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"Would you, please, go to sleep?” I said to him only after nearly an hour of incessant prattle on random subjects.

"Why, don't you love me?” He asked in his 'whiny' voice.

"You know better than to ask that… I love you more than life itself, but if I don't get some sleep, that life won't be very long.”

He's very needy. Almost co-dependent. I know I give in to him so often it's become the norm, however, I'm fucking tired!

Finally, he rolls over and shuts up. I can finally fall asleep.

The next morning I'm in the kitchen cooking breakfast when he finally gets out of bed. He comes over to me wrapping his arms around me and kisses my neck. "Morning, Babe.”

I set the pan I'm cooking in off the burner and turn around into his embrace and I return it. We kiss. With all his faults, he's been with me a decade now, and I can truly say I'm happy to be with him. He looks at me with a rather sheepish expression and says, "Sorry I kept you awake last night. I won't do it again.”

"Yes you will. Every time you say that, but Babe, it's okay. I know you do it to stay close to me, to show me how much you love me, to keep me up-to-date with the things in your life. But, you also need to remember that we both need some time alone. Also, we do need to get our rest. We're not young anymore.”

He looks into my eyes and I look into his for nearly a full minute before he smiles.

Excuse me, I've been remiss in my manners. My name is Adam, I'm 43 years old, and am in a relationship...more like a marriage without the paperwork...with Michael. Michael just turned 30 last week. We met a decade ago at the party of a friend. For him, he wanted a 'daddy'. For me, I was smitten by his whole being. We talked for about three hours at the party and we really hit it off.

We dated for about four months until I got a frantic phone call from him. He'd told me that his landlord had sold the condo he was living in and he had to move. He said he had no idea where he'd go since he didn't really have the money for first-last-security deposit.

To me, the answer was clear. "Mikey, just move in with me. We've already agreed we'd most likely end up together forever, why not start now?” We went back and forth for a little bit on the phone, and I told him to just come over and we'd discuss it.

He did, and we had a good discussion...that is...until we started making out. See, until then all he and I had ever done together sexually was to kiss. I didn't want to rush him as he was only twenty years old. I wanted our love to blossom and allow sex to be a wonderful expression of that love. Too many of them (younger guys) rush into sex because it feels good. What they fail to realize is sex, when shared between two people who are deeply in love is so much better than just a quickie with someone you don't give a shit about. Sure, the end results are the same. You all get to cum…Yippee!!! But those that have that quick romp miss out. They miss out on a lot.

Anyway, back to me and Mike. Our make-out session grew in intensity until I felt him undoing the snap on my jeans. At that moment our relationship changed. We went from boyfriends to lovers. The first sex we had was wonderful. When he'd told me he was still a virgin, I was very gentle. This only after making certain that he was doing this out of love, not out of appreciation of letting him move in.

He awoke from taking a short nap after our sharing of fluids. He had a glow on his face, a smile on his lips. He turned his head so he could look into my eyes and said, "I love you Adam. From the deepest part of my soul, I love you. I want to stay with you for my entire life. I want to share your life and you share mine. I was afraid last night when I saw you fully naked. You're much bigger than I am and I was afraid it would hurt. But you were so gentle, caring, I felt a little pain at first but it didn't last long.” His expression changed before he said, "Wanna do it”

So, Mike moved in. We've shared ups & downs for both of us, but...through it all we fell so deeply in love that it transcended everything. He is my life and I am his. All in all, I think that's worth a few annoyances.



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