters, but they still got drenched. 

Sitting in the living room watching television, Jon Owens saw his grandson and Reyes come in the house. Chuckling, Jon stood and offered, "Let me get some towels." Joey stripped off his shirt and kicked off his sneakers. On his way to the linen closet, Jon asked, "How're you today, Reyes?"

"I'm good, Uncle Jon," Reyes replied. "School started today. My family and about half of our Clan are there, and the other half are newbies exploring the two bases."

Returning with two bath towels, Jon smiled, "You have two bases?" and handed off the towels.

Nodding, Reyes began drying his thick auburn hair, and answered, "We have five bases on four islands. The two on Oahu are occupied with rescued kids, as of yesterday. The other three have refugees, since Friday's insanity."

"Hi, Reyes," Willie purred as he slinked around the corner. Reyes greeted the panther hybrid.

Hearing Reyes voice, Paul and Ryan galloped downstairs. Ryan gasped, "You're sopping wet!"

Sadly shaking his head, Paul smirked, "I told you to wear a raincoat."

Jon recommended, "Why don't you boys get Reyes into some dry clothes?" Looking down, Jon instructed, "You too, Joey, change into dry clothes, before you catch cold."

"Choo!" Joey faked a sneeze, then giggled, "I don'd dhink we can cadch cowds, gwandpa."

Almost simultaneously, Paul and Reyes corrected, "Yes we can, Joey."

Reyes smiled, "We'll get past it quicker and easier, but listen to your grandpa. You can't keep time and play drums when you're sneezing, sniffling and coughing, twerp."

Beginning to strip off his remaining clothes, Joey giggled, "I'ww pud showds on fow Hawaii." In moments, Joey raced naked up the stairs, leaving a pile of damp clothes on the entryway floor.

Ryan called, "Come on, Reyes. You're not catching cold today either." Reyes followed Paul and Ryan up the steps. Catching eyefuls of two round butts, currently covered in jeans, Reyes began giggling. Without turning, Ryan wondered, "What's so funny?" Reaching both hands forward, Reyes pinched both brothers' buns, causing them to yelp and race up the remaining steps. Laughing, Reyes hurried after them.

At the top of the staircase, Paul squinted, "Very funny."

"We should've expected that though," Ryan giggled.

Paul huffed, "We've got stuff to talk about anyway," and started down the hall.

Ryan reached for Reyes' hand and took it in his, saying, "Me and Paul have been talking, and you need to know about it." 

Nervously, Reyes nodded. He didn't expect them to have discussed anything quite so quickly. As soon as he stepped into Paul's and Ryan's bedroom, Ryan released Reyes' hand to close the door and lock it.

At the dresser, with his back turned from Reyes and Ryan, Paul opened a drawer, softly saying, "We told you about what we did on the streets, but didn't tell you about how things were before that."

Locking eyes with Reyes, Ryan grinned, "We're brothers, so of course we fooled around a little bit, now and then. It was never like we were boyfriends though. When we talked about you with us though, suddenly we had to face facts."

Returning to his brother and Reyes with boxer-briefs, board shorts and a polo shirt, Paul dropped the clothes on the nearest bed. He cautiously explained, "I love Ryan, he loves me, and we're obviously feeling strongly about you." 

Reyes noticed Paul's eyes darting around, almost as if he were making sure he was safe in his own bedroom. It was probably the door being locked, Reyes rationalized. Paul's only escape route was altered.

Reaching for the comm-badge on Reyes' T-shirt, Ryan took it off, softly giggling, "Four times since Saturday night we talked about you, and got stiffies." Intensely blushing, Reyes also giggled. Leaning closer and on Reyes, Ryan whispered, "We'd like to try having a real relationship with you."

"If you're still considering it," Paul quickly added, intentionally leaving all three of them an easy out.

Reyes warmly smiled, "I am and do want to try, but I'd like to say a few things to both of you. If that's kewl with you, then we can talk more or move forward?"

"Kewl," the brothers chirped.

Gesturing to the bed, Reyes prompted, "Have a seat." He took his damp T-shirt off while Paul and Ryan sat down. Holding out his T-shirt, he grinned, "Swap ya, wet for dry?" Widely smiling, Paul took Reyes' wet shirt, snarled, and then dropped it on the floor. Giggling, Ryan handed the fresh shirt to Reyes, and then returned the comm-badge. Once he had slipped the polo shirt on, Reyes grinned, "Right after my rescue, between Saturday and Wednesday morning, I hadn't woke with morning wood once. Since Wednesday, every morning, without fail." Ryan giggled louder. Paul smiled and nodded.

Reyes continued, "I tell my brothers, and even myself, it's because I'm healing, returning to normal, but I know that's only half true. I would've been with you everyday since we met, but I just didn't get the chance. As soon as I heard it was raining here, I wanted to get here, to bring you to Ewa Beach, where it's sunny and warm. 

"I've noticed some other stuff too that has to be aired out." Before either brother could ask, Reyes locked eyes with Ryan, saying, "Paul needs you, just as you are, and so do I. At the beach house, I told you that I couldn't be with one of you without including the other. That wasn't a very difficult decision for me, because you would be shattered without Paul, and he'd be destroyed without you. Each of you are only half a person without the other in your life. To make this work, you come to us, Paul and I, for everything, together or one at a time, but know that everything you tell me won't be kept a secret from Paul. Secrets aren't possible between two when there are three."

Ryan rapidly nodded agreement, smiling, "That's easy."

Focusing on Paul, Reyes sighed, "I see more than you probably think I do, Paul. Please don't take this wrong, as any sort of threat, but I often see your eyes bouncing and darting around, to make sure you're safe. You always need to know your escape route; I saw it here Wednesday, I saw it at the beach house, again yesterday in the basement store, and just a minute ago when you crossed the room with the clothes. As fucked up as my situation was, your time on the street was every bit as bad, possibly worse. It's all changed now, Paul. It's time to share all those old worries, get 'em off your chest. For twenty years you did your best to keep Ryan safe. You did it, Paul. He's here, with us and perfectly fine and completely safe. Going forward, that becomes part of my job. I intend to prove to both of you how safe we really are."

Paul reluctantly mumbled, "I can't help myself sometimes."

"I know," Reyes warmly smiled. "Here, your contact with other kids is limited, compared to my life at Ewa Beach. I want to go back there with both of you today, so I get time with you, and you get time around all our kids. We're perfectly safe now, Paul. Nobody is going to hurt Ryan or me. Can you share your old job, protecting Ryan with me?"

Shedding tears, Paul nodded, "I'll try. You guys will have to let me know when I'm messing it up."

Kneeling down on the floor between Paul and Ryan, Reyes offered both his hands, firmly assuring, "I will, but don't worry about it." Paul and Ryan each took one of Reyes' hands. Reyes softly reminded, "I want to be with both of you; one without the other won't cut it. I need both of you, with the past way in the background where it belongs. The really interesting thing is that I've always been in families of three. I thought my orphanage family was big, but the Clan's got that beat. The future is all three of us. I already feel like we're family, and have high hopes it'll only get better."

Ryan wondered, "Having two boyfriends doesn't scare you, Reyes?"

"Compared to the orphanage, two dudes I really care about will be easy and fun," Reyes answered. "This is my place now, between you with my hands in both of yours. What I've learned from my dad, pop, and the other Core Rimmers is that we're a team, from now on. What isn't already fixed from our pasts will be, with two helping the other one."

"We can try," Paul sighed.

Ryan corrected, "We will try, bro. There's never been anyone like Reyes, and you know it."

"There's no rush and plenty of time," Reyes gently reminded. Brightly smiling, Reyes added, "As the song says, we can work it out."

Blushing, Paul grinned, "We get a boyfriend who can sing us to sleep at night." Ryan cracked up.

Reyes giggled, "I get a warm comfy place between you." Paul and Ryan grinned at each other then pulled Reyes up off his knees and onto the clothes, face down on the bed between them. All three giggled and cuddled together for the first time. Reyes told his two boyfriends what was going on in Hawaii that day. After a minute or so, while Reyes was still talking, all three heard feet running down the hall.

"Weyes?" Joey yelled from the other side of the door, "Awe we going do jam hewe ow ad Ewa Beach?"

Paul loudly replied, "Ewa Beach, Joey."

"I'ww deww gwandma, gwandpa and dahdy," Joey cheered, and took off running back down the hall.

Since Reyes was on his belly, Paul shared an unnoticed mischievous glance with Ryan. Without warning, both boys goosed Reyes' butt, to get him back for the pinches on the stairs. Lurching, Reyes squealed and giggled into the mattress. Laying back down on his side, Ryan smiled, "What I'd like to know is how you got so sexy?"

"I dunno," Reyes giggled. "Maybe it's only apparent to my equally sexy boyfriends."

Paul grinned, "Nope, I think it's a unique combination of brown Polynesian skin, hazel eyes and auburn hair wrapping up a very caring heart."

Reyes mooed through giggles, "You're the seducer? I never would've guessed."

Ryan evilly snickered, "He never used to be. Again, that's your effect on Paul."

Paul grinned, "See, Ryan is trying to make you believe he's innocent."

"I already know Ryan's not innocent," Reyes playfully teased, and quickly turned his head. Ryan's jaw dropped and he uncontrollably blushed before laughing along with Paul and Reyes.

Paul sniggered, "Remember, bro, we... as in both of us got bones talking about what we might say to Reyes today."

"I'm curious," Reyes giggled, "exactly what were you discussing that caused that? We spent hours naked together Saturday with no visible reactions."

"Exactly!" Ryan and Paul loudly laughed.

Ryan playfully offered, "Delayed reaction?"

"Seeing a guy dressed verses undressed are often two completely different pictures," Paul carefully explained. "In both conditions, we liked what we saw. Your words, voice and personality didn't change at all. Some guys might get naked and then act superior, others might be the opposite, very shy and reserved, but not you though. Ryan confirmed what I saw, so that's simply you."

Ryan added, "Which is why I called you sexy. You definitely are perfectly proportioned, everywhere. Everything about you is becoming very familiar."

"Ditto times two," Reyes smiled. "That's why I had to pinch your butts. Also, I spent more than twenty years in the ROH, before the orphanage, and spent a fair amount of time naked around other naked people. It's simply the way I learned to be, before orphanage pedophiles clouded the picture."

Paul thoughtfully hummed, then smirked, "I want to get changed into shorts and get to Hawaii. Who's ready to leave?"

Ryan nodded, quickly sat up and giggled, "It just so happens that I didn't put undies on, so Reyes gets another peep show."

"Which I will take full advantage of," Reyes cackled.

Paul squinted and smirked, "How full?"

"Only half," Reyes giggled, "unless you show some white butt too. So keep your underwear on, or we might not be leaving quite as quickly as we hoped."

Sounding like a newscaster, Paul stood and huffed, "Thus proving that once human or android becomes sexually active, there is no undoing it." He started across the room to change clothes.

Ryan got up and Reyes rolled off of the boxer-shorts and boardies that he had landed upon. Unbuttoning his jeans, Ryan locked eyes with Reyes, seductively asking, "Do you want to touch me?"

Reyes smiled, "I've loved every hug and kiss you guys have given me, and I do want to go there, but not right now. Simply knowing that we're going to try being partners is perfect. If we see it's working out, three ways, we know what to do next, later today, tomorrow, whenever."

Pausing a moment then proceeding to unzip, Ryan giggled, "You know, as much as I want you to touch me, no one has ever said no that gently, seriously or warmly."

Turning around in only gray boxer-briefs, Paul sighed, "I think we've all had our share of experiences that weren't fun or good. It was a meal, or a temporary place to sleep."

Nodding, Reyes admitted, "Honestly, it's those bad sexual experiences that are in my memories, and what I'm most afraid of."

"How so?" Ryan wondered, and reached for the boxer-briefs on the bed.

"I remember every word of what you said about your orphanage," Paul admitted, "but I'm not sure why you would be frightened by us, Reyes."

Reyes shrugged, "I want this to work, not short term, weeks or months, but years. We've all done enough sexually to be experts. My wish is for us to be together, everywhere, all the time. That's how all the people I look up to act. Maybe you don't see it because you haven't gotten to know them, but my dad and pop show their love for Prez and Keith everyday, without running into a bedroom. From day one, as soon as we met them, the four of them have been inseparable. All the people in love that I've ever known have been like that. We can be like that.

"I learned stuff that makes me wonder how things might work over years. For example, Ryan might not be feeling very well one day, he's sick, and doesn't want to mess around, but Paul and I are completely ready and only waiting for Ryan. How do we work that? When is it okay for two to be alone without the third? How do the two that were alone make it up to the third, so he never feels separated, out on the edge of the branch."

"We hadn't thought of that," Paul murmured.

"Think of it," Reyes prodded, "if I've been alone with you, for whatever reason, then both of us have to make it up to Ryan, alone as couples and again, all three together. It's not the way I want it to be generally, but there will very likely be instances exactly like that. Only yesterday, what I thought would be an hour or two in the store, and then plenty of time to be with just the two of you, didn't quite work out that way."

"No, it didn't," Ryan giggled. "I felt just like those kids. This stuff is free? GIMME!"

With the brothers dressed and ready, Reyes stood, sadly saying, "Plan is a four letter word. I thought we'd have way more time than we actually had."

Sandwiching Reyes between them, each brother planted a soft kiss. Paul sighed, "Please don't worry so much about what we did with our time. It was important to us that we be there with you. We've watched you here, interacting with everyone, and there at Ewa Beach, with your brothers, fathers, friends and all those new kids. You don't change very much for anyone, and that's how I know it's you I want to be with. The only thing delayed was the talk we just had; no harm done."

Nodding, Ryan added, "It sure wasn't boring, Reyes. We did have dinner together, which was really nice. As much as you wanted to know about the kids, they wanted to know about you and us too. It was so good to hear how hopeful those kids are."

"Even better was the concert after dinner," Paul beamed. "You were with the rest of your leadership team, and then with your band, where you needed to be. Those are parts of you that we completely accept and enjoy."

"It was after ten when we left Ewa Beach," Ryan reminded. "It was after four in the morning when we got home. We were awake about twenty hours."

"Time zones are another little issue we'll be dealing with," Reyes softly huffed.

"Then we're staying there with you or you're coming here with us," Paul firmly said. "As for when we'll be acting as couples, let me say that I think it will be very rare. For instance, what you didn't notice, I sure did, namely Ryan's chubby!" Reyes and Ryan cracked up.

"BUSTED!" Stevie and Alden shouted from the ceiling speakers.

"You two pervs stay outta this!" all three boys chorused as one.

"Hey, we've graduated to pervs!" Stevie giggled. "Dad's gonna be so proud of us!"

Realizing they would never be truly alone, Paul released Reyes and Ryan, went to the door and opened it. Reyes picked his wet shirt up off the floor. All three exited the room. Paul softly bitched, "First thing, we're going out on a date, away from perv AI cameras and microphones."

Ryan hopefully gushed, "Waikiki?"

Reyes nodded, "My treat."

Paul stopped walking and spun around, forcing Ryan and Reyes to stop short or bump into him. Paul squinted, "What? You're paying?"

Reyes nodded, "I've had a Clan debit card most of the week that I haven't used once, and I'm a Core Rimmer, with access to funds I can't even count. Waikiki it is, and then a moonlit walk on the beach after we eat."

Without delay, Paul and Ryan jumped Reyes. All three fell to the floor with loud thuds and crazed giggling. Downstairs, on the living room sofa, Jon grinned up at the ceiling. Hurrying to the staircase from the kitchen, Mary yelled, "Is everybody all right up there?"

Paul laughed, "We're fine, mom." He then softly warned Reyes, "But one of us may not be so all right tomorrow morning." Ryan nodded and proceeded to try and rip open the Velcro on Reyes' boardies. Howling, Reyes blocked Ryan's hands from completing the goal.

Blinking rapidly, Mary realized that Paul had quickly, and without hesitation or stammering, called her mom. She walked away satisfied, but confused nonetheless.

As she was about to re-enter the kitchen, Stevie whined, "Mommy! They called me a perv!"

Mary sighed, "If the shoe fits..."

"I don't have feet."

"You don't have a butt either, but when you do, it will be swatted, with love, of course."

"Of course!" five of six AIs cheered. 

Stevie sniffled, "So much love from my mother and brothers..."

"Stop teasing the boys and help me in the kitchen, Stevie," Mary lovingly instructed.

"'Kay mommy," Stevie happily replied.

Sharing an abundance of kisses and playful gropes, Paul, Reyes and Ryan managed to get off the floor. Between the brothers, with both hands taken, Reyes giggled because he had never even considered what it might be like holding hands with two boyfriends. Paul led the way downstairs, with Reyes in the middle, and Ryan bringing up the rear, softly commenting on Reyes wiggling backside the entire time. Arriving in the living room, they went to Jon. Paul said, "Dad, we're going to go next door, and then we'd like to go to Hawaii with Reyes, if that's all right?"

Jon reminded, "Lunch will be ready in a few minutes. Joey said that Marc and the boys there will be here soon, including Reyes' friends." Paul and Ryan checked with Reyes.

"It's kewl," Reyes smiled. "Last time I had two breakfasts and two lunches in under six hours. This time, Paul and Ryan can eat two lunches." Jerry walked in the room with Joey. Reyes scowled, "Is Fred all right?"

Nodding, Jerry assured, "Fine and completely up to date, with all the latest stuff we gave you last week, minus the special skills stuff from Austin. They'll be here in a few seconds."

Reyes blinked, "Is it still raining?"

Jerry shrugged, "I think so."

"You're dry," Reyes noticed.

Nodding, Jerry giggled, "And you've got boyfriends, I see. Now that we've gotten the obvious out of the way, when's lunch?"

Looking down, Reyes glared and grinned at Joey. Joey giggled, "WHAD?" and hid behind his dad.

Passing by with platters of food, Jon chuckled, "Has any one ever told Reyes that Joey likes running?"

"Especially in the rain," Jerry simply stated.

"Com'ere, Joey," Reyes evilly snickered, and let go of Paul and Ryan. Joey bolted down the hallway, giggling his little android ass off, with Reyes in pursuit. Joey ran through a dimensional door, to Marc's house, through another door to Orlando HQ CIC, where Seth and others noticed the ongoing chase. Joey actually led Reyes around and above the world, to Terra Main, the Ark compound, to Northeast Division's CIC, to Wales, to St. Petersburg, the Oceanic Division, and even through Ewa Beach on the return trip through the Desert Division, Des Moines, Gulf Coast and Fort Lauderdale before returning to his own house and out through the back door into the rain, where Reyes would not go.

"Congratulations, Reyes!" Stevie giggled. "You're the first person to visit all of the Clan's divisions!"

"Actually the second, Joey beat him by at least five-seconds!" Alden giggled.

"Joey is Timmy's brother and has spent more time out of time than Uncle Galli, so he's exempt from counting!" George helpfully added.

"Reyes, do you realize that you already visited tomorrow without the help of a Mikyvis?" Kerry mischievously added. "Joey's already corrupting your reality!"

<I do believe that both of them have set a new record for distance traveled by a human in five minutes, without the assistance of a Federation transporter.>

Still breathing heavy, Reyes returned to the living room, softly panting, "Joey's getting tickled to tears today, Jerry."

From down the hall, running feet were heard. Daringly, Joey ran into the living room. He cackled, "Anodhew go, Weyes?" and actually ran around the sofa and past Reyes. Capturing the android imp, Reyes held Joey still while Paul and Ryan joyfully tickled him to tears.

Danny walked into the room, grinning at Joey's plight. "Okay, that explains why I've just got calls from every division in the Clan, asking what Joey did this time. Reyes, you do realize that tickles just encourage him, don't you?"

Reyes chuckled, "This lets my little brother know I'm not angry, just getting even. One good prank deserves another."

Paul evilly grinned, "When will we stop?"

"Just before Joey wets himself and me again," Reyes sniggered.