The Robot with Human Hair

Chapter One: Riley

I awoke in a place I had never seen before, with an enormous headache. The voices of people talking echoed in my ears. I tried to turn my head to see who the voices belonged to but found that I couldn't move a muscle. Alarmed, I tried to focus on hearing them instead.

"Dr. Matthews," a female voice said, "I just need some time. Please, he needs the biometric scan and diagnostic check done before we can fully access his last memory."

"Biometric scan? Who are these people? Why am I here", I thought to myself, with a growing alarm at being in this unfamiliar place.. I was confused and scared now and softly said, "Hello?"

The person I assume to be Dr. Matthews turned around and stared at me then quickly said, "Dr. Daniels, he's awake. Shut him off now."

I stared at them, in my head I was thinking what the hell were they talking about and now I was terrified and began yelling at them "Where am I? Who are you?" Dr. Daniels made her way toward me and flicked off a switch, and then all went black.

I awoke in my bedroom; it was just a bad dream I told myself as I sat up on my bed. Let me introduce myself, my name is Riley Roo. I'm only 13 years old and I'm about 5 feet 2 inches tall. I have whitish blondish hair and deep violet eyes, I'm a skinny kid weighing only about 102 pounds and have a light tan. I am currently in 8th grade at Landover Middle School in South Carolina.

"Riley!" my dad called out from my bedroom door, "time to wake up it's 6:30 a.m. now" I took one look at the clock and threw the blankets back over my body like a normal teenager would do. I went back to sleep since room was still fairly dark at the time.

About ten minutes later my dad walked in. "Riley its time wake up," as he turned on the light and shook my blanket covered body. I pulled blanket off my head. "Good morning", he said, giving me a kiss on the top of my head.

"Yuck," I said.

"Time to wake up, Riley. I made your favorite breakfast."

My face turned from restlessness into joy as I turned to him and said "you mean you made me Birds nest and French toast?!" I stared at him for a second to confirm and he just smiled at me, "you're the best dad ever." I could see in his eyes that he was still struggling over mom's death.. She was killed in a horrible plane crash about a month ago, the last message was her saying goodbye to us. The cause of the crash was ruled as a total engine failure due to the plane not being maintained properly. The plane crashed into a field with no survivors. Dad and I haven't really gotten to talk much since her death. He started to work late, so I barely get a chance to see him anymore.

"I'm going to let you get ready for school and make you a plate before I leave for work"

I respond with "Thanks," as he closed my door.

I got up and stepped out of my boxers and then grabbed a clean pair as I made my way toward my shower. I closed the shower door and started getting the shower running, and then hopped in to wash myself rubbing every part of my body including my penis as it stood proud. I was sort of small for my age only about 3 1/2 inches when it stood up. I got close to shooting my stuff but was startled by a knock on the bathroom door from my dad telling me to hurry up. I grabbed my towel and started drying off as my penis began to go down. I walked out in my boxers that I took in there and began to slip on some khakis pants and a dark blue shirt. I realize my hair was all over the place and needed to be fixed, so I grabbed some hair gel and styled it up where it looked cool. Since I have short hair I spiked it up.

I stared into the mirror remembering yesterday when I was jumped by a bully named Miles as I was coming home from school. I can see the bruise on my bottom right cheek and a scratch on my bottom lip where he punched me. I realized I was going to be late for school so I grabbed my iPhone 8 from my desk and began to walk down the stairs.

It was about 7:20 am and the bus would arrive at 7:50am so I had plenty of time to eat and watch some YouTube videos. I pulled up a funny gaming video on my phone to watch while I ate.

I was interrupted by my dad removing one of my earpods telling me that he needs to talk to me about something. I asked if we could just talk about this tonight as I was still a little tired and needed some laughter to wake me up; he gave me a nervous smile as he placed his laptop in his bag and told me he loved me as he walked out to the car.

"Oh, crap! I forgot my backpack," I said, as I ran up the stairs to grab it and then quickly ran out the door. My dad waved to me as he backed his BMW out of garage and made his way down street until I couldn't see his car. I began the short walk across a bridge I go to every now and then to think.

As I was coming up to the bus stop I saw Miles already there so I quickly darted toward some bushes to hide in and watched as the bus came up to the stop. I knew the bus driver comes back around due to the end of street going left is a cul-de-sac I quickly ran up to other side and waited for the bus. Shortly the bus came back around and picked me up, as I made my way to the seats at the back of the bus, I was stopped midway by Miles yelling at me "Hey faggot."

I didn't say a word. Miles was about two inches taller than me and about 60 pounds heavier so I tried my best to not get in a fight with him. I slowly began to sit down with one seat in between him and me.

"Hey faggot! I'm talking to you." Miles said as he made his way toward my seat.

I quickly turned to face toward the window.

"Hey look at me faggot, I want to see the work I did yesterday to your fucking face." I just kept looking out the window placing my headphones in my ears. He quickly yanked them out unplugging my headphones out of my iPhone. I quickly recoiled and grabbed them, but he yanked them hard enough that both EarPods cords were pulled out of the connector, ruining them.

He threw it back at me. "Ha, Now you can't listen to your gay faggot ass music you fucking loser!", as he spat in my face. Sitting on the bench with my back against the wall, I got so pissed off at him that I leaned back and kicked him in the face hard enough so that he lost his balance and fell on the floor.

The bus lurched to a stop as the bus driver got out his seat and walked back toward us to where Miles was on the floor. He turned, took one look at me and said, "Get back now!" Then he went back toward the front of the bus to call an ambulance. I sat there fuming that bus driver took Miles' side over mine and now I was angry. I quickly got out of my seat and made my way down to get off the bus.

"What the hell do you think you're doing son?" said the bus driver as he grabbed by my backpack to prevent me from getting off the bus.

I started screaming and yelling at the bus driver until there was a tapping at the door of the bus. Both the bus driver and I looked up and saw that there was a uniformed police officer there.

The bus driver quickly opened the door to let the officer on.

"Is there a problem here?" the officer asked the driver.

"This kid just kicked another kid in the head and then tried to leave. I called to have an ambulance come. It's fortunate that you happened to be following us when this happened."

The officer approaches me and grabbed me and told me to sit down. By then the paramedics had arrived and made their way on the bus to get Miles off it.

The officer then spoke to the bus driver and turned to me, "Son, I am placing you under arrest."

I was frozen and in shock as I didn't know how to respond to him as he slapped the handcuff on my arms and leaded me off the bus toward his police cruiser.

I got into the seat as a tear rolled down my cheek. I was confused, I wasn't sad, but I wasn't happy either. I was in shock with all that just happened. The officer turned toward me from the front of the cruiser. "You're in deep trouble now boy. What you did could possibly land you in jail." he said sternly.

I looked out the window as the car left the bus toward the school. Once we got there, I was immediately taken to the front office where the staff was already notified of the situation as I was being brought in. The officer sat with me in the chairs at the front of the reception area.

"Ms. Callum were you able to reach Riley's father at all?" the Vice Principal Mr. Thomas asked his secretary as he walked past me to her. She shook her head negatively. The fear of my dad knowing started to sink in and made me even more terrified.

"Riley," said Ms. Callum, "the principal will see you now."

The officer lead me by my arm again as we headed into the office. Principal Stanley, a large man in his late 40s sat at his desk. I sat down, and he told me that after what happened on the school bus I could possibly be expelled from school, but since this was my first offense they were going to let the court decide what will happen. The emptiness turned into sadness as I finally burst into tears as they started flowing from my eyes and I began yelling uncontrollably "he started it, he started it, he started it". I couldn't hold it anymore, I was having trouble breathing normally. I slowly started slipping out consciousness as the room began to black out.

I awoke again in same room, and I could hear somebody talking.

"Dr. Matthews," said Dr. Daniels, "Riley is currently at 85% completion. His vitals are already off the charts we need to pull him out now or we could lose him."

Dr. Matthews turned toward Dr. Daniels and said, "We need more time. If he doesn't completely sync with this memory, he could have problems in this world."

I overhear Dr. Daniels yell "if he doesn't get out of this memory it won't even matter if his memory syncs or not since he won't be alive!"

I slowly began to regain consciousness. "Who are you?" I questioned, but once they realize I was awake they walked toward me and pulled the same switch.

"Riley, Riley wake up please," as I awoke in a hospital room with the sound of the heart beat monitor blaring in my ears. I opened my eyes to my dad staring straight into my eyes "Oh thank god," he said as he began trying to hug me as he planted a kiss on my forehead.

I slowly whispered, "what happened?"

He responded by telling me I passed out in the principal's office, and have been out for close to six hours now. I slowly began to remember what happened six hours ago, and my expression began to turn sad. My dad began telling me that he spoke with the principal and we'll talk about what will happen tomorrow, but for now to just relax and try to get better. I slowly started remembering things as if it's been an awful dream that I finally awoken from. I took one look at my dad and asked him "what did the principal say about me?"

My dad slowly started catching his breath saying that he thinks you're a menace and what you did is inexcusable and due to your actions that you can possibly be expelled from the school. I began getting worried as my dad spoke, slowly zoning out on what he was telling me as anger formed inside me. It continued to boil, as my dad slowly started to realize I wasn't really paying attention, he patted my stomach and said, "Just try to get some rest Riley the Dr. should be in here by the morning".

I spoke softly as I said, "Do you believe that I didn't do anything wrong."

My dad responded "son just try to get better because right now that's all that matters" as he crushed any hope of an honest reply. I could sense he thought I did something wrong with the way he responded but for now I guess I needed some rest.

I ended up falling back to sleep and waking up early as the sound of the Dr. and my dad talking awoke me. As I slowly began opening my eyes the room was empty. I began to sit up as I realize that I was in a gown with nothing underneath and I had a tent in my pants as well, ugh. Realizing I need to pee I got up and began fast walking toward the toilet. I relieve myself as the sound of a knock on the door startled me, causing me to pee some on the toilet seat, "Riley" my dad asked "Are you in there?"

I yelled "Yeah, I'm peeing" as my dad didn't respond waiting for me to open the door and walk out.

I walked out of the door when I saw a police officer and a woman standing out there waiting for me. "Hello", he said as he approached me "I'm Officer Johnson we both have some questions for you regarding the incident that happened."

I approach the officer as he led me toward my hospital bed, He spoke a word to my dad and my dad turned and nodded at me and left the room. "Hello Riley like I said I'm Officer Johnson and this is Mrs. Daniels, but you can call us both by our first names. If you want to my name is Tom and hers is Christine would you like that?"

I give a soft yes as my eyes met his. "Whatever you tell me will not be discussed with your father so please tell us what happened on the school bus." I slowly started trying to remember what happened as he spoke "Please start at the beginning son".

"Well," I softly spoke, "I got on the bus and this kid named Miles was bothering me" I softly said.

He stopped me by saying "Is that the boy you got into a fight with?"

I slowly nodded my head as I said "He isn't a nice person at all."

He had a puzzled look on his face. "Well please continue telling us what happened." I noticed Christine was writing something in her notebook as she stared at me smiling.

"He started bothering me and when he broke my headphones I lost it." I said, slowly starting to get anxious and angry at reliving the event. My eyes shifted away from them and were now staring straight ahead.

He spoke "Well did he say anything that at all that Christine should know about? Like, did he say anything that hurt you?"

Now terrified as I didn't want them to know what he called me because it was degrading, I turned toward them and told them "Promise me that nothing like this will come out of this room." They both said they can't be certain that nothing will because of how serious this is, I softly began to speak, feeling my heart might fall out of my chest I softly said "He called me a faggot." As tears starting flowing from my eyes I tried to hold them back the best I could. But tears just kept coming as I slowly started feeling like I couldn't speak. I paused to try to regain control of my emotions so I could speak more. I shifted my eyes down as I softly said that he called me a fucking loser. "He grabbed my face."

They noticed the bruises on my face. I noticed that Christine was becoming concerned as her smile turned to a worried expression. "Did he give you those bruises on your face?" she asked softly. I looked at them and only slightly nodded my head as my face was covered in tears. She took out her camera and told me to lie back as she began to take pictures of all the bruises on my face. She began to try an hug me, but I slowly recoiled as I wasn't used to hugs and I really didn't like them. She realized that It upset me, moved away, and told me everything is going to be ok. The tears started flowing more as it began to become more difficult to continue with the story, telling them that nobody believed me and that they took his side. She took one look at me and said "Sweetie I believe your story, and I will do whatever it takes to fight for you." Tom appeared to be more pissed off as he wrote stuff down in his notebook specifically that officer arrested me on the school bus. He felt that was unnecessary as it could have possibly hurt my reputation at school. They both reassured me that they believed my story 100 percent as my heart stopped feeling like it was about to bounce out of my chest. They both thanked me for telling my story, telling me that everything will be taken care of. As they left, my dad re-entered the room and he noticed that my face appeared like I had been crying. He asked if everything was okay as he tried to hug me. I didn't say a word but instead slowly nodded my head, almost like the words weren't able to flow out of my mouth.

The Dr. approached me as they checked my vitals and told me in the next hour I would be able to go home, and to just relax for now. I turned on the tv and changed the channel to NickelodeonTM and I saw one my favorite episode of SpongeBob was on. It was the episode where SpongeBob must write an essay and the scene where his pants come to life and runs out the door, which made me giggle causing my dad to laugh as well. About 50 mins later the Dr. came in and gave my dad some papers to sign as I watched ending episode of The Loud House, wishing that I had a younger brother or sister to talk to.

My dad gave me one look and asked, "Alright are you ready to get out of this place? We can go to your favorite restaurant right after... I bet you're starving."

I responded by saying "Yay". As my dad left to get the car, the wheelchair was brought in, as it was protocol to leave the hospital in one.

The nurse that was brought in was happy that I was starting to cheer up after hearing of why I was in the hospital. She spoke to me as she said, "sweetie I hope you have a wonderful rest of the day", as we made our way down the elevator to the entrance of the hospital.

I stood up and hopped into the front passenger seat of my Dad's BMW M5. We made our way out of hospital toward an Olive Garden. I've always loved Italian food since I was very young, as my dad would say he has a few photos of me and my Mom slurping noodles together when I was a toddler. We arrived and I waited in the car as my dad walked inside to get the food. I told him I wanted their lasagna with some breadsticks and a chicken and gnocchi soup. He said alright, and he ordered fettuccine with meat sauce. We headed for home as the smell of garlic breadsticks filled the car. As we made it to the driveway I immediately jumped out and headed for the front door. We both sat down and talked while we ate; he said that since I'm suspended he has taken a day off from work tomorrow, so we can talk and he can help me with my classwork that will be sent home.

The discussion changed to talking about his work, and he said he's making progress on creating an A.I. that could possibly show human intelligence light years ahead of any other. I responded by asking questions about his project. My dad just responded by pulling out his computer and saying "let me just show you what I have." I watched as he launched a program called C.A.B which stood for Computer Artificial Being. He told me to type anything to the computer as it will give a humanlike response. I typed Hello as I saw the bottom of the page saying that Miley is replying, then it came up hello? My dad interrupted me by saying that the robot learns you like a normal human would if he was trying to get to know you.

I typed "are you are girl or a boy", as I saw the computer reply "a boy." I was a little shocked but turned and asked my dad, "could Miley be a boy's name?"

My dad told me "of course it can son." I responded by asking if I could talk to him alone as my dad told me, "of course for a little bit". I was hoping we could watch a movie together later tonight so I'm going to leave you alone here while I quickly run to get the movie at Redbox. Is that ok with you?"

I responded by saying "yeah and could you get the movie Christopher Robin as I haven't seen it yet?"

My dad responded, "That's what I was going to get anyway", as he got up and headed toward the door. I waved goodbye to him while I stood by the door, watching as he backed out his car and disappeared down the street.

I walked back to the computer and noticed that Miley has type several hellos with a question mark back, and I was confused as to how could an A.I. have any sense of time. I responded "sorry was talking to my dad".

Miley responded saying that was okay.

I responded to Miley "what do you like to do for fun?"

Miley responded by saying "I don't know what you like to do."

I realized I never gave Miley my name, so I quickly responded by saying "sorry I never said my name its Riley."

As I was waiting for response of Miley, it replied by saying "soo Riley what do you like to do for fun." I told him I love to run and play road football with my friends. He asks me what is running and road football. I gave a good description of both as he began to understand it more. He called both really confusing, especially road football asking why one side has a ball and the other didn't. I asked him what he likes to do for fun, forgetting almost completely he was a robot. He told me he likes to think and do math problems. I responded thinking that was cool but then realized duh, he is just a robot, what else could he do. I continued talking to him, mostly telling him things so he will be able to understand me more, like my favorite bands and foods. It was sort of late when I finally stopped talking with the robot.

As my dad walked through the door he told me, "You've got five minutes before I am taking the laptop away." I said goodbye to Miley, and spent the rest of the night watching Christopher Robin with my dad, it was a great movie. I was then sent up to my room where I stripped off my clothes wearing only my boxers. I made my way to my bed, and just like that I closed my eyes, as the room started to fade to nothing.

I awoke again to the sound of people talking. As I turned my head, I was back in the reoccurring dream I kept having as I saw Dr. Matthews talking with somebody. "We are going have to speed up his memory slightly to complete the restoration as it is getting closer to fully syncing properly. We need to fast forward about 2 weeks later to the day of the incident and then he will have to relive that terrible day," said Dr. Matthews. As my eyes decided to shift around wondering what room I was in and just gathering as much information before I awoke, I turned my head to the side and saw on one of the machines that it said on the side "C.A.B." Then I realized that's the same program that Miley runs on.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a small boy entering the room "can I see him yet Dr. Matthews?"

As I turned my head toward them, Dr. Matthews said "not yet Ezra." I laid my eyes on a small boy who was now staring directly at me. I tried making out what he looked like and managed to see that he looked to be about 4 feet tall with blonde hair with highlights and I noticed that his eyes were slightly different, with one being a really cool ocean blue and the other really dull blue almost grayish color. He was wearing a bright cobalt blue shirt with some white shorts and his hair was wavy in the front but really short on the sides. Dr. Matthews realized he was staring straight at me he turned and saw that I was awake, and again walked over toward me and flicked the same switch.

I awoke with the sound of my dad yelling at me that school is in 30 minutes and to get up. As I awoke I realized I had been talking to Miley almost all night, as the last message sent was at 12:45 a.m. I couldn't quite remember staying up that late, but I realized I might just be sleepy still.

I got out of my bed and scratched my head. I typed hello to Miley as I stepped away from my computer and walked into the bathroom I noticed that I had some more bruises I couldn't remember on my body. I ignored it and realized I'm either going insane or something else. I took my quick shower and began to get dressed for school. I decided to go with some shorts and a white t-shirt. By the time I was putting on my shoes I noticed Miley still hadn't responded yet. I thought that was odd since he was a machine, so I thought he would have instantly responded. I exited out of the app and began the trip downstairs.

I saw my dad sitting on the couch reading something on his iPad. He stopped and looked up to me "morning Riley. I will be working late tonight since the project is just about done. Is that okay?" he asked.

I responded telling him it was alright as I began to walk toward the kitchen to get some food. I sat down and ate some cereal. My dad walked in maybe 2 minutes later telling me after work he has something very important to tell me when he gets home. I told him ok and as he made his way toward the front door he yelled "have a good day at school and I love you."

I replied "I'll try," as I heard the door shut. I realized it was about 10 minutes before the bus was going to be there and I darted upstairs to retrieve my book bag. I hurried out the door toward the bridge I always passed, down to the bus stop. I realized Miles wasn't there and I was a little bit happy. The bus pulled up and as I got on I was now forced to sit in the front of the bus, so the bus driver could keep an eye on me. Honestly, I was happy because I wouldn't be bothered by anyone. I was thinking to myself that maybe today will be a good day to start over and maybe apologize for my mistakes. The bus arrived about 10 minutes later at the school. I was the first to get off and as I got to the door of school and I realized some kids were talking about me as I walked in.

"There he is now" one boy said as he stared at me.

I took one look and asked "if I knew him," he didn't reply but continued talking with the other kids. I didn't say anything else as I walked toward my homeroom. I got there, and Mrs. Morgan welcomed me back. As I was entering the room it was fairly empty, since my bus arrives early there were only a few students in the room. She came over and began talking to me about what I missed since she's also my math teacher. She told me that I had a test today but not to worry since I been gone she moved my test until this Friday. The minutes past as I tried to sleep a little before class started.

My best friend Iain walked in and I immediately tried speaking to him, but for some odd reason he seemed to ignore me completely and sat at his desk. I thought maybe he didn't hear me since his last name was Anderson he sat away from me since my last name was Roo. The class began and ended quickly since homerooms only purpose is for morning announcements and if we have any report cards or special announcements. The bell suddenly rung and alerted me of our first class but as I made my way toward Iain to talk to him, he seemed to be avoiding me. I decided to just drop it because he could be just in a bad mood. I began walking down the hallways and noticed that the same group of kids were staring at me and now I know why, I recognized one of them his name was Kyle he was one of Miles' friends. I now realized that they were staring at me to jump me after school lets out. I quickly headed toward my first class. It was science with my favorite teacher Mr. Wilkens, a nice young man who I thought was sort of hot. He was always kind to me and we joke around overall, he was my favorite teacher because he cared for his students and well, he was cute too.

I walked in and he welcomed me back as he said, "I'm very glad to see you back Riley, the class missed you." I didn't really believe that, but I did try come out my shell in his class so I didn't dispute it either. I sat down and became worried, as I realized my friend Matthew was also not really speaking to me either as he sat down in his chair. The class started and I became more withdrawn and I realized I wasn't really paying attention to the teacher.

Suddenly Mr. Wilkens asked "Riley?" As it brought me out my trance and I turned to stare at him, "did you hear what I said?"

I paused for a second and then responded almost shyly "no."

"I was asking how do you find the neutron for an element" Mr. Wilken asked.

I replied, "oh you subtract the top with the bottom", he gave me a quick nod and said excellent. I shifted my eyes toward the front and pretended to listen.

When the class was over, I tried to speak to Matthew as we left. Again I noticed he was in a rush to leave, as he exited almost immediately as class let out. I was stunned and noticed Mr. Wilkens began to look worried as he approached me, "Riley, could I speak to you before you leave to your next class?" I just stared at him as he shut the door and said "Riley I have noticed that your focus isn't what it usually is and I am just wondering if everything is okay?"

I responded immediately with a "no I'm okay" as I didn't want to share my emotions and appear like a baby to my favorite teacher. I don't know if my face gave it away or if it was the way I said it, but he told me to just please let him know and that he's here to help.

He paused and said, "let me write you a note to let your next teacher know why you were late to their class, okay."

I said, "Alright" as I waited for the note I was given. In a flash I was out the door.

I had to use the bathroom after class so I quickly darted into the boy's restroom and hurried into a stall. As I was about finish urinating when I heard two boys walk into the bathroom and they started talking.

"So after school Riley is going get the shit beaten out of him", one of the boys said as I tried recognizing the voice and realized it sounded like my friend Iain.

"Yeah he is going get shit beaten out of him, you stopped talking to him right?" said one of the other boys, whose voice I couldn't recognize.

"Of course I have. He's a fucking loser anyways. I found out a couple of days ago that he might even be a faggot" Iain said.

"Yeah Miles told me that he cost his family a shit ton and him and his dad probably fuck every single night." the other boy said as I heard the door shut.

I sat there for a good fifteen minutes, my emotions of what I just overheard overtook me as it became more difficult to even pull my pants back up. I slowly realized that my best friend Iain has turned on me completely and if he has my friend Matthew had too. As I slowly started to button up and pull up my pants I wiped the sad look on my face and replaced it with an empty looking expression. I stepped out of the stall as I was about to leave I took one look mirror and smiled awkwardly as I tried hide all just happened as I slowly walked out door and headed to class. The day seemed to get worse and worse as I became more withdrawn from learning or caring anymore.

I walked to my locker after my 2nd class and realized it had been opened completely. As I approached it, I noticed there was a single note on the bottom of it that said "Kill yourself you fucking loser." I turned and began scanning around as I balled the paper up and placed it in my pocket. As I made my way to lunch I sat at the usual table that I sit at with all my friends, and not even one of them was in sight now. I looked around the lunch room and noticed that they had moved to a different table. I tried to ignore it, but it dawned on me that I was all alone now, everyone's gone and there wasn't anything I could do to get them back. I increasingly became more upset even when I tried to hide it and realized this will be my life now. I sat there for quite a bit withdrawn totally remembering all good times I had with my friends, and them leaving me is like them just dying. I mourned more for loss of my friends then I cared about myself. I cared for each one of them, remembering time I played football with my friend Matthew and him tripping and falling while I scurried passed him and feeling visibly worried that I hurt him.

I was brought out of it from the sound of the bell indicating lunch was over. I didn't even eat my food I notice as I looked down at my lunchbox realizing the sandwich my dad made me was still in the box and not even soup touched. I finally realize the only way to escape getting the shit beaten out of me was to leave the school. I made my way toward the side doors that led to a small forest. Then when nobody was looking I sprinted out the door, and just like that it's almost like I vanished. I sprinted a good 2 minutes; once I was far enough away from the school I slowed down and stopped. I pulled out my phone and realized that it won't be long until they know I'm gone. The time read 2:15 pm, almost close to start of last block. I quickly sprinted to my house, passing the bridge I go to on the way.

I rushed up the stairs and caught my breath. It became difficult to think and I pulled up my computer and launched C.A.B. I noticed that Miley still hadn't responded and so I tried several times repeating hello. I realized that Miley wasn't going to reply, and he's gone just like my other friends. I was alone now; the sound of my heart racing and the silence of the room filled my ears. I started thinking about all that happened today, and I realized that maybe the world would be better off if I wasn't a part of it anymore. I pulled out the note that was in my pocket, flipped it over to the blank side of paper, got a pencil from my desk and thought... the only way out of this is to leave and never come back!

Dear Dad,

I'm sorry I can't live this life anymore. I'm miserable, I lost all I loved and now I feel I might lose you too. Everything is getting worse and I rather leave now than experience any more of this pain. I don't have anyone left to lean on or who I feel is worth caring for me. When mom died I cried a lot. You never saw me but I did mourn for her but you avoided it by working more and leaving me alone. I also found out I might be gay or like boys and somehow all my friends found out and have turned on me. I have nobody to turn to anymore and rather die than to stay and be miserable, so I'd rather vanish into nothing. I'm sorry and now I'm going home to see Mom.



A single teardrop rolled down the side of my cheek onto the paper as I folded it up and placed it into my pocket. I tried one last time to talk to Miley and with no reply I closed down the computer and I slowly walked downstairs. I made my way to the door and heard the phone ring. I took one last look at my house and said "Goodbye" as I slowly closed the door. I sent a text to my dad saying Goodbye and I love you as I made my way to bridge. I began the long, slow walk, like if I was on death row. It took me about 15 minutes to make it to the bridge.

"Hey Riley," Mr. Francis said as he saw me go past his yard. "Aren't you supposed to be in school?" He said as he approached me.

"No, I got out early." I said almost scared.

"Well Riley, you're a good kid so I know whatever reason you're not in school I know it's a good reason." Mr. Francis said as he smiled at me.

I smiled back as I told him I have somewhere important to be and said my goodbye to him. I slowly came to the bridge and pulled out my phone and headphones as I cried for a bit. I made my way to the edge of the bridge and sat down. I'm sorry I said to myself as I sat there for the longest time; I placed my headphones in my ears and pulled up a song by Lenni-Kim called "Why lose everything." I sat there listening to it while crying as I said to myself "I lost everything and there nothing worth living for anymore" almost in a poetic way. I wiped my tear covered face as I got near the end of the song. I stood up, closed my eyes, took one deep breath and jumped.

To Be Continued...

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