Clan Short Pacific Rim Division

Chapter 23

Ewa Beach

Tuesday, November 9, 2004 12:25PM HTZ

After lunch, Tony Lanning and Ray Varga went over to the pools, as they normally would, but this time both boys kept walking past the diving well. There was no one else around, so they took chairs at one of the poolside tables and relaxed. Tony took his shirt off, and Ray copied his roommate's action.

Tony asked, "No diving?" Ray shook his head. Tony sighed, and then tried again, asking, "Wanna relax in the jacuzzi?" Scrunching his face, Ray shook his head again.

Tony waited for Ray to say something about what had been discussed during lunch, but Ray didn't speak. For the first time since meeting, Ray was so embarrassed that he couldn't hold eye contact with Tony. For several minutes, Tony watched his roommate and patiently waited. He remembered what he had said to Ray in the dining room, and realized it wasn't the best thing he could've said. The only correct thing he said was at the dishwasher; "Don't sweat it, dude." Ray acknowledged it with nods, but since he wasn't speaking, all Tony could do was worry. Tony felt a dull ache in his belly, and the longer they remained silent, the worse it got. Somehow Tony had to correct the situation, before the friendship faded and they couldn't stand living together. 

Hordes of kids from the dining room began arriving at the pools, so any chance of a serious chat evaporated. Certain that Ray was more confused than ever, Tony stood, put his shirt on, patted Ray on the shoulder and softly prompted, "Com'on." Tony led the way back to dorm three. Putting his shirt on, Ray followed his roomie, but didn't say a word. 

Entering the quad, they saw Prez, Keith, Chris, Jay, Sean, Troy, Lance, Scott, Erik and Travis approaching. Only steps away from the doorway into the short hall of dorm three, they heard Jay and Chris screaming, "DREW!" Tony and Ray only paused for a moment to watch their initiation. Tony evilly sniggered, but Ray avoided eye contact and barely grinned. Silently, Tony and Ray entered the dorm and walked into their room. 

As soon as Tony closed the door, he gently pleaded, "Please say something."

Ray sighed, and then sincerely said, "I'm really sorry, dude."

Tilting his head, Tony wondered, "What for?"

Stopping by his bed, Ray shrugged, "For ruining your fun; for saying yes, and then changing my mind and saying no."

Sadly shaking his head, Tony crossed the room, smiling, "I expected it."

Ready to suggest that Tony go find Nate and have some fun, Ray's frown flipped around into a smirk. He asked, "Why?"

Tony went to his roomie, patiently reminding, "We know each other now, Ray. I told you plenty on Saturday, and you told me a lot too, before we ever stepped into this room to unpack that night. Your dad was a County Sheriff. You said that he didn't bring his job home with him, but that still tells me that you have firm beliefs in what's right and what's wrong. Sunday morning, with Doc Weiner and every other Battle of Earth kid, we shared more. I was sitting right beside you, exactly where I wanted to be. 

"When you agreed with Nate's plan, that shocked me. Once again, you were very kewl about it. The unkewl way is to wait until we're naked together and then say no. There's no harm done, and I'm sure Nate feels the exact same way, because he was still talking with us. Maybe Nate might like an explanation, but not me. I fully expected you to change your mind, because you could've started something with me at any time we've been alone in this room. You haven't, which tells me either you're completely straight, or you're just not interested in me that way. For a couple o' minutes there, I thought you were more interested in Nate."

Ray giggled, "I thought you were more interested in Nate too. I was just about to tell you to go and find him."

Tony shrugged, "I am interested, but nowhere near as much as I am in you." Ray's jaw dropped. Tony grinned, "I told you, you're younger, by fourteen months, so you have to lead the way. So you fully get what I'm saying, if I led the way, I'd want all of you; heart, body and mind. What started simply enough, with us trying to be roommates, had us best friends by the end of the first day. When I told you I was bi, you didn't walk away, and you didn't ask to be moved to another room. I warned you that you might catch me whackin' off. All you did was shrug and giggle. 

"Every time I suggested that we go do something, I was a little nervous, thinking you might not want to join me. Instead of being disappointed, I was thrilled each and every time. Saturday night, I had only one worry; that I'd pop a bone before I got my clothes off to crawl into bed. That would've made my feelings very obvious in an abrupt and unkewl way. By the end of the weekend, I wasn't thinking of you as my younger roommate any more. You're my roommate and best friend in the world. I care a lot about you, and about everything you think and feel. Saying no hasn't messed up anything at all, and most definitely not between us. All your age means now is that you have to lead. So tell me how you want it to be, Ray. You can be unsure, and want to experiment, and I'll leave it that way and be happy enough."

Rapidly blinking and still processing, Ray uncertainly repeated, "Happy enough?"

Sitting down on the edge of his bed, Tony chuckled at his own slip of the lip. Ray definitely had a brain in his head. Trying to pull his out-of-control thoughts together so they made sense, Tony rambled, "Nate's definitely cute enough, but he's also got two little brothers, that he cares about and watches out for. I don't want to compete for my boyfriend's attention, and with Nate, that's what would eventually happen. Reggie's cute, and so is Angelo, but I never had a shot to show either of 'em that I was interested. When we were showing them around, I didn't notice how much they wanted to be together. At lunch though, I noticed the way they were looking at each other. I'm not the kind of dude to pout over stuff, I'll just move on. There's not a single dude here in our age bracket that I couldn't be boyfriends with, given half a chance." He paused briefly and then watched Ray carefully when he cautiously admitted, "I'm most interested in the dude I've spent every waking moment with, and every night with too."

Ray loudly squealed, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"How could I?" Tony chuckled. "You told me you weren't too interested in babes or dudes. I was twelve too, not so long ago. I know exactly where you're at, cos I was there too. Suddenly all your friendships have different meanings, whether you want them to or not. Being bisexual, I was exceptionally confused; sometimes I'd pop a bone for awesome perky tits, and other times I'd get just as hard for the dude with perfect pecs. So, I understand completely, and it's kewl with me. If you're thinking of babes and dudes, tell me and I'll be able to adjust, easily. 

"Or were you just saying what you thought I wanted to hear? If you were, then you need to change that attitude right now. More than anything else, I want you to be honest. We can't even be good roommates if we're not being honest. Thank goodness you're looking at me and making eye contact; between that and not speaking to me, I was freaking out by the pools. I can't ignore you, dude; especially not over a three-way wank that never happened. I'll be whatever you need, anytime, and all you have to do is give me clue. I was attracted to you when we met Saturday morning, and it's only getting more intense. Being with you, these last couple o' days, is the greatest feeling I've ever had. It's fun, and good, and right, and so much more, I can't even figure out how to describe it. Dozens of times I've wanted to reach for your hand, almost as many times as I've wanted to give you a hug, and that's followed by the wish that I could run my hands through your hair. If I had actually done any of the three, I know I'd want to kiss you too."

"Omigod," Ray gasped, and started pacing the room. For about a minute, Ray couldn't decide whether to look at the floor or in Tony's direction. 

Not expecting a reaction anywhere near this cute, Tony couldn't help grinning. 

Still pacing, Ray ranted, "You want the truth? The truth is the ugliest dudes in the world went to my school, and the cutest dudes in the world are right here. Have you ever seen a twelve-year-old dude with a mustache and a beard? I HAVE! Sure, it was all soft hair, over his lip, down his jaw and across his chin, but he was a missing link! There was another dude in eighth grade who had more hair on his chest and belly than my dad, but talk about having the tiniest dick in the world, you couldn't even see it beyond all the hair! Then I'd go home and get stiff watching dudes on TV; on movies, sit-coms or sports, and I'd wonder where these dudes were hiding, because they sure weren't in my real life. 

"Then, at Des Moines, I met Drew and Corey and almost fainted, they're so drop dead cute! Phil Nash shows up with his brother and again, I can't stop staring. Which is cuter than the other is a toss-up, depending on what's noticed at the moment. Thank goodness we all sat down to chat and drink milkshakes, before I crashed to the floor. Truthfully, how I drop my shorts and skinny dip every day around here, without popping serious wood, and staying hard the entire day, is a mystery to me. But what have I ever done besides occasionally play with myself? NADA! I've never even pissed in the same toilet as another dude." Pausing to be sure he really wanted to continue, Ray threw caution to the wind, hollering, "AND YOU'RE INTERESTED IN ME? ARE YOU BLIND, TONY? There are hundreds of cuter dudes around this place!"

Softly chortling and becoming more enamored by the minute, Tony smiled, "You're plenty cute now, dude."

Sadly shaking his head, Ray giggled, "That must've been prime herb you smoked, dude. I think you're tripping."

"No," Tony sniggered, and stood up again. He cautiously approached his roomie, playfully assuring, "If I was high, I would've jacked you off Saturday night, without asking. Strike one for child rape. Then I would've blown you the moment we woke in the morning. Strike two. Before I ever touched your ass for strike three, Prez would've picked me up by the throat, tossed me to Keith, who would toss me to Mike, and so on until John telekinetically bounced me off the ground.

"I think you're great, dude, the best roommate I could've hoped for. When it's time to be wild, you are, and when it's time to chill, you're as quiet as a mouse. All my other friends from LA are combined in you. Seriously, you're the best parts of a half dozen other dudes. Sometimes it really blows me away how awesome you are. I've been thinking a lot, about my needs that my old buds met, and that you're meeting all the same requirements. Six compared to one; that's amazing.

"If you want to hear more truth from me, I'm at the same place you are, wondering how I'm not stiff as a board skinny dipping at the pools. If I had no self preservation instinct at all, I'd walk up to Melonie Carrero and go 'BRRRRR!' right between her awesome titties. She'd knock my nads into my throat with one kick. Once I recovered, I'd kneel down before Darren DeVault and choke on his giant cock. The last thing I'd hear him say before asphyxiating is, 'uh, dude, alone might've been nicer.' Instead, I'm waiting and praying for my completely average and normal roommate to say, be my boyfriend, as well as my roommate and best bud."

Ray whispered, "Are you sure, Tony?"

Tony nodded and admitted, "I was completely sure the moment you said, 'I can't do it'. Four words saying something negative never sounded so positively awesome before. I almost floated out of my chair, without the Soul Rimmer's cosmically phenomenal N-Gen tricks. That told me that you want more than a quick wank, and you want more than the fun times. You want a real boyfriend too, huh?"

"Yeah," Ray giggled, "I just never guessed or dared hope it might be you."

"Why not me?"

Shrugging, Ray offered, "Only because you're older, way more experienced with everything, and way cuter."

Tony sniggered, "I wasn't the one pacing, rambling and waving my arms in the cutest way possible. Sometimes, when I wake in the middle of the night, I roll onto my side just to watch you sleep. The first time it happened, about dawn Sunday morning, I was completely surprised by the most beautiful and peaceful sight. Since then, I've been telling myself to just chill and be your best friend; to let you decide. Besides, I'll bet big bucks that in another year, you'll be even cuter, and hopefully you'll be mine."

Ray shyly asked, "There's no one else you're interested in?"

"No where near as much as I am in you," Tony warmly smiled. "Derrick rescued me, and he's nice enough, and cute enough, but I think Mike would have a few four letter words to say about it. I could list a dozen other dudes, but they don't know me as well as you do. I don't know them as well as I know you. It's you that I really want to build a life long partnership with."

Nodding and absorbing it all, Ray brightly beamed, "Be my boyfriend, Tony?"

"You got it," Tony smiled.

Ray uncertainly asked, "What do we do now?"

Tony shrugged, and then chuckled, "Show me how you want it to be, pretty boy." He knew that last bit would get to Ray, but it was honestly the first thing he thought when he met Ray on Saturday.

Incredulously, Ray roared, "PRETTY BOY?" They began evilly snickering at each other. "I'll show you who's a pretty boy," Ray abysmally warned through giggles. He rapidly moved closer to Tony, took him in his arms and reached up for a big, wet, open mouth tongue kiss. In under thirty-seconds, the playing transferred to hands reaching under shirts. When Ray's hands wandered lower onto his ass, Tony uncontrollably giggled into their kiss. At the giggling, Ray lightly chomped on the tongue in his mouth. As soon as it retreated, Ray firmly goosed Tony, and then sent his tongue out searching for its playmate.

When the first kiss broke, Tony felt free to try some things he had always wanted to try, and Ray was the perfect test subject. Beginning with tender kisses on the cheek that led down to Ray's throat, Tony focused on the earlobe dangling and went for it, sucking firmly, flicking his tongue around it, and then gently scraping his front teeth over it. Cringing, Ray went into a giggling fit that very quickly turned into loud laughter. Past the earlobe in his mouth, Tony sniggered, "Ya like that?"

Ray cackled, "I love it, you maniac!"

"What's next?" Tony playfully prompted, and then dove for Ray's neck, twirling his tongue around in little circles.

Almost hysterical, Ray released Tony's back and blindly searched for the drawstring on his roommate's boardies, nervously fumbling and turning a neat bow into a knot that he couldn't possibly get undone without seeing. Knowing he was in trouble, Ray fondled Tony's erection through his shorts. Pulling back from his snack and wondering if Ray was again having second thoughts, Tony searched Ray's grey eyes. "Sorry," Ray giggled and blushed. Tony stepped back and looked down at the knot, and then up at Ray, and they both cracked up.

After a few hysterical moments, Tony sniggered, "Any second thoughts?"

Shaking his head and reaching to unravel the knot, Ray smiled, "You're awesome. I'm only surprised, and a little nervous too. I didn't have a clue you felt so strongly about me."

Tony chuckled, "I've been falling in love with you for four days."

Rapidly blinking, Ray smiled, "Since we met, really?"

Nodding, Tony grinned, "There was never any other choice. You're cute, funny, smart, and everything I could ever want."

With the knot untied, Ray looked up, giggling, "You've been holding back stuff too, dude. Do you wanna clear the air a little?"

Nodding, Tony grinned, "Remember Saturday morning, when I introduced myself?" When Ray rapidly nodded, Tony admitted, "I offered my fist to knock knuckles with you first. The next thing I know, I'm knockin' knuckles with all the dudes rescued Friday, and introducing Jimmy and all the dudes in my little group. That's not what I wanted to be doing though; I wanted to get to know you. The whole time we were chattin', I could barely wait to ask you if you wanted to be roommates. You asked me first though. I was completely thrilled and amazed that you asked."

Ray giggled, "I remember that. I remember watching you greeting everyone too. You were occasionally smiling at me, like being social and saying hello to everyone was embarrassing, and now I know why. What I don't get is why me? Phil's my age; a little taller and from LA too."

Tony chuckled, "Why didn't you make moves on Phil?"

"First of all, I thought he was straight," Ray easily answered. "He spends a lot of time with his older brother, and playing soccer. There wasn't opportunity, and even though I've talked with him, I really don't think of him that way. Last night, I thought Owen was only Phil's friend. At breakfast this morning, we all figured out that they're boyfriends. Lastly, I don't really know how to make any moves on anyone."

Nodding understandingly, Tony smiled, "Neither do I. When I led you here, all I wanted to hear was what you were thinking; why you were so upset. I had no idea that I'd wind up telling you so much. Only by listening to you and really hearing what you've been saying could I share it all." Pausing for a moment, Tony grinned, "By the way, with a little instigation, you came to me for a kiss. What you just did qualifies as making moves. There's been no one else anything like you, and there won't ever be."

Blinking rapidly, Ray muttered, "I still can't believe it. You've seen me nude; there's nothing special about me."

Reaching to gently pull Ray into his arms, Tony whispered, "In my eyes, you're the most special dude here. I've paid attention in the shower, dude. Trav and Craig are attractive, but they're fifteen; two years older than me. Phil, Stu, Vaziik, Rob, Paul and Theo are all twelve-years-old, just like you. Phil's taller than you, but none of them have as much pubes as you do. Soon, your shoulders are going to get wider, and that ring of sparse pubes around your dick and nads is gonna be a bush. Being like this, with you in my arms and holding me is what I've been hoping for. When you tried lat-pull downs at the rec center and flew up off the floor, half of my laughing was at myself, for not grabbing you and kissing you hard."

Running his hands back under Tony's shirt, Ray giggled, "I feel the same way. Three mornings in a row, I watched you roaming this room naked. I told myself not to look at your bone, but I do anyway. I've wanted this too, Tony. I'm completely gay, dude. Attractions have been there, way before I understood what any of 'em meant. The one thing missing here has been daily hugs and kisses."

"You'll get 'em, several times a day, every day," Tony softly promised. He sealed his vow with tender kisses on the mouth. Ray wanted Tony's shirt off, but that only paused the kisses for a moment, and then they immediately resumed. With no shirt to hide his roaming hands, Ray slid both hands into the back of Tony's shorts, earning another evil snicker.

Pushing the back of Tony's shorts down, Ray giggled, "Ya still want me to lead?" 

Shivering with anticipation, Tony nodded and chuckled, "Only what you're comfy doin', dude."

Ray squealed, "Seriously?"

Slowly nodding, Tony smiled, "We're boyfriends now. You don't need to prove anything to me. We're just starting a new, better relationship. Seriously, I couldn't be happier. We'll get around to more, whenever you're ready."

Widely smiling, Ray giggled, "But..."

"But your hands are on my butt!" Tony playfully interrupted. 

Wearing the most wicked grin Tony had ever seen on his roomie's face, Ray cackled, "I know what I want most," and slid his hands around to Tony's hips and beyond. After copping a quick feel, Ray pushed Tony's shorts down, and then dropped to his knees. Looking down and watching Ray lovingly caress his erection and nads, Tony gulped and whimpered. Looking up and locking eyes with Tony, Ray giggled, "Betchya this is gonna be more than you ever expected from me."

Tony laughed, "No bet! It already is!"

Ray giggled, "Since I haven't caught you spanking it, when's the last time you did?"

Tony sniggered, "Sunday afternoon, at the pool house, on the toilet."

Sadly shaking his head, Ray giggled, "Once in three days? Tisk, tisk, tisk. I guess I can correct that easily enough." He began kissing the length of Tony's bone, but then paused and suspiciously looked up, evilly cackling, "Was that load for me, for Melonie, or for Darren?"

Cracking up, Tony howled, "It was for you, I swear!" Giggling louder, Ray returned to kissing the bouncing bone before him. He worked his way from the tip and down, then gave each hanging testicle a kiss. On the tips of his toes, Tony yelled, "OMIGOD! Ray, you're freaking me out! What have I done?"

Ray giggled, "Dunno. Let's find out." He pointed Tony's bone at his mouth, pulled the foreskin back, opened wide and engulfed the head. 

Having never experienced anything Ray had already done, Tony's eyes rolled back in his head. He dizzily glanced down to find Ray still looking up at him. Tony giggled, "Can I kick my boardies aside?" Ray negatively hummed and wrapped his arms around Tony's thighs so he couldn't move. Tony sniggered, "Am I gonna get some of you any time soon?"

Removing Tony's erection with a wet pop, Ray giggled, "Maybe after I get you to release some of what you've been storing up. You're a teenager, so once in a couple o' days ain't enough. That's about where I'm at, ya know. I'm not gonna let you squirm or ask, Tony. I knew I was gay years ago, and my dad knew it too, but there was nobody around to experiment with. Since getting here, there's no doubt about it." He gave Tony's bone two quick strokes, muttering, "This is what I want to be doing," and then went back to work.

Through groans and whimpers, Tony repeatedly declared his love for Ray. The only problem Tony had with this surprise was that he had no idea what to do with his hands. Rather than freak Ray out by letting both hands run through his hair, Tony moved one hand behind his back, to rest on his butt, and the other finger-combed Ray's hair. He sure didn't want Ray to think he was going to force anything. Ray was already exceeding all expectations Tony ever had.

Realizing that his jaw was stretching and getting sore, Ray shifted his focus and used his hand. When Tony softly approved of the alteration, Ray smiled and trapped Tony's stiffy between two hands. Tony gasped at the new sensation. Shoving Tony nearer to the precipice, Ray opened his mouth and took only the head.

Nearing his climax, Tony repeatedly warned Ray, but Ray had to finish; he honestly was doing precisely what he wanted to do for Tony. Besides, he had always wondered if he could make another dude cum, and what it would taste like. Stiffening and trying to control his bucking hips, Tony lost it. Ray took most of it, but because he helplessly giggled at the accomplishment, he sputtered and a little dribbled beyond his lips. When Tony was spent and slumping, Ray cleaned up after his snack. Bouncing, shivering and gasping, Tony pulled Ray up and into his arms. First Ray started laughing at the drained and surprised expression on his new boyfriend's face. Tony began chuckling, and soon they were hysterical. Tony wanted to kiss his new boyfriend and he did try, but they kept cracking up.

"By the way," Ray giggled, "I love you too, Tony."

Tony cheered, "Thank goodness!" and squeezed Ray tight.

Becoming much more serious, Ray checked, "You'll be mine and always listen to me?"

Trying to match Ray's expression, Tony enthusiastically nodded and giggled, "Definitely, for the rest of our lives."

"We need to set some ground rules," Ray began.

"Anything for you," Tony smiled.

Ray giggled, "Rule number one; you're already a teenager, so you need more than I do, for now, but that means you don't have to worry about how or when you get off any more." Reaching down and fondling Tony's recovering chubby, Ray giggled, "You warned me about whackin' off. No, no, dude; that's my job, only mine."

"Got it."

"The same goes for me too, Tony. I just did one of the things I've always wanted to do. Every fear I had about doing it disappeared, because it was you. Making you that crazed was the most fun I've ever had."

"I know," Tony wickedly leered, "I can feel you're still hard."

"It's for only you, dude. When either of us needs or wants, it's time to be alone. My dad only loved my mom. Since she's been gone, he never went looking for another wife, or even another woman to date. When I asked him about that, he told me that he was still committed to her, and no one had come close to sparking any interest at all."

Getting the idea, Tony smiled, "Like all the Core Rimmers, and all their parents. I can do this, Ray. As soon as I got over the fact that you knelt down for me, I was thinking the same stuff; only you could've done what you did. If it was anyone else, it wouldn't have meant much to me. Anybody can go through the motions and make it feel good. Only someone very special can make it mean something, and it does mean a lot to me."

Happily giggling, Ray instructed, "Take my clothes off?" Without argument, Tony went to work. In less than a minute, Ray was naked, but Tony kept running his hands around his new boyfriend's neck and shoulders. Ray confirmed, "You like this body?"

Tony enthusiastically gushed, "I love your body, Ray. What you've got now is perfect for me. You're only gonna get more perfect, and I'm gonna get to watch it happen too. I've fallen for you, even though I tried not to, I did anyway."

Ray smirked, "We're gonna have to do something about this age difference thing that you're so hung up on. Saturday morning, right after we met, I felt like I'd known you a lot longer. My first happy surprise was when you said we'd unpack later. I didn't want to waste daylight either. We seem to think a lot a like."

Evilly grinning, Tony chuckled, "Boss me around some more, pretty boy."

Cracking up, Ray pointed at Tony's bed, ordering, "Face up, this time."

Mooing provocatively, Tony practically ran the six steps for his bed and jumped up, twisted mid air and landed on his back. Approaching the bed and giggling, Ray warned, "I'm not done with you, not by a long shot."

Tony whimpered and begged, "Please let me hold you this time?"

Nodding, Ray crawled onto the bed and lay on top of Tony. He softly asked, "Do you really like girls too?"

Wrapping his arms around Ray and shivering delightfully, Tony replied, "Yep, I really do, but you won't ever have to worry about that."

"Don't stop now. Tell me why."

"Because you're that cute, that smart, and completely awesome to me. I want you, dude, always and everywhere. Back in September, I went to a dance with a girl that I really liked. It was fun, and she was kewl in some ways, but my friends didn't like her, and her friends made it clear that they didn't like me. There was only one other time I considered a date, right before Halloween. At a McDonald's, we decided to remain friends. That's all I'm gonna say about her. It taught me to pay attention to our feelings, and the hell with anyone else's thoughts about it. The one thing I was most worried about, the age difference, you've already taken care of. If you hadn't gone down on me like you did, I'd still be slowly working my way. I'm only yours and you're only mine. The attraction has been nerve wracking for days. That's why I invited you everywhere I was going; just to be with you. I don't ever want to be apart from you. I can't say that about anyone else."

Widely smiling, Ray giggled, "Seriously?"

Sighing, Tony shared, "In case you haven't already figured it out, my smart-ass remarks about your pubes was only a lame excuse. When I was about your age, I'll bet I had the same or maybe less than you. The reality is, I've been falling in love with you and can't even fight the feelings. I just need to know a few details."

"Such as?"

"I want you," Tony repeated. "I don't wanna chance anything fucking us up. Our feelings for each other is the most important thing. So tell me what you consider kewl, that you know you're ready for?"

Smirking, Ray reminded, "I told you, I'm completely gay. Girls are pretty, but there's nothing else there to get a rise out of me. Not once in four days have I sat down to have a conversation with any girl. They're so alien to me that it's easier to talk with Vaziik!" Tony helplessly sniggered, and Ray continued, "That means I want dudes and dick. Out at the pools, I see hundreds of dicks, and every one is completely beautiful. I've fingered my butt and liked it a lot. It's just that dicks are way bigger than fingers. Have you done that?"

Nodding, Tony chuckled, "All it takes is a fingertip for me to lose it."

"Then we're gonna have to work our way there," Ray smiled. "Until we get there, everything else is fair play."

Tony wondered, "Can you cum?"

"Only a little bit, and that only started the last couple of weeks. My voice still needs to change. I'm four months older than Drew, but he's much further along than I am, in every way. I can't wait to stand next to Drew and notice that I've caught up to where he's at."

Rolling over and smiling down, Tony chuckled, "You'll get there. Now I'm gonna show you how much I love you." Returning to tasty earlobes, Tony softly chortled at Ray's loud laughter. Over the next few minutes, Tony got to make love to Ray, kissing, licking and nibbling his way down the torso. Bouncing, squirming and twitching the entire time, Ray clearly showed his approval. With his feet, Tony spread Ray's legs so he would have a place to kneel for his afternoon snack. Pausing only to lock eyes with Ray, Tony lifted his boyfriend's erection, earning a whimper. Tony smiled, "I don't think I had a six-incher when I was twelve. Betchya I can make sure it gets even bigger?"

Completely thrilled with the minutes of body kisses, Ray loudly cackled, "TONY!" Lowering his head, Tony took about half of Ray's bone, and then tried to take more and achieved his goal. Proving his age and staying power, Ray screamed, "TONYYYYY!" and thrust his hips up, lifting his butt nearly a foot off the mattress. Deliriously humming, Tony got the first taste and decided he liked it. Collapsing back down to the bed, Ray giggled, "You are awesome! Get ready for more, Tony."

Gently laying down Ray's spent meat, Tony snorted, "Oh no, pretty boy, I've only just begun." He swiftly lifted Ray's legs, bent him in half and then began licking trails around the scrotum. Thrashing and giggling, Ray tried to get free of Tony. Holding on tighter, Tony wickedly snickered, "You started it!" and went for a meaty thigh. He then gave its twin a little attention.

Ray was laughing hysterically, but unable to break free of Tony's grasp. Feeling a warm, wet lick between his scrotum and his butt hole, Ray whimpered, "Oh, Tony," and stopped struggling.

Softly chortling, "Keep calling my name," Tony gave his new lover a tongue bath between his legs.

"Omigod!" Ray giggled, "I thought you wouldn't want to."

"Bisexual means I get hot for babes and dudes," Tony sniggered. "You just happen to be the lucky winner. I'll always love you, even when there's a room full of people around."

Realizing that Tony was getting closer to his sphincter, Ray began whimpering Tony's name over and over. Encouraged by the voice of desire, Tony licked to the twitching opening, earning a squeal and cries of pleasure with every flick of his tongue. Giving his tongue a rest, Tony looked up and between Ray's legs, smiling, "I'm gonna treat my pretty boy the very best I can. I promise to always treat you nice." Going back to his enjoyable task, Tony chanced releasing Ray's legs, allowing them to rest on his shoulders. When Ray's chanting of his name slowed, Tony wet a finger and tapped Ray's backdoor. More whimpering began, and when Tony rubbed the hole, it was followed by soft gasps. Ready to try carefully inserting a digit, Tony looked up again to watch Ray's expression. Only a fingertip slipped inside.

Ray moaned, "Oh yeah!"

Tony chuckled, "Luckily, I clipped and filed my fingernails last night."

Nodding, Ray giggled, "Wiggle it around a little bit." Doing as he was told, Tony leaned over to let some saliva drip from his mouth and onto the inserted finger. Ray gasped at the extra moisture and then digressed into a giggling fit.

Widely smiling, Tony checked, "Ya like that too?"

Rapidly nodding, Ray cackled, "You're surprising me too, Tony. I never thought any of this could happen with you. I thought bi meant hugs, maybe a few kisses and rarely anything more."

Tony smirked, "So you're not surprised, I'll let you know that you can do this stuff to me too. This bisexual dude wants your dick bangin' his butt."


"Any chance of me going straight evaporated when you asked me to be your boyfriend. To keep you always with me, I'll give you all I've got, anytime you want."

"In a minute," Ray giggled.

Uncertainly blinking, Tony repeated, "In a minute?"

Ray giggled, "You're gonna make me cum again."

Raising his eyebrows, Tony reached for Ray's bone, pushed it between his legs, and then practiced his oral techniques. It barely took another minute. Tony felt Ray's sphincter gripping his fingertip and then briefly relaxing before tightening again. In his mouth, Tony felt the corresponding throbbing and again deliriously hummed when he got another taste of semen. Slumping and giggling through the cleanup, Ray warned, "That's twice! I better get some soon too!"

Cracking up, Tony spit out the bone, carefully pulled his finger out, and lowered Ray's legs. He lay down and snuggled up to Ray, completely thrilled that his life had changed again. He pleasantly sighed, "Only one of my six friends in LA jacked me and let me jack his cut cock." Looking into Ray's eyes, Tony grinned, "While that was okay, you're the very best. I never felt this way before; it's not just kewl, it's definitely love. I only hoped this might happen with you."

"You never gave me any clues it could happen," Ray smiled.

Tony chuckled, "How would you have reacted if I had commented on your bare butt, cute dick, or leered at you while you were dressing or undressing?"

"At least I'd have known you were interested," Ray giggled.

Tony stole a kiss and then chuckled, "You never admitted you were gay. So we've both been caught telling lies."

Ray seriously said, "No more lies or exaggerations, I promise."

Nodding, Tony smiled, "I promise too."

Shuffling and sliding over on top of Tony, Ray asked, "How do you want to be; out or more private?"

"Out and very proud," Tony smiled.

Ray giggled, "Yeah?"

Running his fingers through Ray's hair, Tony assured, "I'm very proud of you. There's no reason to keep us hidden from anyone. I've been watching everything around here, and keep seeing little kids showing how they feel about everything and everyone. Learning to edit ourselves and hide our feelings is the worst part of growing up, and probably why we waited so long to be honest. Truthfully, you're the hottest roommate and boyfriend around. Telling everyone we're a couple is high on my list of things to do." 

Seeing Ray smirking, Tony chuckled, "Do you think I rimmed your ass just to give you a thrill and call myself a real Rimmer? Come on, pretty boy! My eyes were wide open, and I saw only you. I enjoyed every moment, and I'll do it again, anytime I get the urge, or you tell me it's what you want. Yeah, out of this room I see a bunch of other really hot dudes around too, but they're off the market and out of my reach. I'm completely thrilled with you and us. I don't need a fantasy dude, cos I've already got more than my wildest dream. One day I'm gonna notice your shoulders are wider, or your pecs are stronger, or you've got a full bush around your cute dick, and then I'm gonna drag you right back in here and eat your pretty ass again. Pick any reason you want, and it'll prob'ly cause me to get a stiffy and make love to you again. Whatever makes you happy will thrill me. I'm not gonna hide how I feel about you, not anymore. We can't be more honest with each other and still hide stuff from everyone else. It won't work that way."

Ecstatic, Ray lowered all the way down and began kissing Tony. After about a minute and too many deep kisses, Tony's hips reflexively thrust up. Ray whispered, "Do it for me, Tony," and matched his pumping hips. Holding each other tightly, they whispered affirmations that they would always be a close couple and always tell the truth. After Tony lost it, they returned to pillow talk. Tony was on his back and Ray was cuddled up close to him.

At the time he was rescued, Tony had no idea that Derrick was a drummer or part of a band. For the first time, Tony admitted that he wanted to learn to play drums. Rescued by Drew and Corey at Des Moines, Ray knew about Platinum Habits and dreamed of learning to play guitar. "It don't matter if I get good enough to perform on stage," Ray confided, "but I do want to be able to strum a few favorites."

"If I could get good enough, I'd prob'ly like being on stage," Tony confessed.

Ray wondered, "Are there any other dreams you have?"

Tony smiled, "The same as any other SoCal dude, I guess. I'm pretty good on a skateboard, but suck at surfin', and lose my balance almost every ride, but I'd like to get better. During PE softball games, I played catcher and enjoyed it. I was thinkin' of trying out for the school team in the spring. Here, we'll have to see if we can build at least two teams. Two teams per base would be kewler." He paused to asked, "What're you dreamin'?"

Ray sighed, "Now's not a good time to try and think about it."

"Why? What's wrong with now?"

Devilishly grinning, Ray replied, "I'm cuddled up with you and we're both still hard." Tony chuckled. Ray giggled, "Every thought revolves around us. When we came in here, I was expecting our first big argument, not this. I'm thinking of you playing drums, and picturing you in a baseball uniform. I can't see a single moment that isn't with you."

"I love you too, pretty boy," Tony chortled.

Ray laughed, "Are you gonna call me that from now on?"

Nodding, Tony teased, "Until we're the same height and you become my sexy dude." Mooing a warning, Ray bounded up, straddled Tony's hips and started tickling. Half-heartedly trying to protect himself, Tony howled, "RAY!"

With hands flying from Tony's neck to his belly, Ray giggled, "Tell me why you've still got a bone."

"Because of you, PRETTY BOY!" Tony cackled.

"Twice isn't enough?" Ray giggled.

Tony howled, "How the hell can I answer that?" and started tickling Ray back. Both of them laughed louder. Shifting back, away from Tony's tickling, Ray thought he was safe again. However, Tony sat upright and wrapped one arm around Ray's back so he couldn't get away. With one hand, Tony was driving Ray into hysterical laughter. A spot just above Ray's hips seemed to be the golden zone. All Tony would need do is press on that spot, on either side and with either hand, and Ray would bellow laughing. Tickling seemed to only make Tony more determined. Unable to stand it any longer, Ray shifted a tiny bit closer and dove for Tony's neck. Both of them were breathlessly laughing and started making out again. Tony began gently munching on Ray's shoulder and neck. 

Accidentally, they had discovered an awesome position to be in; with Ray on his knees over Tony's groin. All Ray needed to do was shift slightly and Tony would gasp and shiver. With another shift of his hips, Tony's bone slipped right into the crack of Ray's ass. Shifting and squirming turned into grinding and humping. Playtime suddenly and urgently became very serious. In a flash, two mouths were wide open and connected. Ray kept thrusting his hips to make Tony gasp and grunt. Tony wrapped his right hand around Ray's throbber. In under a minute, Ray lost it. Sliding his bone in Ray's crack, Tony followed moments later.

Panting and huffing, Ray giggled, "Omigod, that was fun!" 

Squeezing Ray tightly against him, Tony looked up into his boyfriend's eyes, chuckling, "Only with you could any of this mean so much. I love you, Ray."

Ray lowered his head to plant a deep kiss, and then whispered, "I love you too, Tony." They remained as they were and stealing kisses of varying intensity for another few minutes. Ray then softly suggested, "If you're interested, we've got about half an hour to get cleaned up and ready for a concert."

"At last, we can dance together," Tony cheered.

Ray giggled, "Can you dance? I never have."

Shrugging, Tony reminded, "There will be lots of other dudes to watch, so we'll learn together." 

After stealing another kiss, Ray got up off of Tony and stepped off the bed. Watching Tony get up and reach for his hand, Ray giggled, "There's one other thing I'd like to learn with you later tonight." Tony suspiciously waited, and Ray giggled, "I wanna try to get your bone in my butt. It felt real nice sliding around."

"You're in me first, pretty boy," Tony countered. Noticing that Ray was now waiting, Tony explained, "I don't want to hurt you, and I'm pretty sure it's gonna take some time to get it so it feels good for both of us. We can start trying tonight."

Having heard about the Clan's Friday night dinner conversation, Ray loudly called, "Hey, Alden?"

"Hey Ray!" Alden giggled. 

Ray asked, "Can you help two new boyfriends out and get us dildos?" Shocked speechless, Tony's jaw dropped open. Two dildos, about a meter tall and at least that round appeared in the room, blocking the path to the door. Tony howled laughing at the tree stump sized phalluses. Cracking up, Ray laughed, "Not the Jolly Green Giant sized ones! We're just beginning!"

"I might barely be able to get my arms around one of those," Tony hysterically bellowed.

"Now there's a picture worth sharing," Alden teased.

Nodding at Tony, Ray giggled, "I don't even want to know where Alden found them. I might have nightmares if I knew."

The two monster dildos vanished and were replaced with two much smaller, five inch by four inch dildos. Alden giggled, "On your dressers, guys. I got you bottles of lube and condoms too, since they're also necessary."

Spying the more realistic toys, Tony frowned, "They're smaller than either of us, Alden."

Much more seriously, Alden said, "Take my word for it, I've seen enough guys starting out, like you, to know that those are a good beginning. Be gentle with each other, guys. I've never had to say anything while any couple was playing, and I really don't want to."

Covering his face with both hands and slumping, Ray softly giggled, "Omigod!"

Grinning at his embarrassed boyfriend, Tony chuckled, "Alden, were you watching us?"

"To be sure everyone is safe, I watch everything, around the clock," Alden giggled. "Like I said, I've never needed to interfere with any couple, and I truthfully don't want to." After a brief pause, Alden took pity upon Ray, giggling, "Ray, you're not the youngest guy I've ever seen making love. Need I remind you that Drew is twelve, Corey and Stephen Marr are eleven and John is ten? You didn't do anything that I haven't seen before. Love is the most complex emotion. How drastically two guys change when they're playing together, never ceases to amaze me."

Wrapping Ray in his arms, Tony looked between fingers to make eye contact, warmly assuring, "Yeah, you surprised me too, at first. Always remember, you're my kind o' lover; that much I knew at lunch and before we actually made love. We might have to keep our shorts on at the pool from now on, or I might be showin' off my bone far more often."

Lowering his hands, Ray giggled, "Did I really make you happy?"

"Ecstatic, pretty boy," Tony chuckled, and then planted a deep passionate kiss. Feeling Ray getting another erection, Tony broke the kiss, asking, "Do you still want to go to the concert?" Ray nodded and Tony released him, saying, "Then let's shower, get dressed and do that."

Ray nodded, stole a tender kiss, and then took Tony's hand. They stepped out of their room and out to the hallway, where they saw Angelo and Reggie were also naked and heading for the shower. Noticing messed up hair and shiny, chubby dicks, Ray bit his tongue and acted more mature than his age. No sooner had the couples congratulated each other, Phil and Owen stepped into the hall too. All six boys went into the lavatory to shower before the concert.

Ewa Beach, Condo B

Tuesday, November 9, 2004, 12:41 PM HTZ

Finished with their lunches and after cleaning up, Reyes asked Ryan, "Is there anything you'd like to do?" He suggested, "Hang out by the pools with the rest of the kids, or anything you want?"

Ryan stole a kiss and then said, "I have to talk with my dad and mom. If I know Paul, he's not saying much about what happened. He's too stubborn to even realize they deserve an apology."

"Let's do that first," Reyes smiled. "Afterward, we can go find Grandpa Rob, and learn about the four women and the fatherless little boy."

Holding up a finger, Ryan giggled, "Maybe we can put clean shirts on first?"

Rolling his eyes and his entire head, Reyes smirked, "I obviously still need sleep. We can't let them see all your bruises." 

"Not immediately," Ryan grinned. "If they ask, I'll lift my shirt and show them, but it shouldn't be the first thing they can see." He paused, only to call, "Stevie, where's mom and dad, and are they busy?"

Stevie giggled, "Our mom's always busy. About ten minutes ago, she and daddy transported here. They're upstairs, and mommy's cooking for Jerry, Joey and KC."

Leading Ryan by the hand back into the bedroom, Reyes chuckled, "Did you mention that we've got two huge kitchens full of chefs, who won't allow any of them to starve?"

"Course I did," Stevie giggled. "I even told her that they all had breakfast and lunch already. Still, she's up there cooking dinner. Daddy's helping, by staying out of her way. KC's still surfing with Fred. Jerry and Joey haven't been back yet, so they don't even know what's goin' on."

By this time, Ryan and Reyes had clean shirts on. They crossed the apartment and went out to the hall. On the way to the elevator, Ryan asked, "Aren't you curious about what I'm going to say?"

Reyes smiled, "Is there something I don't know that will shock me?"

"I suppose not," Ryan cheekily grinned.

Pressing the elevator up button, Reyes giggled, "Would you like to explain that expression?"

Giggling insanely, Ryan waited for the elevator to arrive. Once they were inside, Ryan playfully explained, "I don't care what my brother thinks. I chose to be with you." Reyes pressed the button for the fourth floor. The doors closed, and Ryan continued, "You're being gallant to the extreme, and the feelings I thought I had last night have easily quadrupled. I'm living with you, from now on, no matter how long it takes Paul to yank his head out of his butt. We'll visit my mom and dad, but I live here now, with you."

The elevator opened at the same moment that Reyes giggled, "I guess you love me?" Standing at the elevator door were Rad and Gil, preparing to return to work. Since their romantic moment had accidentally been shared, Reyes and Ryan blushed and giggled.

"Now I understand," Gil smiled.

Rad chuckled, "I guess Core Rimmers can get it up just about anywhere. A lift seems unnecessary, but whatever!"

Following Ryan out of the elevator, Reyes giggled, "One cantaloupe is waiting in our flat downstairs. We're planning on snacking later." Ryan cracked up.

Sadly shaking his head, Gil went into the elevator. Following his partner, Rad joked, "We'll get the professional size melons for the team meeting." 

Making sure the elevator door had slid closed, Reyes giggled, "Is there anything more you plan on saying in mixed company?"

Shaking his head, Ryan smiled, "That's the important part for mixed company. Between us though, Paul can take days, weeks or months, but in the meantime, I get to be with you, each and every hour of every day. I'm very happy here with you. I don't see that ever changing." Leaving Reyes widely smiling, Ryan giggled and lifted the door knocker for unit 4-B.

"Sure," Reyes sarcastically giggled, "don't give me a chance to give you a thank you kiss."

Pulling Reyes into his arms, Ryan laughed, "I won't argue!"

"Grandpa Rob might have to wait," Reyes playfully warned.

The door opened. Jon Owens grinned at the smiling and giggling boys in the hall. He turned slightly and teased, "Mary, your cooking is attracting guests." He waved Reyes and Ryan inside.

Hurrying across the apartment, Mary smiled, "Only two?" She went directly to Ryan and gave him kiss on the cheek, followed by a motherly inspection. Seeing the bruise on Ryan's jaw, she called, "Stevie, get an ice pack for your brother," and held out a palm. 

Watching Ryan's eyes roll, Reyes chuckled, "Cold and warm compresses is what the doctor ordered." Watching Mary apply the compress to Ryan's face, Reyes told her and Jon, "I swapped compresses for over an hour last night. For some reason, Ryan keeps finding ways to prevent it today."

Holding the ice pack to his jaw, Ryan asked his parents, "Do you know what happened?"

Leading the boys inside, Jon nodded, "Stevie had to tell me, because Paul couldn't. All that matters now is that you'll heal." He sighed, "It might take Paul longer to heal from the emotional trauma."

"He's being a doofus," Ryan grumbled. Taking a moment to pull himself together, Ryan explained, "Last week, Reyes was our friend. All three of us felt we could become more than friends. We missed seeing him Thursday and Friday."

Reyes quickly interjected, "I missed seeing them too."

Ryan nodded and continued, "Saturday, we shared all that. Before coming here Sunday evening, Paul and I talked about Reyes. We both wanted to give him a real chance. The way Paul is now is because I got hurt. It's the way he used to be, when we lived on the streets. I know I have a family there on Sullivan's Island. I also have an awesome boyfriend here. How much of that Paul really knows, I can't say for sure any more. Since I can't speak for Paul, I do want to apologize for waking everybody up. It didn't need to happen, but since it did, I'm sorry."

Taking a seat on the easy chair near the kitchen, Jon asked, "How do you feel, Reyes?"

Joining Ryan on the sofa, Reyes easily answered, "Disappointed that Paul's not here, and really happy that Ryan is."

Jon said, "It'll take him a while. I told him to just apologize, but he's not ready."

Returning to her meal preparations in the kitchen, Mary sighed, "I'm sure he will, eventually."

"Don't be so sure, mom," Ryan warned. "He still hasn't gotten over the streets. The three of us together would be so good, we could help Reyes and he could help us, but now, I really have no idea what might be going through his mind. Maybe being separated from me would be good for him, to finally realize that he has a family and the bad times are all over."

"We'll be available for him, whenever he needs or wants to talk," Mary assured.

Jon wondered, "How're you two managing?"

"We're happy enough," Ryan brightly beamed at Reyes.

Reyes offered, "I took care of Ryan's bruises last night, and I will again later today, if I have to chase him around the apartment." Ryan sputtered and then cracked up. Reyes grinned, "Today, I was sad because Paul's not here, and Ryan took care of me. We're managing, just like I hoped, and then some."

"I like it here," Ryan smiled. "Prez hired two new command team members this morning. I got to watch Reyes get the two newbies oriented. The command center here is much more than what Marc has at his house. And then there's about four hundred kids roamin' around." He turned to Reyes and reminded, "You need to show me where the school is."

Reyes nodded, "It's a short walk to the southeast side of the base."

Mary smiled, "This apartment is very nice; the large windows and sliding glass doors make it very bright and cheery."

"Our apartment is one floor down," Ryan shared. "It's a really large one bedroom unit."

"Eight hundred and seventy square feet," Reyes smiled. "A lot of the employees live here. The Taylor family moved into one of the big homes. Jason and Trinity Taylor are teachers. They arrived with one son and now have six. By the end of the week, all our bases will have condominiums like this. Grandpa Carl tried to make sure we have enough space for all the employees and visiting guests."

Ryan asked, "What are your plans for the rest of the day?"

Jon reminded, "We're on Eastern time. I expect we'll be going home about five or six o'clock, local time. More than likely, we'll be back tomorrow for a few more hours."

Reyes suggested, "I'd like it if you could stay for a concert this afternoon. I don't know if I'll get to introduce my dad and pop, but they'll be up on stage."

"With you!" Ryan giggled.

Nodding, Reyes smiled, "And Troy. We're concentrating on audience interaction and participation. We never know what might happen during our rehearsals."

Mary asked, "Would it be music that we'd enjoy?"

"I'm sure it will," Reyes answered. "There might be one or two newer songs that you've never heard, but we play a little of everything. The adults here seem to like our choices, and the kids really seem to love the show. The other five band members are virtuosos. For example, Keith is a classical pianist. The band knows over three hundred songs, and that's not including songs that each of us know, but haven't really rehearsed together."

"I saw them play Saturday," Ryan smiled. "They're really good, and obviously enjoy performing. It's guaranteed that Jerry, Joey and KC will want to be there."

"You'll be on stage near me," Reyes giggled.

"WHAT?" Ryan squealed. Mary began giggling and Jon widely smiled.

"It's a rehearsal concert for our kids," Reyes laughed. "You can be with me. Last week, I was up on stage as an observer, and so was Jonah, Dillon, Richie and Dee."

Whining through giggles, Ryan wondered, "Why can't I watch from the audience?"

"Because I want you closer than that," Reyes teased.

Ryan locked eyes with his dad. Shrugging, Jon chortled, "There are prices to be paid."

Ryan turned to his mom. Mary shook her head and giggled, "There's a spare bed in the room with your brother?"

Smirking, Ryan shifted the ice pack to his forehead and huffed, "I'd rather take my chances on stage." Reyes, Jon and Mary cracked up.

Ewa Beach, Poolside

Tuesday, November 9, 2004, 12:45PM HTZ

With the afternoon school session and their first music appreciation class only minutes away, Prez and most of the Core Rimmers (excluding Chris and Jay) got dry and dressed again. Soon, a large mass of teens and tweens were heading to the playground to gather the little kids for school.

Remaining at the pools were only a couple dozen teens and tweens. Dunked repeatedly by everyone strong enough to capture and lift them, Chris and Jay, dripped over to where Erik, Lance, Scott and Travis were getting dressed. Chris wondered, "Where are you guys off to?"

"Don't tell me you're needing more alone time," Jay teased.

Chris grinned, "You said you had that time before lunch." He scanned the nearest tables and chairs for his and Jay's clothes.

Lance giggled, "Me and Scott had that time, but now it's time to get the guitars out and practice."

Nodding agreement at Lance, Scott told the others, "Last night, we found a metronome app for our computers. The clip-clop is already driving us crazy. We really need some sort of drum machine to help us keep time."

Travis reminded, "We're dorm leaders. Let us know what you need, and we'll try and get it for you."

Jay tapped his sub-vocal, and told Alden, "Whatever music stuff that Trav orders for Scott and Lance is pre-approved. Just add it to their music education expenses."

Watching Lance's jaw drop and Scott widely smiling, Erik giggled, "Having friends in high places is nice, huh?"

Jay chortled, "Morale Rimmers find and help guys, like musicians, to help keep morale high."

Carrying the clothes, Chris padded over to that table, sniggering, "Don't start that 'high places' crap, Erik, or you'll be falling ten meters into the diving well." He handed Jay his boxers, shorts and shirt.

Lance noticed Jay waiting for a remark, and laughed, "I'm not saying more than thank you! We need a drum machine, so the next time we jam with Reyes, Joey and KC, we're not struggling to keep up."

Trav asked Jay, "What're you two planning on doin'?"

"We'll check the kids here and at Oneula Beach first," Jay answered. Bending over and stepping into his boxers, he added, "Assuming everything's kewl, we've been hoping for some private time since my doctor appointment."

Chris smiled, "Maybe we can actually shower alone before the rehearsal this afternoon."

Erik giggled, "Let's synchronize our watches and meet in the shower again..."

"Without John and Stephen this time!" all six sniggered. Catching themselves saying the same thing at almost the same time, six smiles faded and suspicious glares were cast.

Taking Erik's hand and glancing at Scott and Lance, Travis prompted, "Let's go get your drum machine whatchamacallit, dudes." All four waved at Chris and Jay and began the walk back to their dorm.

Scott revealed, "We're not exactly sure what it is we want. I've seen them in stores, but since I didn't have the bucks, I never really checked them out too closely."

Lance nodded, "It needs to be something we can hook speakers up to, so we can both hear it."

Thoughtfully scowling, Erik asked, "Do you need time to search the 'net for the right one?" Travis softly chortled. "What?" Erik giggled, and squeezed Trav's hand in his.

"You have the interest in music, cuddle bunny," Travis grinned.

"Yeah," Erik giggled, "but it also takes lots of practice hours. I have a partner now, one I want to be with, so I can't really split my time and be everything all at once. If the placement test says that's what I should be doing, then I'll go with that, because you'll be studying at the same time I am. Right now, this first week with you, I want to spend the majority of my time with you."

Lance and Scott provocatively mooed. Erik cracked up.

Travis laughed, "We aren't always intertwined, ya pervs!"

Scott teased, "Uh huh, so what are you doin' then?"

Travis checked with Erik. Getting a nod in reply, Travis reminded, "I lost both my parents when I was eight. More recently, Erik lost his mom and then his dad. Saturday, we spent a lot of time talking about that kind of philosophical stuff; heaven, hell, karma, the deep stuff like that. I never had anyone to talk with about that stuff, so what was important is still important."

Erik smiled, "Yeah, we made love a lot, but as two complete virgins. As slow as we went... as slow as you two went, how quick did we climax? Between about ten yesterday morning and lunch, you two dudes became a couple. What's evident to us, and what we've talked about, is only the surface of what's between the two of you, and the two of us."

"What's the purpose of our lives?" Travis softly asked. Without waiting for an answer, he wondered, "Is it what we make of our lives, or is there a greater purpose we're led to accomplish? What happens when we die; heaven, hell, reincarnation?"

Erik said, "All the questions everybody has, that everybody has their own unique answers for, that's what we sometimes talk about. The great part is not only sharing our own thoughts and feelings about it, but exploring the alternatives too. We're planning on spending our lives together. There's a lot of dreams and aspirations that will come and go over the next decades. Similarly, there's bound to be some disappointments and failures that we'll be sharing too."

Opening the door to the short hall of dorm three, Travis asked Lance and Scott, "Have you spent time alone, cuddled in bed, watching a movie on TV, and just enjoying each other's company?"

Entering the dorm, Lance and Scott shook their heads. Following them inside, Erik prodded, "Try it tonight, dudes. It's totally awesome. At bed time, when you're both nude, pay attention to what makes your lover's dick get hard, and get soft. Pay attention to the way he breathes, and what makes him breathe faster or slower. The movie might inspire some random thoughts and emotions, so really listen to each other."

Travis grinned, "We've felt like important parts of each other since meeting. Neither of us want that feeling to ever fade. From the first minutes alone together, we started sharing everything. Sure, we're teenagers now, and getting plenty crazy. Sometimes we're together in body, and other times we're together in mind, and all the time we're together in soul. Neither of us want any of that to ever change."

Scott sighed, "We spend so much of our time concentrating on music, we've missed something, Lance."

"Yeah," Lance reluctantly agreed.

The conversation paused because the door to the dorm room shared by Taron and JD was open, and Rafe and Jason were in there with their boyfriends.

Crossing the empty common room, Scott asked Lance, "Do you want to try that tonight?"

Lance giggled, "Yeah, but the question is, can we?" Scott widely smiled, pushing Erik and Travis into evil snickering. Lance unlocked the door to room fourteen. Once everyone was inside and Trav closed the door, Lance cackled, "How can I sit there naked with you and not touch your dick?" Scott, Erik and Travis cracked up. Lance giggled, "We're always playing guitar, or always playing something! I can tell myself not to, but I can also foresee another consequence that will keep us awake later too!"

Going to his new best friend, Erik giggled, "We didn't say that couldn't happen, bro. It does and probably will, but the important part is the hour or two together without messin' around. Just spend the time for one movie being naked and quietly enjoying each other's company."

"In our case, we usually make love first and then spend the time being together," Travis shared. "The TV timer is set, so we can drift off to sleep, already completely relaxed."

Erik giggled, "In the morning, we can wake up with a bang." Scott and Lance roared laughing. Softly chortling, Travis pulled Erik close and planted a whopper of a kiss.

Lance went to Scott, wrapped his arms around him, and giggled, "Let's try it tonight."

After landing a deep, passionate kiss, Scott grinned, "Sex before the flick or after?"

"Before and maybe again after," Lance giggled.

Peering deep into Lance's green eyes, Scott smiled, "We'd better search the 'net for drum machines, or we may forget all about it." Lance nodded, but before moving away, he dove for an unexpected deep kiss that left Scott reeling. "That settles it," Scott grinned, "we'll be in the shower before the rehearsal." Erik and Travis cracked up. Giggling insanely, Lance led Scott to his desk and powered up his laptop. Glancing back at Travis and Erik, Scott prompted, "Pull the other chair over, guys."

They did so, while Lance tried to get Scott to sit on his lap. After a few moments of playful arguing, the MacBook Pro had booted, and then Scott was guided down onto Lance's right thigh by Travis. That left Scott typing in the password to Lance's computer, and beginning the search for the best drum machines available. While Scott leaned forward, Lance bounced his eyebrows at Erik and Travis. Without diverting his attention from the laptop, Scott softly sniggered, "I know you're being bad, SLB."

"Then why do I feel so good?" Lance giggled. Erik cracked up.

Finished typing, Scott wrapped his left arm around Lance's shoulders, smiling, "Because once we agree on a drum machine, get it and jam for a while, you're going to go hyper on me. At which point, the noise coming from this room will escalate to ground shaking levels. Afterwards, we'll be very happy, very sore and we'll need to have Alden remove the destroyed bed."

Widely smiling at the banter and his hysterical partner, Travis prodded, "Shopping for a drum machine, dudes?"

"And jousting for position," Scott smirked, stealthily tickling Lance's neck. Loud cackling erupted and a tickle fight broke out in front of the computer. In seconds, they were off the chair and chasing one another around the room.

"I think I understand why being close together, like us, might not accomplish what we hoped with these two," Travis told Erik.

Nodding, Erik giggled, "Is it because they're guitar players, heavy metal guitar players, or just because they didn't allow themselves to do this stuff for three days?"

"All three!" Scott and Lance cackled. After about another minute of tickling, Scott and Lance returned to the chair, the laptop and their shopping. This time Scott took the chair and pulled Lance onto his lap. 

The top of the line manufacturers were Korg and Roland, they quickly discovered. Both companies had drum machines between 150 and 2000 credits. The more expensive models were obviously for larger PA systems and DJs. Lance scurried over to the stereo system in the room to see what sort of interfaces were available. Lance smiled, "We could do either digital in with an optical cable, or analog with RCA jacks."

Nodding, Scott smiled, "Let's get a machine that can do either type. That way, we can use whatever's necessary for the task; practicing here or rehearsing on stage. One unit, one time expense, many uses." Scott assembled a list of various cables and connectors for any purpose, and a Roland drum machine.

"HOLY CRAP!" Lance shouted. Appearing very sad, he looked over at Trav and Erik, softly sighing, "Two hundred bucks on cables alone, totaling one thousand five hundred and seventy-nine bucks."

Travis shrugged, "Jay's already approved it, and you dudes got something that was highly rated and versatile. If you're both satisfied and ready, I'll call Alden to complete the deal."

Scott told Lance, "It's got 256 preset rhythms in eight styles, and is completely programmable. We can store another 256 patterns, up to eight bars each. Unlimited additional patches can be stored on our Macbook PCs."

Lance smirked, "It's just a lot of money, more than I expected. The smaller, less expensive units wouldn't be nearly as good in the long run. We'd wind up having to order something else to perform live."

Scott told Travis, "Let's make it happen."

Tapping his comm-badge, Travis called, "Alden?"

"I've been watching and listening," Alden replied. "The only thing you didn't consider is the size of the machine. You'll need a small table to store it near the stereo, so it's not sitting on the floor. I'll add a dust cover and padded carry case too."

With all four teens watching, the entertainment center components faded out and then back, in a slightly different position. A sturdy folding table, about a meter long and half-a-meter wide appeared. Then, in its original shipping box, the drum machine materialized on the table. Under the table, the case, dust cover and an assortment of cables appeared. 

Lance and Scott quickly unpacked the drum machine and got it set on the table. Travis took the empty shipping carton to the storage closet. In the meantime, Scott reviewed the manual, while Lance and Erik got the digital cable connected to the stereo and plugged it into the drum machine. When Travis returned, they were powering up the drum machine, and then the stereo. Lance switched to the auxiliary digital input. Scott set the unit to play a preprogrammed heavy drum part and pressed play. 

Initially, the volume level was low enough for them to talk to each other without shouting. Wearing an evil grin, Erik prompted, "Get your guitars out and let's find out how loud it needs to be?" Nodding and snickering, Lance and Scott got their electric guitars out and plugged into their amplifiers. Travis walked across the room, stopped between the two beds, and turned around to listen. Turning on the amps and choosing the key of E, Lance offered to play rhythm and Scott would play lead. Waiting for the next four bar sequence to begin, Lance started off and Scott followed. Erik turned up the stereo's volume to about half way. 

Smiling and nodding, Trav hollered, "That's good; I can hear each of 'em and the drum part too." Erik checked with Lance and Scott.

"It's awesome!" Lance laughed.

Travis hurried across the room, opened the door and stepped out into the hall, closing the door behind him. He went into the common room and turned on the big television, to make sure other kids could be in there without the TV being terribly drowned out. With the common room surround system turned up only about a quarter of the way, very little of what was going on in Lance's and Scott's room could be heard. He turned the TV off and went back down the hall. Beyond Chris' and Jay's room, there was so little sound leakage that Travis had to listen carefully for the occasional snap of a snare drum. He returned to the room, smiling and flashing a thumbs up.

To find out what Travis was doing, Lance and Scott stopped playing. Scott turned down the stereo, and then asked, "What's the scoop?"

Travis smiled, "That's really loud in here, but I checked the common room and down past Jay's room. You could practice at that volume without disturbing anybody. Just to be sure, check with the Hiram twins later. They need to be able to watch TV or do whatever they want, without you dudes drowning out their TV and stereo."

Erik checked his watch, and then smiled, "We'll see you in about forty-five minutes."

"In this hall's shower," Lance giggled. Catching Scott's evil grin, Lance cackled, "WHAT?"

Shaking his head, Scott then turned to Trav and Erik, chuckling, "We'll see you soon. Thanks so much for the awesome gear, guys."

Travis nodded and waved, and then reached for the door knob. "Any time, dudes," Erik smiled. 

When Travis opened the door, Joey was standing there with his dad. "Who was pwayin' dwums?" Joey giggled.

Waving Jerry and Joey into the room, Scott chuckled, "Our new drum machine, for practicing."

Hurrying in and pulling his dad along, Joey shouted, "KEWW! ID SOUNDS AWESOME!"

Softly chortling and stepping out of the room with his partner, Erik closed the door. They went towards the common room, intending to go to their room. Erik beamed, "That felt fantastic! They were so hyped up, they could barely conceal their excitement. I like being a dorm leader."

"Me too," Travis smiled. "How about we add a little something in the common room for other kids?" Rapidly nodding, Erik giggled. Walking to the far corner, on the opposite side of the room from the upright piano, Travis called, "Alden, we need a shelf unit in here, to hold some board games and toys for the kids."

Over the room's speakers, Alden giggled, "Be a little more specific about the shelving, Trav."

"Like a right triangle," Travis replied, "with wider shelves on the bottom and getting progressively narrower as it goes up. Maybe steel framed with plexiglass shelves."

In about ten minutes, Erik and Travis had added a shelving unit loaded with board games, miniature electric cars and trucks, brain teaser toys like Rubik's Cube, and a collection of hardcover books by various classic authors, like Jack London and Mark Twain. To complete the task, on the top shelf was a fiber optic lamp that changed colors. It could act as a night light, and even during the afternoon, it was pretty.

Now that they had taken care of their dorm brothers, Erik and Travis returned to their room for some private time to take care of each other. Erik wondered, "Why'd you check with me before telling them what we talk about?"

"The most important reason was to make sure you were okay with it," Travis admitted. "That's something that you might rather remain between us."

Erik unlocked their door and they stepped inside their room. "You didn't share any details," Erik smiled, and closed the door. "It also proves that we do much more than get messy. At some point, I'd like our other friends to know some more aspects about us."

Travis nodded, "I think the conversation should just meander in that direction naturally." Briefly pausing, Travis wondered, "Do you think Lance is still a little afraid of me?"

Erik shrugged, "I hope he was only playing with the fact that you're about five or six inches taller, and many pounds heavier than he is. Only you can prove how gentle and caring you are, Champ. I can say it, but he'll know my thoughts are biased."

Travis smirked, "I have no idea how I can prove that to him."

"It's not something you need to rush into," Erik reminded. "We've only known each other a few days. Living in the same dorm, and seeing each other every day, eventually something will prove it. Lance will notice and he'll say something to you about it."

"Probably through you," Travis grinned.

"I don't know about that," Erik giggled. "Lance has no problem saying what's on his mind. He just needs to feel comfortable about it. In that regard, you two are similar. If it's that important to you, then ask him about it. Time's on your side, and so am I."

Ewa Beach, CIC Dining Room

Tuesday, November 9, 2004, 1:07PM HTZ

After having their late lunch, Phil and Owen joined Jake and Terry, who had arrived at the dining room even later. While the latter couple ate, Phil initiated a conversation so Owen, Jake and Terry could share their orphanage experiences. Since the dining room was barren, they could freely talk without fears of being overheard. 

The primary difference between level one and level two orphans were quantities of food and their sleeping arrangements. Level one orphans had twin size bunk beds with shabby mattresses, but that was better than the foam pads on the floor the level two orphans had. Level one orphans were fed measured quantities of food, but the level two orphans weren't even fed that much. For those reasons, Jake and Terry were healthy enough to participate in gym glass at their school, although they weren't as capable as many other boys. Being somewhat healthier, Jake and Terry had never been left behind their classmates to retake entire school years. Their grades weren't great, but good enough to advance.

Owen began raving about the computer and television operations that Phil had shown him. Enthusiastically, Jake and Terry asked to be shown the same, and get some help with starting their computers for the first time. Phil checked with Owen. As much as Owen wanted to be alone with Phil, he realized that he had an opportunity to be a brother, and with Phil's help, Owen could try, so he agreed.

While Jake and Terry were taking their trays to the dishwasher, they met other boys from dormitory two who were grabbing drinks and snacks from the kitchen, and told them what was about to happen. With six more boys that lived in the same hallway, Jake and Terry returned to the table where Owen and Phil were waiting. Phil and Owen were introduced to three pairs of roommates; ten-year-old Luke Nepos and nine-year-old Silas De Aquila, ten-year-old Jeffery Castillo, and twelve-year-old Thomas Cork, and eleven-year-old Matthew Cottingham and ten-year-old Rodney Casteneda. Luke and Silas were ex-Latin King kids. Jeff, Tom, Matt and Rodney were all level one orphans. Hand-in-hand, Jake and Terry led the pack to dorm two.

From the path through the quad, Phil wondered, "Don't you dudes open your windows?" He then pointed to dormitory three, where he lived with Craig, saying, "The weather's always beautiful here, dudes. Saturday night, when it rained, was the only time we had our windows closed. Sunday morning, after breakfast, they were opened again."

Holding the door open for the group, Terry checked with the slightly taller but younger boy, asking, "Is that kewl?"

"I'll prove it," Phil grinned. Jake went to his room, number twenty-one-twenty-five. As soon as the group had entered, Phil called, "Alden, tell these dudes that it's kewl to open their windows."

Alden giggled, "Of course it is! If we didn't want you opening them, they'd be panes of glass you can't open. It's not like anyone would think of stealing anything. Even if they did, with cameras in each room and every hall, I'd see who stole what and let a Core Rimmer know. I assumed you guys just liked the windows, blinds and curtains closed for privacy, so I didn't say anything."

Phil smiled, "You dudes can call on Alden for just about anything, any time. How do you think we got the water blasters last night?"

Owen nodded and giggled, "It all started when Phil's big bro, Craig got soaked by the other dudes wearing Mr. Fuzzy G-strings. Craig called Alden and the water blaster war began."

"You dudes can do just about anything you want in your room," Phil patiently explained. "Chris and Jay wanted their beds away from the windows, so they moved the beds to the adjacent walls. In Pat's and Rafe's room, they decided to move the dressers between the two beds, because Pat's hooked up with Ralphie. That way they have privacy."

Alden giggled, "As of last night, Rafe's hooking up with Taron Reyce Otter. After the cozy cuzzy fuzzy Water Blaster battle, Pat and Ralphie slept on one bed and Rafe and Taron slept on the other. Chris and Jay moved the beds and night tables themselves. Since Pat and Rafe are younger and couldn't lift the dressers, I had them step back and transported the dressers to the new, preferred locations. The three Oldcambus brothers are sharing one room, so I set up their room with full size bunk beds, and an extra desk, chair and computer."

Tom Cork squealed, "I thought you were only for helping the Core Rimmers, Alden."

Alden giggled, "I'm here for all of you guys and girls. I have VIs, or virtual intelligence machines that handle ordering food for the kitchens, replace the clothes you guys got from the store and dozens of other tasks." In a more relaxed tone, Alden said, "This is one of my VI's. I can handle multiple tasks at once, interact with any one or groups of kids, and do anything the Core Rimmers ask of me." Returning to a more emotive voice, Alden giggled, "One day I'll have a body, so I can interact with all of you, and you'll still be able to call me the same way that Phil just did. The only difference will be the real me will have legs and a body to be with you. If all you need is help with something, like moving furniture, the VIs managing the transporters will respond and help. The night you were being rescued from your orphanages, one of my VIs was assisting Reyes in the auditorium, so he could play drums along with the songs he selected."

Already aware of the answer, Phil smiled, "You heard me in the dining room with Owen, Jake and Terry, didn't you?"

"You're here to help acquaint the guys with their laptop computers, the televisions, satellite systems and the stereos," Alden replied.

Phil shared, "I can help two dudes easily, but I can't help all eight of these dudes at once, Alden."

Alden sang, "DUN-DUN-DUUUN! Super AI to the rescue!"

Kerry groaned, "Oh, puh-lease!"

"Give us a break, bro," George giggled.

Stevie grumbled, "If I had an arm, I'd slap him!"

Jack muttered, "The only thing 'super' about Alden is his colossal ego."

Insanely giggling, Alden introduced his brothers to the boys in the room. All the AIs and the boys had a brief conversation about androids and the AIs getting bodies.

For the next hour, Phil and Owen roamed from room-to-room, showing the other eight boys how to operate their televisions, stereos, and assisting Alden with some computer tasks, including replacing Windows laptops for Macbook Pro laptops in all four rooms. In small groups, other boys came inside from the pools and rec room. Seeing and hearing what was going on, they wanted to learn the same things. Wanting some time alone with Owen before the Core Rimmers got out of school, Phil encouraged the original eight to show their dorm brothers what they had already learned.

Owen was ecstatic. In only two days, he had a boyfriend and experienced what it was like to be a brother. Owen wanted to go to Oneula Beach, where he could show Phil his room and maybe find his roommate, Ellis. Suddenly, many dozens of possibilities were opening Owen's eyes. He could barely decide what to do first. However, Phil could tell Owen was a little hyper, so he suggested some alone time was needed.

Back at dorm one room one, Angelo had received and had Reggie writhing on the bed. As Reggie had done for him, Angelo worshiped his lover's body. Between tender kisses, Angelo told him every thought he hadn't yet shared. Resting his head on his boyfriend's belly, Angelo stroked away, completely mesmerized by the foreskin hiding and showing off the head. The intention was, as Reggie had done, to lick up his lover's load off his belly. It was the perfect first time for Angelo, and he wanted to reproduce it, as best he could for Reggie. 

Beginning to warn his partner, Reggie stiffened, and appropriately, Angelo lifted his head out of the way. Reggie grunted. A fountain of jizz flew up, the likes of which Angelo didn't even know was possible. It hit Angelo on the cheek and dripped down his face. He adjusted the angle so he didn't get squirted again, but he didn't stop stroking until the last seemed to only ooze over Reggie's foreskin and over his hand. Groaning the entire time, Reggie occasionally bounced on the bed. Fully retracting his lover's foreskin, Angelo cleaned up a bit. Surprisingly, all Reggie managed was soft cooing for several more moments.

"Oh my God!" Reggie wearily cheered, "That was the very best ever! I swear, it never ever felt anything close to that!"

Releasing Reggie's bone, Angelo turned to his one true love, sniggering, "Yeah, I think I did pretty good for a first time."

Blinking, Reggie tried to focus again. Seeing what had happened, and Angelo wiping it off his face, Reggie's jaw dropped. "Oh!" he squeaked, and covered his mouth, softly giggling, "I can't believe it. Seriously, a few centimeters is as far as I've ever shot before. I'm so sorry, babe."

"Don't be," Angelo giggled, and then slurped up the juice he had on his fingers. "I sure ain't sorry, just surprised."

"So am I!" Reggie cackled. He uncovered his face only to pull Angelo down and repeatedly kiss him. During the kisses, Reggie discovered that one of his hands running through Angelo's hair was getting wet too. He helplessly giggled into kisses. Angelo pulled back with a curious glare. Reggie cackled, "It's in your hair too. We're gonna have to shower too now."

Smirking, Angelo giggled, "Pretty funny, huh?"

"Your hair is sticking up on that side." Reggie uncontrollably laughed, "You look like a one-horned demon!"

On a mission, Angelo reached down to fondle his boyfriend's very sensitive penis. Laughing harder, Reggie tried to double up to protect himself, but that only exposed other ticklish areas, which Angelo took full advantage of. Completely on the defensive, Reggie squirmed to get away. All he accomplished was falling partially off the bed. Wrapping one arm around the legs protruding in the air before him and pulling them against his chest, Angelo tickled to his heart's content. He playfully giggled, "Do you love me?"


"How much do you love me?"


"Swearing is bad."

Reggie loudly laughed, "I'm your SLAVE, FOREVER AND EVER, just STOP TICKLING ME!"

"You'll do anything?"

"And LOVE IT!"

Releasing Reggie's legs, Angelo watched a fine butt roll. He shifted back away from the edge of the bed, giggling, "I'll love you too, forever and ever, Reg."

Wearily kneeling on the floor at the edge of the bed, Reggie smiled, "Being extra romantic is only making me more determined."

Bouncing his eyebrows, Angelo sniggered, "Lookin' for a new hair style too, are ya?"

Shaking his head and standing, Reggie warned, "That would be a waste," and then jumped up onto the bed. Falling backward, Angelo cracked up. Purposefully, Reggie dropped with his face near Angelo's crotch. Without hesitation, round two began. 

When they had finished a few minutes later, they snuggled, completely wrapped in one another's arms and legs, sharing life stories, and all the best and worst times. Reggie learned that Angelo had been harassed in elementary school by a few bullies. Angelo learned that Reggie spent every spare moment drawing as a younger boy, and sometimes fell back into that pattern, especially when there was a picture to finish. He had played little league baseball all through grade school too, and was good enough to play infield baseman and shortstop positions. 

They spent a few minutes trying to understand why they felt so much for each other before ever saying more than hello. It wasn't only physical attractions, it was more like destiny. They finished their conversation by agreeing to commit themselves to one another. What ever life happened to toss their way could be easier as long as they remained together.

At a pause, Reggie softly asked, "Dinner at my house tonight?"

"I'd love that."

"Before we leave my place for your place, we'll have a short chat with my dad, to tell him we'll be out late."

"Do you want to tell him that you won't be home at all?"

"Yeah, we might as well. We're on base, just here, not there. It's my mom who worries more over little stuff than you and me combined."

Angelo giggled, "Could you imagine doing what we did with your brother in the next room?"

"It won't happen," Reggie grinned. "I'd really hate to be executed for child abuse and endangerment now, babe."

After thoughtfully humming, Angelo admitted, "I'd simply smother my sister. That means we have something new on our agenda."

"There's no way I could be separated from you. I think it's time to move out on our own. I'm not even imagining spending a single night without you. I'd never get to sleep."

"Don't you think we need to give our folks some time, to get used to us being together, before we drop that bomb on them?"

"My dad would be kewl about it, because we'd only be at a different place here on base, not far away. On the other hand, I think my mom would argue no matter when we mentioned it. What about your folks?"

"I think they'd both be very kewl, if we wait a couple of days. Just like your dad, they'd realize we'd be close."

Reggie sighed and then wondered, "How can we work this? I'd be perfectly happy spending every night here, from now on."

"That would make our intention pretty clear. There's also the little problem of clothes and our other necessities, not to mention your art supplies and my computer music stuff."

Both boys scowled and hummed. Very suddenly, Angelo stole a kiss, and then called, "Hey, Alden?" Reggie grinned, thinking of how they probably looked from the camera lens of an AI, and began to blush and softly giggle.

"Yes?" Alden flatly replied.

"We need your kind of help, dude."

Alden giggled, "I guess so! Everything worked out well?"

"Very much so," Reggie smiled.

Angelo shared, "So much so that we're planning on living alone, right here in this room."

"It's not a problem," Alden assured. "I'll just let the Core Rimmers know, if that's okay? At least Prez and Keith should know. I have a suggestion too, if that's all right?"

"Sure," Reggie answered.

Angelo prompted, "Fire away."

Alden said, "There's a free room very much like this one at dorm three. That's where Tony, Ray, Chris, Jay, Lance, Scott, Erik and Travis live."

"AWESOME!" both boys cheered.

Alden giggled, "I thought you'd prefer to be with friends."

Reggie prompted, "We'll need clothes too, Alden; enough for three or four days, at least. We can grab stuff from our rooms during the days, when our folks aren't around."

"And toothbrushes and stuff too," Angelo added. "We can't let our parents know that we have no intention of sleeping separately ever again."

"Got it," Alden giggled, "so taking stuff from your homes would let them know what's going on."

"That summarizes it pretty well," Reggie grinned.

Alden giggled, "Unravel yourselves and stand up please, so I can take measurements and get you clothes." While the two boys kissed and began to separate, Alden instructed, "If there's any colors or types of clothes you don't want, let me know." Once Angelo and Reggie were standing, Alden prompted, "Turn in place, please." They let go of each others' hands and did as instructed.

Reggie said, "No plaids or stripes for me, Alden. I'm boxy looking as it is, and they only make me look bigger."

Angelo added, "With brown hair and eyes, I try to stay away from shades of brown. Tans are kewl, just no browns." For a moment, Angelo considered asking Reggie to flex his muscles. Knowing that would cause another round, he didn't ask but openly watched Reggie turning around. Noticing Angelo's wandering eyes, Reggie smiled and stole a tender kiss.

Alden playfully reminded, "I've seen you guys dressing since Sunday. I'll use that criteria as well as what you mentioned."

Reggie wondered, "How is laundry handled in the dorms?"

"By housekeepers," Alden answered. He transported the boys and the entire contents of the room to their new room at dorm three. Everything was exactly as it had been at dormitory one. The only obvious differences Angelo and Reggie noticed was the colors of the carpet, walls and drapes. Then Alden delivered stacks of new clothing and necessities on the beds. He said, "You're all set with a week's worth of the basics, guys. In the closets are laundry bags; one for whites and one for colors. I've got another idea that you'd both probably like to know about."

Going to check out their new clothes, Angelo wondered, "What's that?"

Alden reminded, "Only your dad is working off base, Angelo. I figure you've got a couple of days, a week at most, before a housekeeper notices you're here all the time. Your parents will find out, sooner or later. This is a pretty big secret to try and keep."

Looking up at the camera, Reggie said, "All we need is a couple of days, for them to get used to the idea. Almost four hundred kids are living in these dorms without their moms and dads. We can do it too."

"Just making sure you're thinking clearly and not acting spontaneously," Alden giggled. "Although, the entire day's activities have been pretty spontaneous for you two."

Both boys spun toward the camera, shouting, "ALDEN!"

"Tell me I'm exaggerating," Alden giggled.

Angelo smirked, "You've got a real naughty streak that you will pay dearly for."

"I know," Alden giggled. "My first day in my new body will be spent getting tossed in the diving well, and chased, probably all the way to Des Moines, where I'll spend the rest of the day with Grandma Morrison. With my brother Kerry there too, I'm sure it will be a very interesting day."

Reggie asked Angelo, "Wanna share a dresser, babe?"

Angelo smiled, "We're sharing everything we can, from now on," and leaned over for a tender kiss. They started loading the dresser, easily agreeing that toiletries belonged in the top drawer, underwear in the next drawer, socks went in the next drawer down, and board shorts went in the drawer below that. The various polo and T-shirts got hung in the same closet on the same side of the room. During the process, they kept hearing muffled laughter from the air conditioning vent. Pausing and scowling, Angelo wondered, "Who is laughing and what is so funny?"

Alden giggled, "The short answer is that you two have already made an impact on two of your friends. As of about two hours ago, Ray and Tony are a happy couple too."

Reggie smiled, "That's awesome! We'll have to congratulate them."

"Later, after Angelo shampoos his hair," Alden giggled. Slumping, Angelo huffed. Reggie went to his lover and tried to push down the clump of hair that was protruding, but it only bounced back up again as soon as he removed his hand. Reggie couldn't help smiling, but quickly stole a tender kiss and then turned away.

Sadly shaking his head yet widely grinning, Angelo decided to change the subject and asked, "Alden, who else is in this hall?"

"Across the hall from you are twelve-year-olds Rob Wheeler and Paul Eliason," Alden replied. "Brad and Theo Triggs are in the room beside yours. Brad's ten and Theo's twelve-years-old. We also have a Vulcan named Vaziik and his roommate, Stu Sutliff; both of them are twelve-years-old too. Moving further toward the common room are the three Oldcambus brothers, fourteen-year-old Kassidy, and eleven-year-old twins Kade and Karey. In the next room are Nate Ramos and his brothers. Across from the lavatory are Taron Reyce Otter and JD Matos. Beyond the lavatory are Tony and Ray, and Erik and Travis. Fred and Chauncy Eckhart and their puppy Rikko, and the Nash brothers are at the far end of the hall, by the common room. Your room is at the opposite end, closest to the exit."

Reggie muttered, "We don't even really know where we are."

"Later tonight, we need to walk around, get used to the place, and say hello," Angelo suggested. He went to a window to open the drapes and blinds to look outside. As soon as that was done, he noticed the time on the clock radio between the beds and gasped, "It's two-forty already? School will be out soon, and that means my mom will be wondering where I am."

Nodding, Reggie queried, "Where do we get towels, Alden?"

"They're in the shower changing area," Alden replied, and then giggled, "It's all boys on this floor, and the upstairs is empty, so you've got nothing to worry about. Most of the guys stay naked or in their underwear, whether they're going to the showers, coming from there, or just hanging out in the common room."

"Kewl," Angelo smiled. "Without a little witch sister around, life just became infinitely more simple."

Reaching for Angelo's hand, Reggie grinned, "She's not that bad."

Taking his lover's hand, Angelo sniggered, "Before meeting you, my last words were 'where's your broom?' and then 'fly away'. She was a crier as a baby, and in most ways, she hasn't changed." They left the room naked, saw the exit door to the right and turned left. Before making it to the lavatory, another door opened. Also nude, Tony and Ray walked out of their room. All four had smushed up bed hair and swollen lips. They knowingly grinned and began chuckling congratulations.

From the room at the far end of the hall, Phil Nash and Owen Reed emerged in their birthday suits. Phil raised his free hand, asking, "We've got new dudes in our hall?"

"New to you dudes," Tony grinned, and then introduced Phil and Owen to Angelo and Reggie. They greeted each other and knocked knuckles. Tony turned to Angelo, asking, "You dudes decided to come here instead of going home?"

Shaking his head, Angelo grinned, "There's a little sister at my place, and a little brother at Reggie's. When it became an emergency, we asked Alden to help us out."

Reggie smiled, "We'll probably be around here a lot more often, starting tonight."

Sliding in closer to Reggie and cuddling, Angelo shared, "We can't deal with sleeping apart, so we're gonna give our parents a little warning, and then be back here later. Our intention is to give them time to adjust, and eventually move here." 

All six continued on their way to the lavatory, and then lined up at the urinals. Phil said, "The Core Rimmers will be out of school soon, and we heard they're rehearsing. Once we grab a shower, that's where we're going."

"Us too," Ray shared.

Reggie explained, "Once we get some family stuff taken care of, we'll be there."

Glancing down the line of bright, cheery faces, Phil grinned, "We heard an awful lot of giggling and laughing." Hanging his head and turning very red, Ray giggled.

"That's exactly what we heard," Owen laughed.

Nodding, Tony chuckled, "Me and Ray have hooked up too. I've got the best kind of sex crazed boyfriend." A chorus of provocative moos erupted. Catching Ray squinting at him, Tony smiled, "Seriously, Ray's the romancer, and an excellent pillow-talker. He got me to tell him everything I've been thinking since we met. We've both been holding back our feelings, but thankfully that's over now, and a whole new life is starting."

Ray giggled, "Tony thought it would be better to let me lead the way. So I did, repeatedly."

Over the giggling and laughter, Tony chuckled, "I'm so tuckered out." Angelo, Reggie, Owen and Phil cracked up. Ray's giggles transformed into evil snickers, making it obvious that he had only begun wearing Tony out.

"So, it's going to be three couples in the shower," Reggie realized, and mysteriously shifted his eyes. Surprised that Reggie had mentioned it, Angelo's jaw dropped for a brief moment.

Almost at once, all six began laughing and joking around about what would happen. Not one denied their intention to share a shower, or the desire to help their partner bathe. Down the row, urinals flushed and couples went into the mob shower. 

Since everything was uncharted territory to them, Angelo and Reggie were the last in the shower. They checked out the commodes and sinks. Everything was clean and neat. Compared to nasty smelling boys' rooms and locker rooms at their schools, Reggie and Angelo thought this lavatory and shower looked and smelled freshly cleaned. 

For all three couples, the shower company also turned out to be one of the many great experiences of the day. There was plenty of giggling between each couple. No rude remarks were passed when erections began sprouting like wild flowers in the rain forest. The most extroverted of the group, Tony leaned forward and palmed his knees, giving Ray full access to wash his butt. During the laughter, Angelo and Phil assumed the same position. To complete the task, the other three did the same as their boyfriends.

Another kewl thing was when Erik and Travis came in to use the urinals, and loudly warned those in the shower that they intended to flush. All six calmly stepped away from the spray, but with only three showers going and only two urinals flushing, the water temperature barely changed, Reggie noticed. It wasn't that way at his old school, he commented. One toilet flushing would scald anyone under the showers and send naked dudes bouncing back out of the way and into one another. Instead, they were able to calmly rinse the last remnants of soap off their bodies, during which time Phil, Tony and Ray shared some details about both bases with Angelo and Reggie.

Tony led the way to the changing area, saying, "Take a walk up the stairs around condo A, bros. The most awesome views on this base can be seen from the fifth floor and up, especially at night." Tony began passing towels out. When Ray took a towel, Tony teased, "Second most awesome views." Ray squinted at his boyfriend. More mooing and giggling erupted. Once Angelo and Reggie had taken two towels, Tony firmly pulled Ray against him and planted a deep kiss. The first things Angelo and Reggie noticed was that the towels smelled fresh and the cotton was very soft, as if their moms had washed them. Then they noticed Ray was holding the kiss and pushing Tony backwards against the wall. 

Hopefully, Owen asked Phil, "Can we go there, please?"

"Sure we can," Phil promised. He told the others, "I've heard about it, but haven't actually gone to check it out."

Breaking the kiss and returning to the conversation, Ray cheered, "You can see all the way to the beach." The other four noticed that Tony seemed to be swooning, and only the wall he was leaning on held him upright. Quickly covering his face with his towel, Owen burst out laughing.

Rapidly blinking his eyes, Tony softly huffed, "Whoa."

Phil giggled, "Is the room spinning, Tony?"

"It's slowing down now," Tony smiled.

Angelo asked Reggie, "Would you like to go there after supper?"

Reggie nodded, "It sounds kewl."

"Just remember that people live in most of the condos," Tony reminded. "As long as you're kewl about it, and keep reasonably quiet, no one will care."

Ray warned, "Don't bother with condo C. The President of the United States is living there this week, so the Secret Service won't let you. The views probably suck from there anyway. Condos A and B block most of the CIC, the dorms and down to the beach."

Before leaving the changing room, while he was wrapping his towel around his waist, Reggie told Phil and Owen, "We'll catch up with you in front of condo A, after dinner."

"Kewl, dude," Phil smiled.

Noticing that Phil was pretty tall, taller than Owen and almost as tall as he and Tony were, Angelo smirked, "We need to deal with family stuff, but we'll try to find you at the rehearsal." More agreements flowed around the room.

As couples, they left the changing area and lavatory to return to their rooms. The moment that he closed the door, Reggie spun around, practically exploding, "Do you believe what just happened?"

Angelo giggled, "Which part?"

Reggie excitedly gushed, "Nobody said a word about my dick, or yours, even when we were stiff as steel. As soon as I realized we were all heading to shower, I was disappointed, because I really wanted to wash your butt and dick, and have you wash mine, but thought, it'll have to wait. That was nothing like a junior high locker room shower! All four of them did exactly the same stuff I wanted to do, so I did wash you and you washed me. Not a word was said about any of that, or the hugs and kisses shared when we were almost done. I've learned so much on this one day, I'm flippin' out."

Going to his lover, Angelo giggled, "Yeah, I can see that, but you know what?"

Wrapping his arms around Angelo, Reggie smiled, "What?"

"Your dick doesn't make you different from anybody else," Angelo warmly explained. "When we were chatting in the hall, nobody was looking down at your dick. I specifically watched for that and only saw Owen quickly glance down once. I had the only cut unit of the six, but it's just meat hanging, until I'm with you. Nobody said anything about your length, or my circumcised dick. I washed your dick and ass, and you washed mine, and the other four did what they wanted to do too. That means we're normal gay dudes, and a gay couple, just like them. We've got pubes, and so do Tony and Owen, but Phil and Ray don't have much hair yet. We know Tony is thirteen and Ray is twelve, and they became a couple today, since lunch, partly because of us. Is Owen younger than Phil? I'd like to know which is older, but it really doesn't matter a whole heck of a lot. What matters is they're in love, like Tony and Ray, and you and me. Only a little while ago, I felt kind of bad scheming so we could be alone together here."

"Now I can't wait," Reggie laughed. "I can only hope to stick to our plan."

Nodding agreement, Angelo giggled, "I feel exactly the same way. Neither of us knew how alone and limited we were this morning. Now we've got each other, and a bunch of really kewl dudes that I very much want to live with, and get to know better."

"And we hid in our homes because they're orphans and we're not." Sadly shaking his head, Reggie smirked, "I feel even dumber now than I did this morning."

Seeing in Reggie's eyes how serious he was, Angelo reached for a tender kiss that was passionately returned. When the kiss broke, Angelo whispered, "We didn't know better and made poor assumptions." He then prompted, "Let's take care of stuff and try to get to the auditorium."

Reggie smiled, "I love you so much, babe. My life changed in less than a day, thanks to you."

Desperately whimpering, Angelo again rested his head on the shoulder that he had dreamed of resting his head on. The need to take care of business fought the desire to remain where they were, and how they were; bare except for the towels wrapped around their waists, and as close as they could possibly be. Seconds ticked away and turned into minutes. Neither of them cared about anything except being together.

Over the room's speaker, Prez announced, "Attention all Rimmers. Platinum Habits will be rehearsing in the Ewa Beach auditorium. Everyone is welcome to attend. That's all."

Reggie whispered, "It's time, babe."

Without moving, Angelo softly whined, "I don't want to."

Softly chortling, Reggie offered, "I promise to hold you and kiss you anytime, in front of your family and mine. The quicker we get this over with, the quicker we'll be together and alone again." Angelo looked up into Reggie's eyes. Pressing his lips against Angelo's cheek, Reggie softly assured, "I'm a lot less shy than I was this morning. Give me an excuse and I'll give you a big kiss in front of your entire family."

Stepping back, Angelo happily giggled, "Any particular excuse?"

"A simple glance my way would do it," Reggie smiled. At that moment, he knew he wasn't lying or exaggerating. For a few moments in Angelo's arms, he would do anything to make him happy, blushes be damned, he would do it anyway, just to see a smile. The towels were dropped. Wiping deodorant under their pits, they complained about putting their dirty clothes on just to keep up appearances. While brushing their hair, they decided to put clean, new underwear on. Angelo helplessly giggled at his boyfriend's long dick flopping into his boxer briefs. Tucking his goods away, Reggie teased, "You know that your dick flopped around too? It's definitely more than average."

Nodding, Angelo seriously apologized; "I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable."

Dropping the shorts he had just picked up, Reggie hurried across the room, wrapped Angelo in his arms and firmly assured, "Between the things you said today, and four new friends saying nothing about it, I feel more like I used to than I have in a long time. You changed me in less than a day, Angelo Diaz. I can't recall any other day that was as much fun as this day has been. I love you." He stole a quick kiss and stepped back, carefully watching Angelo's reaction. Angelo's smile turned into gleeful giggles. Reggie could see goosebumps popping on Angelo's arms, chest and shoulders.

They went into overdrive again, getting their boardies, shirts and sandals on. They flew out of the room and out the two doors into the quad. At first, they glanced around to get their bearings. To their right was the domed CIC. The diving well and olympic sized pool was to their left. The townhouses were directly ahead, on the opposite side of the other dormitory.

"Dorm three is the one Pat and Ralphie were chasing each other around," Angelo realized.

Nodding, Reggie took Angelo's hand and confirmed, "Two more kewl dudes live where we do."

Angelo giggled, "If I shyly turned away from you, so you couldn't see my dick, what would you do?"

"Chase after you," Reggie grinned, "and probably tear whatever you were wearing off your pretty butt too."

"That's twice you've commented on my butt," Angelo smiled.

Nodding, Reggie grinned, "It's as awesome as the rest of you. It and all of you are mine to admire. If you catch me blankly staring, that's prob'ly what I'm doin'." Angelo began giggling. Reggie chuckled, "What?"

"It's all catching up to me, Reg. I had hopes, maybe in a few days, but we did it in less than a day."

Reggie shrugged, "We had the same hopes. Words can't describe how happy I am, because the dude that woke every feeling and emotion in me, had the same feelings for me. I hope tomorrow will be like today. We'll get to meet more kids, and we'll get to spend time alone too. Fears suck. For no good reason we hid in our homes, afraid of being different. Nobody has treated us differently all day. To them, we're just two more dudes."

"Who did you like the most today?"

"We spent the most time with Tony and Ray. I like them most. Everyone was different and I liked everyone we met."

"Me too."

Nearing the row of townhouses, Reggie asked, "Your place first or mine?"

"Yours; I'm in too good of a mood to deal with the witch."

Moments later, they were walking up the steps to townhouse four. Reggie put his hand on the security plate and said his name. He opened the door and stepped inside, holding the door open for Angelo. Once his boyfriend was standing beside him, and took his hand, Reggie closed the door. He then called, "Hello? Cameron?"

Not hearing a response, Angelo wondered, "Do you think he went out?"

Reggie shrugged, "Maybe. Since I didn't come back for lunch, he might've gone scrounging, or maybe he's just lurkin'." Leading the way to the dining area sliding doors, Reggie opened the blinds part way and peered outside. Again, he didn't see anyone. Leading the way back across the rooms, Reggie grinned, "If he jumps out from his room in a sad attempt to scare me, I'll hold him still, while you tickle him until he pees his pants. The second room on the left is mine. I'll show you my drawings."

Climbing the stairs, Angelo said, "I've got the first room. The witch has the second room. These are big homes; compared to the other one we lived in, this is really nice."

"Yeah, I think so too," Reggie agreed. At the top of the stairs, he peeked into the first room. Not seeing his younger brother, he grinned at Angelo, saying, "As nice as this is, the rooms we were in at the dorms were nicer."

Rapidly nodding, and following his boyfriend into his room, Angelo proudly beamed, "That dorm room is our place, starting tonight, Reg."

Immediately upon entering his room, Reggie opened his arms wide. They embraced and grabbed a few kisses of varying intensity. Never releasing Angelo, Reggie shared, "There were plates, glassware and other kitchen necessities when we got here. Even the beds were made with new sheets, pillows and blankets. My mom had Alden remove the plates and glassware, so she could keep the china and glasses we've always had."

"It was the same at my place. We've all got bigger beds now, so the bedding that was already here, we kept."

"My folks seem to like working here more than their old jobs. My dad especially needed a little time at home before he chilled and started talking. I expect them home around four. He'll walk in the house chatting up a storm. Betchya it's the same as yesterday; no commute, no stuck up rich hags to cope with."

Trying to act suspiciously, but not managing very well, Angelo giggled, "Are you stalling, or just jonesin' for more hugs, Reggie?"

"Both," Reggie chortled.

"Com'on," Angelo giggled, "you can hold me and show me your drawings at the same time." To prove the point, Angelo slowly turned in his partner's arms. Playfully sniggering, Reggie ground his crotch against Angelo's butt. They both began laughing. "Soon, stud," Angelo cackled.


"Definitely," Angelo purred, and held his lover's arms around his waist. Looking over his shoulder, he asked, "Do you think you might like it too?"

"I never considered that at all either, until you," Reggie admitted. Leaning closer to Angelo's ear, he whispered, "Yeah, I've thought about it too, and like the idea, but it is a little scary."

"I thought sucking dick would be scary too, but it was more fun than I ever imagined," Angelo softly shared.

"It was awesome. You smelled and tasted great."

Feeling a lump growing against his butt, Angelo giggled, "Drawings and pictures, remember? We're not gonna prove we're in love by getting caught in the act."

Evilly snickering, Reggie pointed at the desk, directing, "The top center drawer has my recent sketch pads," and released Angelo to help himself. Nervous jitters washed over Reggie. The real Reggie Combs would be seen in every drawing, and nothing he had done with Angelo all day matched the anxiety he felt; it was on par with showing Angelo his erection. Before falling down, Reggie sat on the corner of his bed. 

Angelo slid open the drawer and pulled out the first pad. The first drawing was a view of Diamond Head, likely from Kaneohe, where Reggie used to live. The next page had another landscape, with palm trees in the foreground and a marina in the distant background. Flipping between the first and second crayon drawings, Angelo didn't see a single pencil line anywhere. Reggie softly said, "I made that marina one up, from piecing together a couple of memories."

Angelo gushed, "It's really great, Reg. I'm wondering how you drew such tiny boats, and they still look like real boats. The use of colors actually gives everything the illusion of light and depth. If I spent an entire month on it, I couldn't have done anything like this." Flipping to the next page, Angelo saw a pencil and charcoal sketch of his face. It was as if he had modeled for it. There was depth to his entire head, his cheeks and even the lips, probably the most difficult facial feature to get right, were exactly drawn and shaded perfectly. The date on the page was Sunday's date. Knowing he never had modeled for it, and that it was drawn from memory, Angelo looked up and turned around, finding his boyfriend sitting on the edge of his bed.

Blushing more intensely than he had most of the afternoon, Reggie giggled, "I couldn't get you out of my mind for three days."

As far as Angelo was concerned, the picture was better than any photograph ever taken. Angelo was speechless. Rather than stammer and stutter, Angelo went to Reggie, leaned over to kiss the top of his blond head, and softly promised, "I'll always love you."

"I love you too," Reggie giggled, and gestured to the pad, cackling, "Obviously!"

Sadly shaking his head, Angelo muttered, "I balked and fussed for three days." He lifted the pad and flipped to the next page. Immediately giggling, Angelo turned the pad to portrait orientation. On the page was a cartoon image of Cameron, wrapped only in a towel and flexing in a bathroom mirror. Reggie's little brother's biceps sagged pitifully, and there wasn't enough butt there to hold up a feather, never mind a towel that went well below the knees. And the overly impressed expression on the skinny kid's face was priceless. Reggie evilly snickered. Angelo cracked up and roared, "Every time I see your bro, from now on, I'm gonna see this in my mind."

"Join the club," Reggie cackled.

"You have to draw a cartoon like this of my sister, riding her broom," Angelo giggled. "I'll frame it and hang it in our dorm room. All of these are excellent and deserve frames."

"I'm glad you like them," Reggie shyly grinned.

"I'm not just saying it cos I love you," Angelo seriously assured. "They really are fantastic; much better than I imagined. You've got a gift and real talent, Reg."

Standing up, Reggie took the pad from Angelo, dropped it on his desk, and then took his boyfriend in his arms from behind again. This time, Angelo felt Reggie's heart frantically beating against his back. Not able to see the expression on Reggie's face, Angelo turned his head slightly to ask, "Are you all right?"

"More than ever," Reggie whispered. "I've got you."

"Yeah, ya do," Angelo giggled. "My boyfriend has talent. When you're drawing, I'll impatiently wait to see what your imagination dreamed up."

Reggie admitted, "My family thinks I draw really well too. You're the first person outside my family to compliment me. Thank you, babe."

"You're welcome," Angelo giggled.

"It seems my family has abandoned me," Reggie joked.

"Let's tell Prez," Angelo giggled.

"We're completely justified moving into the dorm."

"We don't need justification, or any reason more than the one we've got."

"Since we're in a holding pattern, at thirty-thousand feet, what do you wanna do? We could go to check out your music, or go to the auditorium?"

Before Angelo could answer, they heard the door opening downstairs, and the voices of at least three young boys. Reggie grinned, "My brother is home."

"With some friends, from the sound," Angelo softly sniggered.

After giving Angelo a firm squeeze and whispering, "I really love you," Reggie led the way downstairs. They could hear the refrigerator door open and close, and then cupboards opening and closing. At the landing, Reggie saw two red-head twins, and a third, brown haired boy sitting on the stools at the kitchen counter. Reggie called, "Cameron?"

All three boys at the counter turned to the voice, waved and giggled. Reggie's brother looked over the counter, giggling, "Hey." He pointed to the one light brown haired boy, saying, "Reggie and Angelo, this is Brad Triggs." Cameron quickly moved to the other two, adding, "And this is Kade and Karey Oldcambus." He giggled, "Which is which, I'm not too sure yet." All four boys cracked up. Cameron giggled, "That's my bro and our next door neighbor, Angelo Diaz."

Walking toward the dining room and kitchen, Reggie and Angelo waved with their free hands. Brad giggled, "It looks like your bro has a boyfriend, Cameron."

"Yeah," Cameron teased, "Reggie's been acting weird since we moved here. Now I get the reason why."

Reggie sniggered, "You brought new friends home to raid the kitchen?"

"Course!" Cameron laughed.

"We know your mom is one of our chefs," Karey giggled.

Kade hungrily growled, "Apple and cherry turnovers!"

Brad reminded, "This morning's blueberry and banana nut muffins were so good!" Heavenly reverent hums erupted from Brad, Kade and Karey. Angelo cracked up.

Sniggering, Reggie walked around the counter, asking, "Where did you meet these muffin and turnover monsters, bro?"

"At the pool," Cameron giggled. "They skinny dip here all the time, bro."

"I saw that, yeah," Reggie grinned, and snagged two home made muffins. Brad, Kade and Karey squealed as if kicked in the nads, and then began loudly complaining. Angelo howled laughing. Reggie guided Angelo to the table and offered him a choice, "Strawberry or banana nut, babe?" Still laughing, Angelo pointed at the one with visible nuts. Widely smiling, Reggie put it down on the table.

Picking up the tray of muffins, Cameron put it close to his three friends. Hands flew everywhere. While snacking, Reggie asked his little brother what he'd been doing the last few hours.

Around the food in his mouth, Cameron mumbled, "About one o'clock, I got hungry enough to go out. I met these three dudes by the pool, and they took me to get some lunch at the CIC. After I ate, we went into the rec room and hung out there, playing video games for a while. Then we went back to the pools. You've gotta try the diving well, Reggie."

"We'll get around to it," Reggie responded, and then flashed Angelo a small smile. 

Moments later, while six mouths were being stuffed, Roy Combs walked into the house. He closed the door, chuckling, "It has begun."

Two voices greeted, "Hey dad."

And four said, "Hi Mr. Combs."

Once again, Cameron introduced his three new friends, and managed to correctly point out Kade and Karey, based on the T-shirts the twins were wearing.

After wiping his mouth with his hand, Reggie asked, "Dad, do you remember Angelo?"

Nodding, "Of course," Roy then smirked, "I'm not that old yet, Reggie."

Reggie grinned, "We spent most of the day together." 

"I'm glad you got out of the house," Roy smiled.

"We went around the base," Reggie explained. "We never made it to Oneula Beach, but saw some of what's here. Once Angelo and I finish eating, we'll go over to the auditorium."

"Good," Roy cheered, and then asked, "How many should I tell your mother to expect for dinner?"

"Four here," Cameron answered. 

Reggie checked with Angelo. Shrugging, Angelo softly answered, "We shouldn't surprise your mom with a bunch of additional mouths. Let's eat at the CIC."

Returning his attention to his dad, Reggie said, "We'll be out for dinner and probably most of the night."

Curiously, Roy blinked and then grinned, "What are you trying to not say, Reginald?"

Cameron, Brad, Kade and Karey sang, "Reggie and Angelo, sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

Grinning insanely, Reggie rolled his eyes. Angelo stuffed half his muffin in his mouth at once, so he couldn't giggle or smile.

Glancing around the room and settling on his eldest son, Roy smiled, "Is it true?"

Nodding, Reggie reached across the table, had his hand taken by Angelo and then explained, "We've been in the same rut all weekend. Since our feelings are very mutual, yeah, it's true."

"Thus, you're staying out late tonight?" Roy confirmed.

Reggie smiled, "We met a bunch of really kewl dudes today. We've got a few plans with them. And there's one other thing I'd like your opinion on."

Roy chuckled, "That means I'll be scraping your mother up off the floor again soon." Cameron and his three friends broke into giggles. Bracing himself, Roy prompted, "Go ahead."

Turning redder by the second, Reggie grinned, "Since we couldn't be alone here, and Angelo has a little sister, we checked and learned we could have a place at the dorm. It's the same place our friends are at, and it's very kewl. We won't only be out late, we'd rather not be home at night at all. Please say it's okay, dad."

Ignoring the four giggling younger boys, Roy went to his eldest son, smiling, "There are boys half your age in those dorms, Reggie. Of course, I approve, and completely understand. Your mom, on the other hand, won't be quite so accepting."

Cameron loudly laughed, "Alden?"

From the speakers in the kitchen and dining room, Alden replied, "Yes, Cameron?"

"Smelling salts, dude, lots of smelling salts, like a week's worth," Cameron cackled. A pile of the little packets, at least thirty of them, appeared in the center of the table.

Checking with Reggie and Mr. Combs, Angelo grinned, "You're kidding, right? She won't really faint, will she?"

Roy nodded, "She's got low blood pressure, and so does Reggie. Something a bit too shocking sends all the blood destined for her brain to her toes, and then she's out cold."

Angelo glared at Reggie, wordlessly wondering why he hadn't said anything. Reggie smiled, "It only happened to me once, when I was about seven, in second grade. Don't worry, okay?" All Angelo could think of was the surprising orgasm his lover had. Every dude is ecstatic after the release, but Reggie was almost comatose. If Reggie ever passed out on him while making love, Angelo knew he would climb the walls. This topic would need to be discussed alone. 

Looking up at his dad, Reggie asked, "So, you'll say what to mom?"

"That you're staying out with friends, on base, so she'll know that you're safe," Roy easily replied. Taking hold of his son's shoulders, Roy smiled, "I'm very happy and even prouder than ever. You didn't worry a bit about being gay, and I had hoped you wouldn't, but would just do what needed to be done."

Reggie gasped, "How'd you know? I wasn't even sure until Saturday afternoon."

Roy chuckled, "It's not hard to miss when your son is so hopelessly preoccupied that he can't follow simple instructions. If I heard, 'Sorry dad, what did you say?' once, I heard it about ten times Saturday and Sunday. I wasn't sure who was preoccupying you, but that much was obvious."

Cameron howled laughing. Of course, only Cameron and Brad knew that Kade and Karey were telepathic. Angelo, Reggie and Roy had no clue what was so funny. Brad, Kade and Karey shuffled off their stools and filed into the kitchen, where Cameron was still laughing. In seconds, Cameron had three pretend boyfriends wrapping him up in their arms. The four boys were actually playing out Angelo's and Reggie's thoughts. Roy found it pretty funny and playfully scolded, "Cameron, just because I taught you the facts-of-life, that doesn't mean you need to demonstrate what you've learned."

Cameron cackled, "But dad, if one is good, and two is better, three must be the best."

Brad giggled, "We're serious; at least I am." The other three cracked up and shifted around to snuggle up with Brad. The ten-year-old gay curious boy, rescued Saturday afternoon by Keith and John, was suddenly far less curious and much more certain.

Roy chuckled, "Since Reggie and Angelo won't be here, you and your three boyfriends can spend the night here, if you like."

Cameron whined through giggles, "Can't we stay at the dorm too?"

"Smelling salts won't revive the departed," Roy grinned. All six boys began laughing. Over their combined voices, Roy joked, "She'll take me out before she goes too. I did not take the job here to make an early departure from this world, and make two more orphans." 

Locking eyes with Angelo, Reggie gleefully prompted, "It's time to go to the rehearsal, isn't it?"

Cameron teased, "You still need to rehearse, bro? After this afternoon, I'd think you have the show uh... mastered by now." He quickly hid behind his three friends and all four evilly snickered.

Watching Angelo turn redder than a fire engine, Reggie turned and shot daggers from his eyes at his brother.

Roy smiled, "Angelo, welcome to the family. Please take your boyfriend out of the house. There doesn't need to be witnesses when I teach four pranksters a lesson."

"Yes, Sir," Angelo softly answered, and stood. He reached for Reggie's hand.

Standing up, Reggie threatened, "Lots and lots of red, bro," and took Angelo's offered hand. In the kitchen, a chorus of moos erupted. Angelo and Reggie walked out of the house hearing the combined squeals and giggles of Cameron, Brad, Kade and Karey.

Angelo prompted, "Let me see if my mom's home, Reg. If it's only my sister, then we'll head to the auditorium. I wouldn't be surprised if my mom went there. She really likes the band." They turned and went up the steps to townhouse five. Angelo unlocked the door and stepped inside with Reggie. Cecilia Diaz was sitting on the sofa watching TV, but briefly turned and saw her brother and Reggie. Angelo asked, "Has mom been home?"

"Been and left again," Cecilia answered. 

Angelo asked, "Did she go to the band's rehearsal?"

More involved in the TV program she was watching, Cecilia shrugged, "I think so."

Rolling his eyes, Angelo grinned, "Let's go, Reg."

They walked back out of the house and down the steps. Reggie giggled, "Do you think she even noticed us holding hands?"

Angelo sighed, "Who knows." High pitched screams caused both boys to pause. Off in the distance, beyond the nearest dormitory, high above the diving well, Cameron and Brad dropped. Moments later, Kade and Karey appeared and followed their friends down.

Reggie sniggered, "Had to be my dad."

"And Alden," Angelo agreed. Beginning to walk again, Angelo smiled, "Your dad's really kewl."

"He completely blew me away again," Reggie sniggered. "How he might've guessed or figured anything out, about me or us, is beyond me. There's never been any dudes I looked twice at, babe. Realizing that I was interested in you as more than a friend completely blew me away."

Angelo admitted, "I was pretty nervous, ya know, meeting him again, under this circumstance." Squeezing Reggie's hand, Angelo giggled, "And you, coming out and telling him that we needed a place to be alone, this afternoon and tonight, and for the foreseeable future. Seeing the picture you drew of me, from memory, I should've guessed. I wish I could say I wrote a song about you, but I'll have to start working on that as soon as possible."

Reggie smiled, "I know what you were thinking and feeling, babe. You don't have to do anything to prove what was, you've been proving what is all day. I was well on my way to giving up, but you made me stop, by shouting your feelings so everyone could hear. That told me that you were very serious, and to really listen to every word you said."

Thrilled to the core once again, it took Angelo a few moments to softly yet firmly say, "I am going to prove it though, Reggie. Somehow, I'm going to show it to everyone paying the slightest bit of attention, I'm all yours, by your side every possible moment of every day."

"I'm hearing you, and loving every word, but this really isn't a contest," Reggie gently said. He raised their clasped hands, smiling, "The proof you're looking for is right here. At first, I was afraid to take your hand. Right now, I'd start becoming terrified if your hand wasn't holding mine. More of that proof keeps showing up in some awesome, completely unexpected ways, like an intimate shower with two other couples in plain sight. Tonight, when we fall asleep together in the same bed, will be more proof. Tomorrow morning, when we wake will prove it all over again. Waking up and kissing you good morning, for the first time, is what I'm looking forward to."

Completely giddy and out of control, Angelo began laughing. He saw two little kids that were holding hands ahead, nearer to the auditorium. Angelo yelled, "HEY, YOU KIDS!" Reggie sniggered.

The blond boys turned to the voice. It was Dillon Helde and Scott Mullins. Together the boys hollered, "YEAH?"

Angelo loudly laughed, "Are you boyfriends?"

"YEAH!" both little guys giggled.

Gesturing to Reggie with his free hand, Angelo shouted, "This is my boyfriend, Reggie Combs."

Dillon and Scott cracked up. As soon as they could, they screamed, "KEWL! WE'LL TELL OUR DADDIES!"

Reggie was laughing his ass off by this point. Angelo hysterically bellowed, "Who are your daddies?"

Dillon laughed, "DERRICK AND MIKE, THE CORE RIMMERS!" Losing it and becoming hysterical, Reggie could barely walk. 

"SEAN AND TROY!" Scott cackled. Giggling like crazy, Dillon and Scott ran the rest of the way to the auditorium. Together, the two little tikes wrestled the auditorium door open and hurried inside.

Angelo giggled, "Well, I got to share with someone."

Nodding, Reggie wheezed, "Prez and Keith already know about us, but now half the leadership know us by reputation only."

At the same moment Angelo shrugged, a woman shouted, "Reginald Combs, get your butt over here!" Seeing Reggie's mom, Angelo hurried, afraid that they had shocked her and she would faint right where she was standing, on the grass between the CIC and a dormitory. Being pulled along by his boyfriend, Reggie blushed and laughed his ass off. When the two boys were close enough, Monica Combs grinned, "I've already heard Angelo's confession. Do you have anything to say?"

Nodding, Reggie lifted his and Angelo's clasped hands, happily giggling, "I love him, and he loves me too, ma."

Widely smiling, but sadly shaking her head, Monica said, "Your father recognized the signs, but I said he was imagining it. I'm only wondering why you didn't say something to us about it?"

Reggie shrugged and smiled, "It was such a big surprise to me too. What could I say? I had to figure it out first. About ten o'clock this morning, Angelo asked if I wanted to walk around the base. We haven't been apart since then."

Monica nodded and admitted, "I saw you together, at the kitchen food line during lunch. Of course, that wasn't anything like Angelo's declaration to two six-year-old boys." Turning redder, Angelo sputtered and burst into giggles. Monica continued, "I only thought, at last my oldest son is out of the house and has found a friend."

"Prepare yourself for bigger surprises at home, ma," Reggie giggled.

Closing her eyes for a moment, Monica sighed, "Such as?" and reopened her eyes.

"Cameron went out too," Reggie cheekily grinned. "He came home with three boyfriends, a pair of twins and a spare. Since they're having dinner at home, we're having dinner at the CIC with the Clan. Dad will tell you the rest."

"I warned your father that Cameron was too young," Monica groused.

Reggie giggled, "Dad told me when I was ten. Why isn't Cameron old enough?"

Monica simply stated, "You were born more mature; an old soul in a young body, Reggie."

"Or you're afraid the baby is growing up and you're getting old," Reggie teased, and started walking again, leading Angelo to the auditorium. 

Monica giggled, "You're grounded, Mister."

"Sorry, ma," Reggie sniggered, "talk to dad."

Looking over his shoulder, Angelo watched Mrs. Combs begin the walk toward the townhouses. Turning to his boyfriend, Angelo giggled, "At least she didn't pass out."

"Now it's your turn," Reggie devilishly grinned.

Recalling the exact same words said when they were alone in a dorm room, Angelo giggled, "Whip it out, stud."

Reggie turned and leered, "Tonight, we're wearing each other out, sexy."