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Chapter 3: The Truth

“Hey, Mom…” Mike said almost out of breath from the couch.

“What the fuck happened to you Mikey?!” his mom almost screamed when she saw him laying on the sofa with a bloody shirt and a black eye.

Everyone in the room when silent for a few moments as she looked around trying to get an answer out of at least one of the boys but with no luck she just walked over to the table and just sat there for a few moments just trying to think of what could have happened that got mike so quiet and beaten.

“Mom… the past few hours I have been trying to figure out how I could tell you what happened but there is no easy way to put it. And I want you to know that I am the same little boy that used to sing to veggie tales in the back seat and I will always be. Mom, I’m gay…” As Mike said those words everyone could see that a hundred pounds have been lifted off of him.

The room was silent for a bit till Leo came over and sat next to mike and held his hand.

“Margret, Mike was beaten up by Kyle for being who he is and so out of fear we brought him here not knowing what to do. And all those phone calls were to make sure he was well enough to tell you what happened himself.” Leo said as he caressed Mikes hand softly with his thumb.

"Okay… I need time to process this." Then she walks outside and starts smoking a cigarette, taking long draws and looking back toward the house for a few seconds, then going back to her smoking. As she's doing this Mike, Leo, and Jay watch her close trying to figure out what she will do.

She walks back into the house with a look of disappointment on her face. Upon seeing her face Mike knew this was not going to be good. “Michael, I love you but I cant let a faggot live under my roof… I’m sorry son. You can come by tomorrow to get your things, Goodbye.” And with those final words that his mother said to him before she walked out the door. All Mike could do was just stand there in pure shock of what the woman thats supposed to love him no matter what just drop him like he was nothing.

Jay and Leo just stood there, in just as much shock as Mike was;but they shake their heads to snap out of it so they can be there for Mike at his most depressing moment. At this moment all Mike could do is just walk to the sofa and just sit there, looking out into nothing.

After a minute of silence to process everything, Leo goes to Mike and just sits next to him and holds him softly. Not wanting to hurt him all while Jay is franticly trying to call his mom to see what to do about Mike and not having a home to go to. She said that she will be home in an hour with Jay's father so they can talk about it and have a game plan.

Jay sits on the other side of the sofa,tapping his foot as he tries thinking of a plan to convince his parents to let Mike live with them. Mike starts crying as he rests his head on Leo's shoulder and holds his new boyfriend close while Leo rubs his back.

Jay looks at the crying Mike with worry and says: "Mike, we will figure something out… I will promise you that and if you cant stay here, we will try Leo's place. If that doesn't work then we will find you somewhere to stay. We will try everything! And I promise you that your mother will pay for what she did to you."

Mike wipes his eyes and looks at Jay with a look of hope. “If I know your parents well enough, they will open their arms in full.” Mike says with a half smile trying to think of things to say to his parents to get him to live with them.

Jay starts laughing at that and smiles at his friends. “Lets see what the devil bitch brought us for food okay?”

“Yea, I can go for some food after all that.” Leo says with a smile thinking of food.

Leo and Jay walk over to the food on the table and start setting it all out, figuring out what is whose. After a few minutes Mike gets up and walks to the table and sits in a chair just looking at the food; thinking that this is the last meal his mother ever got for him… at least it's his favorite.

As Leo and Jay start to eat they look at Mike worried that he isn't, so they stop as well and just sit there.

“You guys eat, I’m just not hungry.” Mike says not looking up

Jay and Leo look at each other and smile then look at Mike “We wont eat until you eat, we worry and we will always worry babe.” Leo says looking at his boyfriend.

Mike reluctantly starts eating not wanting his boyfriend or his best friend to starve tonight; knowing that tonight they will be too busy with figuring out his living situation to worry about dinner. Even though Jay’s mom will want to cook something, she wont have time to really make something.

After a moment of silent eating Mike looks around at the house trying to clear his head so he gets up and starts walking to the back door and he just looks out at the old pool thinking about taking a dip. Leo gets up as well and walks over to Mike’s side and holds his hand tight. “How about you go take a shower, I know that helps you clear your head sometimes.” He says with a smile but keeps his eyes out to the pool. Mike nods and kisses Leo’s cheek before walking off to the bathroom locking the door behind him and he walks to the toilet and just sits there thinking about what just happened and how he will find a place to live, given that his dad is married to a homophobic bitch who, if she finds out about Mike’s sexuality, she will make his dad disown him.

Mike eventually gets up off the toilet and turns on the shower. He starts striping down to his birthday suit and just stood there looking over his body trying to look for changes but, can't really find any besides just a few hairs and thats about it. After doing a look over, he got in the hot shower and just let it wash over all his worry and fears of the past few hours. He grabbed the soap and started to wash his body but being careful of his bruises; not wanting it to hurt more than it should already. Once Mike was done with that he started to wash his long hair, trying to get some dirt out of it from when he was knocked down after being punched by kyle. After a moment he put his head under the water and used a comb to get all the soap and knots out of his hair.

When Mike was all done with that he sat down on the shower floor and just sat there with his head down and just started to think about how his life could turn out in the coming years, trying not to freak out about having the possibility of living on the streets… After a while there was a knock at the door and Mike didn't hear it so there was no answer. After a few more knocks Leo came in and saw Mike just sitting there in the shower, naked and for the first time seeing him naked. For Leo this was something special because he didn't know if he should stay of go.

After a few moments Leo stayed there and sat on the toilet watching Mike sit there so still and thinking to himself.

Mike looks up from the ground in the shower and starts talking “Whats gonna happen to me… whats gonna happen to Leo. Oh shit what about school! What about my stuff. My life as I know it has changed maybe for the better or for the worst. I wont know until I see it happen.”

All Leo could do is just sit there and watch his boyfriend go over everything in his head by saying it out loud. He wanted to open the shower and sit there with him and just hold him close, but he didn't want to scare such a fragile person while they are at their most exposed. Leo instead left the room closing the door softly not wanting to scare or disturb Mike right now.

Once Leo left the room, Mike heard the door shut and just thought they were just checking on him but decided to leave him alone. He decided to get up and finish his shower by getting out and drying off. Getting dressed in some of Jays clothes, some that fit him but are a bit dark for his liking, he knew he couldn't complain as he's now a guest in the house. He looks around Jays room and sees the old piano keyboard and sits at it and plays it a little, only being able to remember one song, it being 'Addict with a Pen' by Twenty One Pilots he starts singing with it softly. After a few minutes of just playing, he walks back to the living room seeing Leo and Jay talking about something. He joins them and they get to talking about plans for tomorrow.