Dragon Earl: Book Two ~ Their New Life

Interlude: The Way of Draconis

Author's Preamble:

This is the beginning of Dragon Earl Book II, the continuing saga of 'Goos', Joth, Just', Jonah, and John. Only now they are joined by Cris, D'rryl and Stephan as the new family begins to form. Book II begins the new combined life for Joth, Just, their new son Jonah, and friends. So, come along on their flight of love and fantasy.

Author's Thanks:

I have to give a special thanks to a reader FG for his love of 'Goos', Dragons, and Draconis and for supporting my efforts for all these years. FG these words are for you. Thanks also to Snowblind, Str8mayb, and Sequoyah Pendor for reintroducing me to The Creator.

Thank you very much,


The 'Way of Draconis', begins with the Golden Rule, yet goes far beyond it. It's not only a guide on how to treat other people, but it is also a guide to coexisting with the planet that is Draconis.

The 'Way of Draconis' not only asks that you treat the people around you as you would like to be treated; but that you treat the planet and everything around you the same way.

It also asks that you try to keep everything in balance, work with the planet and not against it. To use only the Flora and Fauna, what you need, and use all parts of it, leaving nothing to waste. Also, to share the results of your hunting, fishing, and or gathering with any that have need of it.

The way also asks that any destruction of forest or meadows be restricted to the bare minimum needed to support your family or village.

The 'Way of Draconis', always asks, and it never requires. 'The Way of Draconis', has no punishments for those that don't or are unable to follow The Way. Her Clerics will only suggest a better way of living your life, if you go against 'The Way'. Very few people go against 'The Way' more than once as they find living outside 'The Way' far harder, than living in 'The Way'.

Draconis never withholds her love, or her protection for any reason. She loves all those that choose to worship her and live by 'The Way of Draconis'.

Those that choose to worship Draconis, can worship her at any time and anyplace as she is always ready to listen. If they want to ask her something, they can just think it, ask it out loud or sing it. There is no required prayer, tithes or sacrifices necessary, nor is it necessary to ask a Cleric to intercede with her. However, a Cleric may be able to help with the phrasing of the request; or they may be able to help directly.

The Role of The Church:

The most important role of the Church in supporting 'The Way of Draconis', is simply to teach its Clerics how to guide their flock. Not to preach or judge but how to guide and assist their flock in living 'The Way of Draconis'. The Church has no restrictions at all on the gender of its Clerics, all are accepted as long as they live and want to teach 'The Way of Draconis'.

The Church also will assist any kingdom or country to assure that any laws or regulations do not conflict with 'The Way of Draconis'.

Although 'The Way of Draconis' is usually a peaceful Way, there have been Military Clerics due to the fact, not all Kingdoms or Countries abide by 'The Way' and try to impose their own 'Way' on the Kingdoms and Countries that do live by 'The Way of Draconis'. That is also the reason for the Justiciar Prelate.

The Church while counselling and assisting the Governments of the Kingdoms, Countries, and Principalities that it is located in is not and never shall be a direct part of the Government. That isn't to say that in some far-flung rural locations that the Cleric there may not be a representative of the government of that land. However, in those in instances 'The Way of Draconis' and the safety of the Cleric's flock take precedence over the dictates of the government.

The training provided by the Church encompasses not only 'The Way of Draconis' but, Animal Husbandry, Farming, Weaving, Baking and many other things that a Cleric might need in their daily life depending upon where they serve.

The Church trains and teaches its Clerics and Prelates, so that anyone that wants to live by 'The Way of Draconis' will be able to do so, no matter where they live. The Clerics and Prelates will always provide support and guidance to any that ask no matter what gender, or who they love!

The love of Draconis covers all people, even those that for one reason or another don't follow her 'Way'.



In the Kingdom of Erewhon and most other Kingdom/Countries that follow Draconis, they don't actually have a system of marriage. They do have Consortship though, however, it isn't mandated or required. Consortship is simply an affirmation public or private of two people's desire to spend their lives together. The gender of the parties involved has no limits or restrictions, as long as two people love each other that is all that matters. In most towns or villages, two people simply decide that they want to spend their lives together. Those couples have the choice of where to live, they can build their own place, move into one of their families' places, and in some communities, they can move into abandoned domiciles in the village/town or hamlet.

The people in charge of the Kingdom/Town/Village or Hamlet do make a recording of any Public Consorting for record-keeping purposes only.

Under 'The Way of Draconis' there is no such thing as Bastardy, all children born under 'The Way' are loved, and cared for. Couples consorted or not all are asked to register their children in case of natural disasters such as fire or floods. That way all the children can be accounted for and taken care of after such a disaster.


The Role of Clerics:

The role of a Cleric in 'The Way of Draconis' is simply pastoral, they supply guidance, support, advice and succour. They don't judge or preach, they are there to help people live 'The Way of Draconis', and that is all. While they may lead services in the local chapel, those services are mainly a way and a place for people to gather and share in the love and support of Draconis. The cleric may lead prayers or songs to Draconis, but no one is required to join in. A service of, and or for Draconic is more a chance for folks to socialize and share stories of the love of Draconis. They may also bring the bounty of Draconis to share at the service. Cleric's only paying attention to any missing folks, in order to make sure that they are okay and to offer any assistance if needed.

A Cleric's residence is usually a small cottage near or attached to the chapel, or wherever services are held. There are usually only two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathing area, and a study/sitting room. One bedroom is for the cleric and the other is for visiting clerics or any folks that need a temporary place to stay. The residence may have a small garden to provide herbs and vegetables for the cleric's table. The cleric will share anything that he or she doesn't need with anyone that needs food. The rest of a cleric's food is provided by the people of the surrounding area. In compensation, the cleric may provide small services such as watching children or elders. In some smaller towns and hamlet, the cleric may also double as the town or hamlet's baker. Performing the baking duties that would normally keep someone from another necessary job. The baker in a lot of small villages, town, or hamlets is also responsible for cooking the evening meals for those folks that spend all day away from their home. They use the same oven that they bake the bread in to bake the prepared meals for those folks.

In a lot of places, the cleric also serves as the local schoolteacher as they may be the only person in the area with enough education. While in Kingdoms like Erewhon, where education is mandated the hours of classes are flexible, in order to provide the assistance of the children when needed, for farming and other necessary tasks. It isn't an unusual sight to see a cleric churning milk, turning a spit, or even threshing grain. Draconis believes that her clerics are of the people and not above the people. 


The Role of A Village/Town/Hamlet:

The role of a Village/Town/Hamlet in 'The Way of Draconis' is very simple yet very important. The main role of a village is to operate as a safety net for its residents both those that live in the village proper and those that live in its sphere of influence. By this, it is meant that the villagers will assist in any possible those in need; whether it is by sharing food and or goods or by supplying housing. The Village/Town/Hamlet should act as an extended family, working together to provide support and companionship for all. The Way of Draconis provides for the good of all.


Orphans & The Elderly:

Under 'The Way of Draconis', there aren't really any orphans as one of its main tenets is, "It takes a Village to raise a child". In most Villages/Towns/Hamlets there is usually a family with room to take in any children that need a home. In the rare case that there are no families that have enough room, then anyone with the room will take in the child or children that need a home. In the very rare event that there is no one else to take in the child or children, then the local Cleric will step in. In any case, there will be no unnecessary burdens placed on those that are helping the displaced children; as other members of the Village will provide any assistance needed. Those that, follow 'The Way' will never let any suffer needlessly, especially a child if they can help it!

As in most cultures and civilizations children under 'The Way' are considered precious and jewels and should always be cared for, and protected. However, that doesn't mean that children should be wrapped in wool, or kept locked up to protect them. Children must be given the opportunity to explore, and grow; even if that means they can get hurt. Children must be allowed to experience everything they can in life under the guidance of the adults in their lives. Children should also be allowed to perform whatever jobs they choose and that are appropriate for their age. While education is necessary both for the children's welfare, and their futures, at times it may be necessary for their education to be set aside in order for them to help their families. That is why most schools only teach the older children half a day, so they can assist their families with whatever is needed to keep their families fed and to provide what is necessary for those that need assistance.

The elderly under 'The Way' are also very important as they have all the knowledge they have acquired throughout their lives. Their knowledge is a very important asset, for those that live 'The Way' and like children the elderly will also have a roof over their head and food to ensure they live a comfortable life. By ensuring that the elderly are cared for their knowledge will always be available to those that need it. The elderly will also be available to provide childcare, so that folks can perform whatever their normal function in the village was.



'The Way of Draconis' is a 'Way' of Love, Caring, Sharing, and Peace. It promotes a simple and peaceful and pastoral way of living. Living under the Wings of Draconis is a wonderful thing.

The saying, May Draconis keep you under her wings, is a wish for peace, and good luck. May you be safe in the arms of Draconis, is a wish/prayer for peace after life.

Author's End Note:

I hope that you found this look into the 'Religion' of the Planet Draconis interesting and worth reading. I tried to create something believable, and workable. I would really like to see your comments on this newest part of The Dragon Earl Universe.

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Art's Floridian Insights:

I really liked this explanation of 'THE WAY'. If it was forty years ago it would be a great foundation for a commune, I'd sign up for that!! Well done TSL, where is the next chapter?


The Radio Rancher's Midwest Insights: 

As always, TSL has planted some very interesting seeds.

We now have more details from which we can see a lot of the background and all the subtle but important lore which doesn't involve the personal details of people of Draconis.

I hope we will soon see more of this next book and continue the goings on with those people we have come to love. 

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher