CTRL-Z Scenes (jeffsfort.com)

Not a real breach!

"Commander Kid" scene begins with the starship "Chuck" being struck by the debris of a ship that Mitchell had fired upon moments earlier defending Jack and Robbie. The first strike damaged the ships defensive shields and the second struck the forward viewport, which violently began venting the ships inner atmosphere with a whoosh. The scene ends when both boys begin to lose consciousness at their respective posts.

"...and CUT! Let's reset and try that again. Jack we really need you to panic less and fight passing out when you realize you both are going to die if you don't get off the bridge. It's all about timing."

"Okay, I got it. Robbie, you ready to do that again?"

The small boy remains in his seat, facing his control panel and not moving.

"Robbie?" Jack shouts again as he jumps out of the command chair and rushed to the nav station, spinning the smaller boy's chair, only to see the boy is still holding his breath. "Dude, you can breathe now."

The smaller boy shook his head no.

"No really, you can breathe see," Jack says as he takes an exaggerated breath in and blows it out, "see. It's okay."

Robbie continues to shake his head and cross his arms as his face turns a brighter shade of red.

"Are we ready in there boys?"

"No," Jack shouts at the unseen voice, "Robbie won't breathe," He says as he looks at the pleading look on Robbie's face, "It's not a real breach Robbie, we have atmosphere. Seriously! If we didn't could I be talking to you?"

Robbie squints his eyes skeptically as his face turns a purplish hue.

"Will someone go in there and show him that it is safe?"

"What do you think I've been doing?" Jack shouts, "Robbie, come on. We may need to do this more than once." He gets about as the small boy slumps forward in his restraints and begins to breathe as he looses consciousness. "He's breathing!"

"Great, now let's take it from when Pacer fires on the... wait. Did he just pass out?"

"Yeah," Jack shakes his head. "I think it's gonna be a long day."

"Okay people, that's lunch!"